Grover (from Sesame Street) spoofs the Old Spice Guy

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  • Odie Schuppe Reply

    Super grover

  • Alberto Fisher Reply

    Sesame Street as well.

  • Alta Pfannerstill Reply

    Sesame Street

  • Mabel Smitham Reply

    Sesame Street

  • Eleanore Harris Reply

    Fuck Grover

  • Julie Reichel Reply

    Sesame street

  • Kole Olson Reply

    Or Grover.

  • Adan Kohler Reply

    50th and Grover

  • Anita Blanda Reply

    Sesame Street

  • Kayleigh Lueilwitz Reply

    Sesame street?

  • Marta Mosciski Reply

    Try Grover.

  • Logan Wisozk Reply

    Straight out of Sesame Street.

  • Peggie Bernier Reply

    Sesame Street / Jurassic Park.

  • Casimer Dietrich Reply

    Sesame Street

  • Lulu Kutch Reply

    Sesame Street

  • Charley Champlin Reply

    A few things: * Danger Mouse - It was a cartoon series back in the 1970s/1980s from England that aired on Nickelodeon back in the 1980s. It was basically James Bond in mouse form. I'd be up to seeing a CGI version of it, similar to how they did Mr. Peabody and Sherman. * Pinwheel - This was the flagship series for The Pinwheel Network, which became Nickelodeon. It was similar to Sesame Street, but without teaching about numbers or letters or shapes or colors. It featured a few human characters living in a Victorian-style boarding house with a few puppets, including a mole who lived under the house, a green, elderly man named Ebenezer who lived in the basement, the Landlady of the house who was a fortune teller, her two sons (or nephews) who lived up in the attic, and an old snail and a couple of bugs who lived outside of the house. There was a basic theme for the episodes, such as food, plants, colors, or anything else. It was meant more for ages 6-9, and the parts that took place in the house were segued by short cartoons or videos produced from around the world, mostly from Canada and a few European countries. Some episodes might have featured a Paddington Bear short, Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings, Bunny in a Suitcase, Chapi Chapo, and a few other little odds and ends. A show like that could really help some independent animators get their ideas out there. * Moonflower - a Japanese folktale about a farm couple given one of the Moon's own children to raise. I would love to see this done by Studio Ghibli.

  • Caroline Reynolds Reply

    Bert from Sesame Street cosplay?

  • Lew Reichel Reply

    Jesus man chill. First off I'm not planning on having children anyway And please, tell me. What exactly would a kid watch on YouTube? Roosterteeth? Enjoy watching that entertaining GTAV? Maybe some Filthy Frank by one misclick for a recommended video? Of course there are videos for kids out there but there's a reason there are kids channels on TV. If you're so worried about **your** 50 inch TV and don't want to share, buy the squirt a 25 inch used flatscreen and get another cable box for like $10/mo extra, then limit the channels on that. Put it out of his reach so at most all he can destroy is the remote which is $10. I know thousands of parents think otherwise, but I just really don't see a reason to giving a kid who's barely old enough to talk legibly a device capable of accessing anything from sesame Street to pornhub with one simple misclick, not to mention their total lack of the value of the device so they'll destroy it without thinking twice about it. It's not my job to teach you how to be a parent, but I *can* tell you that buying a laptop or (even worse) smartphone for your kid is a pretty shitty idea.

  • Manuela Maggio Reply

    Sesame Street

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  • Jennings Dickinson Reply

    It's a bit heavy-handed, I'll give you that. But if you want Sesame Street or Wizard Schools on the planet Gooblebrox, look elsewhere. Now if this isn't solid, it'll harelip the pope: From *Child of God*: The dumpkeeper had spawned nine daughters and named them out of an old medical dictionary gleaned from the rubbish he picked. These gangling progeny with black hair hanging from their armpits now saw idle and wide-eyed day after day in chairs and crates about the little yard cleared out of the tips while their harried dam called them one by one to help with chores and one by one they shrugged or blinked their sluggard lids. Urethra, Cerebella, Hernia Sue. They moved like cats and like cats in heat attracted surrounding swains to their midden until the old man used to go out at night and fire a shotgun at random just to clear the air.

