Guy Gets Drunk At Bachelor Party, Wakes Up In Different Country

One man may have decided to have a little too much fun at a friend’s bachelor party, who ended up getting drunk to the point of waking up in a different country. The party was based in Munich, Germany, at a club where 33-year-old Jordan Adams took part in the festivities. USA Today wrote that Adams left the club hammered and found an interesting mode of transportation: “He tried – and failed – to find a taxi driver who might be able to point him in the direction of his hotel (which, it turns out, was about 100 yards from the club) so he got on a bus instead.

The greatest part was that Adams didn’t just stumble onto the bus as a drunk passenger. He actually got into the luggage compartment and passed out. Next thing he knew, a rather unhappy bus driver found him the next morning. When figuring out where he was at, he found signs for Zurich — Zurich, Switzerland. That’s around 200 miles from Munich. Adams confessed to Daily Mail that he might not be the brightest person; while he’s had some crazy nights, nothing topped road tripping with luggage.

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