(Gutsy Chicken Steals From Cat's Bowl)

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  • That food smells good. I think I'll try a bite... Xpost /r/funny
  • That food looks good I think I'll take a bite
  • If your scene is isn't going well, RE-COMMIT
  • Who says cats don't know how to share?
  • (Gutsy Chicken Steals From Cat's Bowl)
  • Narrate this fight like Joe would
  • Chicken tries to eat a cats food
  • What a pussy, give me that food
  • That's one bold chicken
  • Maybe Maybe Maybe
  • meow_irl
  • Defeated
  • Me irl

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  • Macy Greenfelder Reply

    I guess after you hit somebody in the head eight times and they don't back down, they've earned it.