  • Gwen Nicolas Reply

    needs more Grover

  • Willa Stiedemann Reply

    Fuck you too, Grover

  • Lindsay Crooks Reply

    Kids don't have a sexuality? Speak for yourself. I was six when I saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit in the theater. I didn't quite understand why I liked Jessica Rabbit so much... but I definitely noticed her. Tell that to my friend who just busted his seven-year-old son for searching "boobies" on YouTube. Tell that to my uncle who realized he was gay as a small child when he was excited by the site of a man in a small pair of swim trunks on an old Sesame Street segment.

  • Jerrell Lynch Reply

    Sesame Street

  • Camryn Jerde Reply

    > inb4 Grover Furr

  • Birdie Quitzon Reply

    Sesame street is the tits

  • Gia Torphy Reply

    Thanks Grover!

  • Rachelle Kertzmann Reply

    Sesame Street.

  • Destany Hodkiewicz Reply

    That's Super Grover 2.0

  • Madisen McLaughlin Reply

    and grover if he uses his ult

  • Elza Johns Reply

    Not Sesame Street.

  • Florian Murray Reply

    his name is grover

  • Leta Ratke Reply

    Lol Sesame Street

  • Ewell Wilkinson Reply

    Videos in this thread: [Watch Playlist ▶]( VIDEO|COMMENT -|- [Man pulls gun on crowd of Portland protesters](|[111]( - here's his own feakout: [Rick and Morty - Personal Space](|[18]( - Let's get some stepped up personal space up in this place! 1) personal space! 2) personal space! 3) stay out of my personal space! 4) keep away from my personal space! 5) get out of that personal space! 6) stay away from my personal space! 7) ... [Romans Go Home - Monty Python's Life of Brian](|[5]( - It says "Romans Go Home" [makeup gun](|[2]( - [Sesame Street - Three Of These Kids(Sports)](|[2]( - with no real bearing on the actual.... It does have bearing: I said college students were adults in as much as they were perfectly capable of making their own decisions. Then, for some reason, you suggested that it's no different for a 5-year ol... [Racist Frat Video: Oklahoma SAE Shut Down for Song](|[1]( - Sure, but so is a 5-year old. Actually, no. Are you a parent? Would you let a 5 year old prepare their own dinner or decide what they should eat and when, entirely all on their own? Should a 5 year old decide when to wake up and go to sleep or ... I'm a bot working hard to help Redditors find related videos to watch. *** [Play All]( | [Info]( | Get it on [Chrome]( / [Firefox](

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  • Thea Buckridge Reply

    > Well considering you admitted you were wrong about clinton deleting emails from the DNC hack and email dump... Never happened? > You tried to save your ego by claiming you "were unclear" when in fact you were just wrong/confused Never said this either... > I asked if you were unemployed and you asked if it was still called a vacation after 7 months, implying you are both working on a current contract and on a 7 month vacation. Eh, I was using this as an opportunity to get across the fact that I am "unemployed" when I want to be. I cleared this up for you later, but you like easy challenges, so you've chosen to stick with your initial misunderstanding. > Your inability to give a sensical answer proves you are unemployed, stupid, probably never employed and most likely unemployable. But you make $85 an hour in spite of being retarded. Hahaha, oh look, it's 10! I've made my first $85 today, arguing with you. > SO you are either voting for trump (if you are allowed to vote) or third party (due to not understanding game theory) Well, I'm not sure why you would think I'm not allowed to vote... but you are right, I will be voting third party. I do understand how game theory works, do you? If you *actually* do, then maybe you can explain my reasoning for voting third party. If you need help, let me know. > rape-loving bread line praising daddy Sanders Man you guys are weird. > And you are clearly voting for him to (assuming you are old enough to vote and aren't a felon, but adult or not one convo with you and you'd be tried as a minor LMAO) since you hate "shills" even more, "shill" being a cliched insult for clinton. You think a conversation with me would get me tried as a minor? Just look at this sentence. It might actually be easier to read in crayon. > SO you want trump to win. Yes. I want Clinton to lose. > Wanting good things for people is one type of love! What would you call wanting bad things for people? > DO you have any friends? Yes. > Real ones, not the ones on TV. I don't watch a lot of TV. But if you need suggestions, Sesame Street is great for developing reading comprehension.

