Good guy tank closes hatch opened from shockwave

source: imgur
  • Just because you are in a massive freedom machine doesn't mean you can't help your fellow patriots
  • On a slightly lighter note, this T-72 knows what it means to be a good friend
  • Polite Syrian tanker corrected recumbent from the shock wave
  • 19Ks take note: this is how you take care of your scouts
  • Polite Syrian tanker corrected hatch from the shock wave
  • Tank helps friend closing hatch opened due to shockwave
  • Good guy tank closes hatch opened from shockwaves
  • Oh. Sorry man... Let me fix that for you:)
  • If only tankers in WoT were this polite
  • Gunner ability unlocked: Repair
  • Sorry about that, buddy
  • Sorry! Let me help you
  • Polite tank friends
  • Helping a buddy out
  • polite tank boops
  • Does this count?
  • T-72 Buddy
  • 開けたら閉める

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