Google Gains Patent For Robot Personalities

Not content with simply spreading its influence across the internet or daily life, Google has done its best to branch out and explore new avenues. It certainly has the money to do so at this stage, so any news that it’s bought or acquired new companies shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. On the other hand, what they acquire — and the implications that follow — is still interesting; that’s the case now, as Google has secured a patent for robot personalities.

According to the sniffed-out patent, the technology is designed to have the robot pick up cues and react as needed; that would be in addition to a base persona, which could also be stored and transferred in the event of critical damage. While it’s still too early to know what will come of this — the means the ability to implement them still isn’t there yet — it still raises questions about the end result.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Google has shown an interest in robotics, considering what it’s bought in the past. If we set aside matters of ethics and logistics of what consumers would do with the technology, one can’t help but wonder what Google has planned. It would be easy to assume the worst of the company, considering the output of its acquired assets, but the efforts made now could bring about massive changes in the future.

As always, time will tell — and we’ll see if Google, of all things, turns science fiction into a reality.

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