Group Of Men Rob Verizon Store Only Stealing Fake Display Phones

Thieves who broke into a Verizon store overnight were unaware that there were no real phones on shelves and only managed to take a collection of fake dummy phones that are only used for display purposes.

Police say that the burglars used a rock to smash a window on the back door of the building to get into the store. They then proceeded to rip and cut the cords of the models on the shelves before fleeing the scene. They were unaware, though, that the store had been the target of theft in the past and now locks away all real phones in a vault while it is closed, leaving the criminals with devices that are of no value.

Unfortunately, the store has still suffered significant damage. Display cases were destroyed, windows smashed and expensive security cords have been made unusable. However, it can be at least some comfort that the thieves haven’t benefited from the robbery. Police are continuing their investigation in the hopes of tracking down the group.

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