Google’s New App Makes Drunken Nights Easier To Track

Most adults have taken a toll on their liver by drinking far more than they probably should consume in a single evening. Most of these people tend to forget what they did the previous night, especially after ten shots of tequila and twelve or thirteen beers. Thankfully, Google has released a new mobile app to make things a little easier for those individuals.

The app, named Your Timeline, will track your whereabouts for anyone who has opted into ‘location tracking’ on Google’s services. The massive tech company is definitely keeping a record of everything you’re doing at the moment.

Google has had this feature for quite sometime, but they have only just made it a lot more user-friendly for the community. The feature is completely private, so no one can actually follow you around on the app. The user can also edit places in Your Timeline, allowing them to remove and add places. The features can be disabled under My Account in Google, too.

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