  • Fannie Boyle Reply

    Sesame Street circa 1972

  • Rodolfo Robel Reply

    Flap Grover

  • Zula Hills Reply

    I can still remember a dream from when I was four years old. The memories are slightly faded, but I can still remember the jist of it. The entire dream was a made-for-TV movie. The plot was that a Sesame Street-style monster with a computer keyboard for arms kept chasing everyone. At one point he chased Curious George through a Gymboree. After a couple chase scenes, it cut to a random scene that went like this: Character 1: Where's Dedede? Character 2: He's on the roof. (Cut to a Honk from Sesame Street attempting to balance on a roof) After a while, the penultimate scene showed the monster closing in on all the other characters. Suddenly, a CGI old man rushes in. He starts shouted about how the monster is actually good and just wanted to be friends. The final scene showed a boy, a girl, and the old man in a doughnut shop. The boy ponders "what if the old man was a monster?" The credits roll, with the old man's floating head singing overhead. After the credits, a commercial for canned pineapple played.

  • Demetrius Metz Reply

    Sesame Street

  • Steve Wisoky Reply

    Sesame Street on Ice.

  • Myrtie Rodriguez Reply

    > My four-year-old son is sexist - so who's to blame? Well first, let's just ask whether he's actually sexist. > My son is a sexist. As much as a four-year-old can be sexist, at least. > He’s started conforming to very old fashioned stereotypes: pink is girlie, Mummy’s not allowed to play with male action figures, girls don’t do the driving (or hold toy guns – for fear of breaking a nail, presumably) and, of course, boys always save the day. > It’s surprised us. We’re not bohemian enough for full-on gender neutral parenting, but we’ve been active in reinforcing equality and positive gender roles since he was born. > Pink is for everyone, Mummy can play with whatever toys she likes, and girls do their equal share of driving and saving the day. Thanks very much. Have you reinforced positive gender roles FOR BOYS? Have you actually exposed him to media where both men AND women save the day? Or have you just thrown "GURL POWR" crap at him, where all the women are intelligent, emotionally strong, good at everything and balance saving the world and being a loving mother, and the men are either villains or bumbling comic relief sidekicks? Have you lectured him about how Patriarchy is the root of all evil in this world, and taught him things like: "Never hit or disrespect women," but never things like: "If someone hits you, you have the right to defend yourself even if she's a girl?" My guess is that you've so ham-fistedly try to condition him into subservience that he's rebelling against you. > I concur: my little boy might have made a beeline for the trains and diggers, but he would have happily dressed up as a princess or pushed around a toy pram, too. > So where has this come from? > Even as a fairly conscious, liberal parent, I consider my own behaviour: introducing my son to superheroes and ninja turtles because that’s what I liked as a kid; doing more ‘man’s work’ than household chores; the time I subtly (but very definitely) talked him out of buying ‘girlie’ Lego because the action-based stuff was cooler; and setting a bad example by not wearing enough pink princess-style clobber myself. So you second-guessed every decision you made. And whether you tried to or not, you taught him that there was something *wrong* with being a boy and liking it. > That’s reassuring, but I have to take some responsibility. The films I let him watch, for instance, have had an undeniable effect. His favourite, Jurassic World, has dreadful gender politics. When his Jurassic World toys come out, Owen (the burly alpha male Chris Pratt) is always the hero. Meanwhile, Claire (the screaming Bryce Dallas Howard) is barely allowed behind the wheel of the truck. 1: He's FOUR YEARS OLD. He's only there for the dinosaurs. Second, did we watch the same movie? The one where Claire is able to *simultaneously* be a pretty girl in high heels, an high-powered executive who runs the park, AND an action hero even if she isn't quite as good at it as Owen? > “You can say to your son, “girls can save the day too”, but if what he tends to see around him in books, games and films is something else, that’s a more powerful message.” Is that really what he's seen, though? I find that hard to believe. I'm not an expert on today's Children's media, but a huge percentage of it is female-dominated and/or makes a conscious effort to be equality-oriented. He sure isn't learning that girls can only play with pink toys from fucking Sesame Street. > So who is really to blame for my little boy’s dreadful sexism? You are. Like I said, I cannot fathom how a parent making ANY effort towards teaching their child to believe in gender equality could end up with him thinking girls can't drive. Either you're exagerrating and misinterpreting the slightest things as misogyny, or you have gone so far overboard that he's realized that his child's world is utterly dominated by strong women and weak men, and in his play he's desperate to have someone like him have a chance to be a hero for once.

