Governor Scott Walker Proposes A US-Canada Border Wall

U.S. Governor, Republican and Presidential candidate Scott Walker spoke at a press conference on Sunday. He spoke about many different issues, and didn’t say anything too particularly interesting until the issue of immigration and terrorism came up. He said that Americans are concerned about terrorists entering the U.S. through the Canadian border, and that the proposal of a physical border (aka: a wall) would be a “legitimate issue” to look at.

Without even going into the serious logistics of the costs, time, and labor that would be involved in this idea, the conclusion has already been reached by a majority of security and construction experts – it is a stupid idea.

There are multiple reasons for this. First of all, it has been proven that walls are only deterrents, and they can’t actually stop someone from entering. No matter what the wall is made out of, there are always ways around a wall, whether it be a tunnel, a ladder, a hole. Furthermore, from a financial standpoint, a Canada-US border makes absolutely zero sense. The partial US-Mexico border, cost about $6.5 million per mile. Assuming parts and labor would cost about the same, a Canada-US border would cost approximately $36 billion. While the face value of a border makes sense, the practicality of such a massive construction isn’t there.

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