Guy Texts Girl For A Year Asking For His Sunglasses Back

Somebody just created a whole new definition of “creeper” as one man texted a girl for an entire year wanting his sunglasses returned. Alex and Anna from Philadelphia seemed to hit it off last September, but on a second date, Anna bailed when she said she was going out to make a phone call. Alex wasn’t dismayed at the abandonment, but he was more disturbed about losing his sunglasses.

He asked her to put them in her purse because, while he needed them for a game he went to that day, he didn’t need them to see a band play at night. Well, Alex found a way to keep bugging Anna about bringing them back. It started off as a simple few reminders, and then he got a little creative.

That goes on just about once every single week. He continues to send pictures of other people enjoying glasses, him personally trying on other sunglasses, and gives polls on reasons why people wear sunglasses.

It wasn’t until recently when Anna finally responded. Confused at first, she finally recalls what’s happening and sent this text to him: “Omg…. I googled this email address. Alex. Sunglasses left in my purse. Wants them back. Got it. Here’s the deal alex: I moved to San Francisco in January. The sunglasses got [put] on top of my fridge after I found them in my purse. Months/weeks later I packed up & moved across the country. Unfortunately, idk what happened to your beloved sunglasses. I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.”

That probably took longer than it should have to get resolved. However, Alex did say to hit him up if she was back in the area, and she responded with “I’ll be in philly next week. At least there was a good ending.

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