  • Akeem Mraz Reply

    On Sesame Street.

  • Blaise Lakin Reply

    I like to integrate my previous replies to other similar prompts to current prompts. So to fully appreciate this response then you'll have to know the references to these replies, linked below: And Sutton gives a nod to Jesus and Shiva, as they part ways heading for their respective homes after the Press Conference. Sutton pulls out his keys as he gets to his car, giving out a yawn. "Hey, Sutton... Psst... Sutton." Sutton doesn't even look up. "I'm not taking anymore questions or autographs, sorry. Now, please go run for your life, mortal, Chuthlu is loose..." The man manically scrambled over to Sutton, grabbing the door before Sutton could close it. Sutton was about to smite the guy before glancing at the guys face. "God?" The man was a tall, somewhat fit man, looking as if he was in his late 50's. He wore wide framed glasses (though he didn't need them, really). As customary, he sported an impressive gray beard, despite being bald. The man had a warm and gentle that matched his sons. "Yeah, that's me!" "What are you doing skulking around in a parking lot after dark?" . "I've come to ask you a favor... It's about my son." "Yeah, what about him?" "I'm worried about his recent life choices. He's bern very rebellious lately--" Sutton wanted to laugh. "Jesus? Rebellious? That was like calling elmo from Sesame Street, Rebellious with straight face.", he thought. Still, he held hos composure "How so?" "Well, he's turning away from the faith. Even worse, he's subscribing to an entirely different religion! " Sutton was bemused. "Really? Which one?" God looked around, as if embarrassed. The fatherly shame palpable. "Scientology", he whispered, despite the vacancy of the immediate area. Sutton almost laughed in God's face, but figured that wouldn't the wisest thing to do. "It's not even a real religion! It's entirely made up! Xenu isn't even a real thing! Actually, Xenu was a real "thing". Shiva had introduced him to Sutton a couple a years ago. Sutton was about to correct God, but figured it wasn't a good time. "Why are you coming to me about this? Why not just do whatever other All-Father does when their son goes astray, and send Jesus on some crazy, elaborate, faith-testing spiritual and mental journey....again. It worked for Oden and Loki, after a couple of sessions with Dr. Phil. " "Well, i would, but i can't. You see, I faked my own death 2 years ago and retired as God." "What? Wow. Happy retirement, I guess. Who took your place as the Abrahamic boss.?" "I don't know, some loser named Mitt or something..." "Huh, i guess any old jackass can be a diety these days", Sutton said, missing the irony of his own statement. "Yeah. So, are you going to help me or not?" "Just to make this clear. You want me to restore your son's faith--" "Yes" "In a religion that he originally conceived of and died making--" . "Yeppers" "And turn him away from another religion based around a celebrity cult geared toward freeing souls from an aparent alien dictator named Xenu." "You got it." There was a long bought of silence. "You're family is insane. The answer is no." "Please, Sutton, you're the only one he listens to these days. " That fact was a surprise to Sutton " No, no no... There is nothing you can do to make me agree to this. Nothing. " ________________-________________________________- Sutton sighed in annoyance as he dialed his cell phone to call Shiva about meeting up with Xenu. God looked on with a shit eating grin. " I'll always hate you for marking me do this, God. " " No you won't. Nobody ever hates me. " . Jesus truly was his Father's son Sutton figured.

  • Cory Jacobson Reply

    Oh man, my daughter isn't that old yet, almost 14 months now, but right after she hit 12 months she went on a 9 day nursing strike because she had 6 teeth coming in all at once (4 canines, 2 molars). I accidentally taught myself a lesson in what not to do during that nursing strike. We were so concerned about making sure she ate enough solids to make up for the lack of milk calories that we did whatever we could to get her to eat more. We had occasionally used Sesame Street to distract her at meal time if she didn't want to sit and eat, so we started putting that on for her more and more. Then we noticed that during the letter and number of the day songs that come up every episode, she'd let us spoon as much food into her mouth as we could and shed eat it. It was also one of the only ways to get her to drink pumped milk from a sippy. So we started rewinding and playing those songs over and over to get her to eat. THEN she just started crying any time a part of the show was on that wasn't one of her two favorite songs. I'd spoiled her. Had to cut the Sesame Street out completely for a while. To be fair, lots of things made her cry while she was going through that particular bout of teething, but the Sesame Street thing felt like it was my fault.

