Guy Dancing Behind Unsuspecting People In NYC Will Have You Cracking Up

With all the drama and crazy things going on in the world, sometimes you just need to let it all go and have some fun. That is what Meir Kalmanson decided to do, as he hit the streets of New York City and snuck up behind people and started dancing!

This video is hilarious, especially since most of the people don’t even know that he is there or that he is dancing behind them. We see Kalmanson everywhere from Times Square to the subway. Some of the people notice him, but he plays it off, which makes it even funnier.

He looks like he has an awesome attitude on life and we all should be having a little bit more fun in our daily lives, so head out and start dancing behind people. Well, watch this video first and then head out!

source: youtube
  • Dancing Behind People in New York City

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