Grandfather Builds Amazing Treehouse And Giant Slide

Jay Hewitt, a 59-year-old Massachusetts grandfather, has built a staggering treehouse for his two grandchildren that includes three separate floors, a spiral slide and electricity. Built from store bought supplies and scraps left over from construction jobs, it took two years to complete and stretches across four individual maple trees.

He got the idea for the project from his son and watched episodes of Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet to understand exactly how to build and design the structure. “At the time, I said I’d build the best treehouse any kid ever had,” said Hewitt. “I had a treehouse when I was a kid, but it was basically a four-by-eight sheet of plywood. I never dreamed that a treehouse would be anything like this.

Reaching 40-feet in height, the treehouse has the maple trees expanding through it to create a unique rustic environment. It also has a shingled exterior, bay window and large balcony so that it is not only the perfect place for his grandchildren to play but it can also be used as a summer retreat and as a place to host parties or family get-togethers.

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