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  • Florian Becker Reply

    sesame street

  • Levi Heaney Reply

    Heh, Sesame Street

  • Norma Hackett Reply

    Sesame Street

  • Cordelia Doyle Reply

    Grover yip yip.

  • Valerie Kreiger Reply

    Sesame Street! I loved that one!

  • Jamar Stroman Reply

    Big Bird from Sesame Street.

  • Gene Grady Reply

    Sesame Street is for kids.

  • Shyann Kuphal Reply

    I'm super looking forward to the new Henson exhibit. Like... Much more than is likely appropriate for a 34 year old man. To be fair - I did grow up on the, Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, and Fraggle Rock .

  • Mariela Ziemann Reply

    The first computer I've played with was the an old DOS machine from the mid 90s. I think it was a 486 based machine. I would usually need to have one of my parents type in the command to get a game started since I was 4-5. I remember the video card dying a slow painful death which resulted in the one Sesame Street game I played having really messed up colors. The next computer got some adware/malware on it, probably from the netzero pop-ups. The adware made the poor PCs performance just tank horribly. For some bizarre reason some disgruntled Microsoft employee set the default equalizer setting to the "Bathroom" setting so it would sound like all the audio was happening on the other side of a closed bathroom door. It was nearly impossible to understand any dialogue in games. It was like that for a long time before my mother found the equalizer settings program buried four folders down somewhere. I had already beaten a few games by then with bad audio. What's funny is a few years ago I managed to dig up the old hard drives from the machine and scanned them, which is how I found out which specific adware was affecting the machine. It bums me out a bit since it seems like it could've been a simple fix if someone took the time and figured it out back then. Oh well. I messed with old thrift store Macs for awhile till I finally got a new laptop. The extensions on Classic Mac OS were such a pain. [](/sp) That transition from DOS to Windows was really nice. I never really bothered much with the OS itself, it honestly just made it easier to play games. I go the other direction myself usually. Instead of taking a sledgehammer to stuff, I might put a bit too much effort into get an old machine tuned right. But man, taking a sledgehammer to PITA PC sounds really awesome. Some PCs are just not worth it. Some HPs in particular are a pain. They have a hardware whitelist, so if I want to put in a better WiFi card that has better drivers and hardware I can't because it's blocked at the BIOS level. [](/sp) >tfw my first email was yahoo I just slightly missed the whole neopets thing. I played around with some of those tamagochi like neopets toys briefly. That was kind of it. It was nice though. The pet pets thing was amusing since you'd be getting pets for your neopets. Myspace is really the only social network that really excelled at providing a platform for music from what I'm aware. The one big thing keeping it going now is music and bands since it works well for that. >Ze did an ugly myspace contest. It was amazing. One of the people that won gave no shits and ignored it. I'm not sure if that says something about myspace's default page settings, if laziness was a tangible part of the ugliness, or if the page was custom and ugly way before the contest. In any case that's hilarious.

  • Vicky Barton Reply

    Sesame street was deep.

  • Ulices Ullrich Reply

    The day my sister was born, I was three years old but remember waiting with my grandmother in the hospital to see the new kid that my mom made. Being dropped off by the pre-school bus every day at noon. My mom would be waiting for me at the door. I would run to her as fast as I could and give her a flower (dandelion) that I picked for her at recess. She would have lunch waiting for me (sandwich and soup) and let me eat in her bedroom and watch Sesame Street. My dog dying when I was age 8. My dad took her to the vet to be euthanized. I had hoped so much she would somehow come back alive. When my dad got out of the car alone, I was crushed. A letter from my first girlfriend professing her love for me. When I found out one of my best friends had died in a car accident. It didn’t seem real until I saw him in the casket. Winning my first powerlifting contest, for a former skinny nerd, I felt that I had changed my circumstances through hard work. Getting married to the perfect girl. Finding out that perfect girl had been cheating on me for a year and divorcing her. My dog dying when I was age 28. I dug the grave while my parents took him to the vet. While I waited on them to come back with the body, I sat on the floor in my parent’s kitchen and sobbed like a child. Marrying an amazing woman that gave me a second chance at things. The miscarriage of our baby. I don’t think I’ll ever be over that. Her descent into mental illness, subsequent suicide attempts and hospitalizations. As hard as we tried, we didn’t make it. I still think she is an amazing woman. Winning a powerlifting contest after years of being away. I needed a distraction from the depression I was in after the divorce. I did nothing for 6 months except work, sleep, eat and train. While winning felt good, I now understanding what people mean by "it's the journey, not the destination". Buying a house as a 41 y/o single man and starting my life over, again. I moved in by myself, no help and quietly set everything up. I realized then that life’s big moments are more fulfilling when you can share them with someone.

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    Sesame street?

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    Grover Dill

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    sesame street?

  • Dawson Lang Reply

    But make sure he is actually competent enough to take care of the baby on his own. He should know things like what to do if the baby starts choking, how to hold the baby, make sure the baby isn't rolling round the floor and sticking random things in its mouth, etc. Even if the baby is in a crib, you have to check on them periodically, things like making sure a sleeping baby hasn't inadvertently pulled a blanket over its head. And whatever you do, don't get angry at the baby for crying. Don't yell at the baby, shake the baby, etc. I'm not saying OP's husband is a baby shaker but people who don't know how to deal with a baby may resort to anger. OP (MissHolyHoly) needs to make the dad understand that the baby isn't just a chore, it's an actual no-shit human life. Also, he's gonna need to man up and change diapers. It also helps if you have a changing area and a trash can dedicated for dirty diapers. You're gonna be dealing with a lot of crap (literally) as a new parent. You're gonna get crap on your hands. OP probably has already. If it's that big an issue get a box of those plastic throw-away gloves the lunch ladies use. You can sit down on the couch, watch cartoons/netflix/etc. and be lazy while just holding the baby. I mean, it's not like you have to provide them with educational stimuli 100% of the time, although it helps. I mean, I'm not saying you gotta suffer through teletubbies but I mean you can watch Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street and Pee Wee Herman reruns and other old kids shows and still enjoy that as an adult. Music can also help, classical and soothing stuff. If Dad just sits the baby in a crib and veges out on video games then yeah, the baby is probably gonna cry. Babies are little miniature attention vampires, as they well should be. Although, if your baby absolutely, positively just screams his ever loving head off on a constant basis then you may want to consider seeing a doctor. But babies do cry...a lot...regardless.

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    Sesame Street Live

  • Lamont Bergnaum Reply

    Sesame Street AF

  • Deron Johns Reply

    We've been re-watching "Heroes" because we forgot everything that happened... It's still good. My favorite TV Show is "Malcolm in the Middle". It's hilarious and wrong and never gets old. Tried Game of Thrones, but it's so long and intense. A huge time commitment. Maybe later in life. Plus, I hate watching a show that is still going on. Then you reach the end and have to wait ages for the next episodes. I know a lot of people will hate me now, but the worst movie was probably "Return of the Jedi". I had never seen the movies until this year and oh my goodness! I thought I was watching Sesame Street gone wrong. Especially the slave scene made me cringe. I also don't get the obsession with The Princess Bride. Very boring. I've watched "She's the Man" so many times... It's so [funny]( and I could put it on a loop and not get tired of it. Sad but true. Favorite youtube channel is James Corden's Late Late Show right now. He has the best interviews. And the Chewbacca Mom video made me laugh so hard I cried. Twice. I'm sure everyone has seen it by now. When I was a kid I loved "Home Alone", "My Girl", and "Look Who's Talking", and "Sidekicks" with Chuck Norris. My current favorite movies are "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Jane Eyre" (with Mia Wasikowska), and "Hello, My Name is Doris". If you haven't seen [Doris](, you need to. Seriously. In general, I like all kinds of genres. Comedy, drama, horror, superheroes, action, fantasy, Disney, classics... Anime and humor like Mr. Bean or Austin Powers are not my cup of tea, though.

  • Karli Homenick Reply

    I'm a believer. I had some interesting experiences in that critical 3 to 5 year old range. I remember being really lost in thought one afternoon. I was staring intently at a birthmark on my hand and trying to remember how I'd gotten it. My grandma asked if I was alright and I asked her. She told me something about birthmarks being angel kisses and I interrupted. I flatly told her something had happened to me "last time" that hurt my hand, but I couldn't remember what. I then asked why I was here and if she could remember what I was supposed to do. About a year later, my mom and stepdad and I were in a grocery store. My mom was a teacher at the local community college and one of her students stopped to say hi. He was a foreign exchange student from Africa and little 4 year old me thought he was the most handsome man I'd ever seen. I said something to the effect of "When we both die and become babies again, maybe we can get married." Yeah...awkward. Mind, I grew up in a Protestant Christian family in rural Nebraska. There was no one in my life who would've given me those ideas. I watched TV, but it was strictly monitored. I don't believe Arthur, Sesame Street, Toby the Tugboat, or The Big Comfy Couch had any episodes teaching kids about reincarnation.

  • Giovanny Cassin Reply

    So basically grover.

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  • Desiree Nicolas Reply

    When I was about ten, my older sister bought me this Elmo baby toy that you hang in a crib. You pull this star thing down and as it ascends, a music box inside it plays the Sesame Street theme tune. I was obviously too old for it when she gave it to me, but it was kind of a family joke because they often used to catch me watching Sesame Street whilst eating breakfast (I liked Grover). Twenty five years later I am soon to have my own son, and my parents sent a box of baby stuff to me that they had in their loft. The same Elmo toy was in the box, so I tied it to the baby's crib and then set it going. I am a grown man, and I have found myself several times just sitting on a chair listening to the Sesame Street song and enjoying the enormous sense of wellbeing that floods over me.

  • Dalton Gusikowski Reply

    Who's Tim Grover?

  • Russ Zemlak Reply

    Sesame Street

  • Lamar Willms Reply

    I love anime, children shows, Country music, Girly pop music like Beyonce, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, Spice Girls, you name it. Country music sounds awesome even though I grew up in the ghetto. I didn't outgrow some children shows, I love Magic School Bus, Caillou, Rupert, Goosebumps, Sesame Street, Powerpuff girls and a lot more. I still love animes like Dragonball z, Pokemon, Digimon, Yugioh, Death Note, InuYasha. I'm a 22 year old brown dude born in the ghetto

  • Vance Weissnat Reply

    This image was actually from the Sesame Street "Old Spice" parody.

  • Shirley Reichel Reply

    Sesame Street.

  • Craig Bartoletti Reply

    The first time I went to New York city I was 8 years old. As I was strolling through Port Authority A middle-aged black man with a protruding belly and wearing a torn, white I ❤️ New York T-shirt and a Burger King cardboard crown bent down toward my face and shouted "I am the king"! I wasn't freaked out or scared I seen a lot of black people on Sesame Street even though I live in a town that was whiter than Mayberry. The experience did however leave a big impression on me

  • Lillie Hansen Reply

    Man, I feel you. My 7 month old has been sleeping like a newborn lately, toddler thinks 6 am is a good time to wake up, and husband hurt his back so I have to take care of him too. All the coffee I've drank is making me just able to keep my eyes open. So every morning, I take cat naps on the couch while the 3 year old watches Sesame Street. It's my survival mode kicking in.

  • Kelly Fadel Reply

    Really? Oh man, I really hope it's still on there when my 9 week old is old enough to watch. I want him to watch the old Sesame Street too, from the 70's-80's era.

  • Jules Marquardt Reply

    Sesame Street.

  • Nathan Jerde Reply

    Oh man, my second pregnancy was far worse than my first in terms of exhaustion. I know having a 2 year old wasn't helping that fact but some mornings I'd just sleep on the couch while the toddler watched Sesame Street. And I'd nap with the toddler every afternoon.

  • Josiane Satterfield Reply

    See Grover Cleveland.

  • Imani Rutherford Reply

    -- Grover Cleveland

  • Marquise Gutkowski Reply

    Grover of Thrones.

  • Kurt Runolfsson Reply


  • Peyton Dietrich Reply

    > Grover. ftfy.

  • Lacy Hilll Reply

    Sesame Street cause its fun.

  • Christy Halvorson Reply


  • Nelle Pfannerstill Reply

    Do you live on Sesame Street?

  • Maxine Brekke Reply

    123 Sesame Street :D