Halloween Costume Store Is Selling Cecil The Lion Killer Costume

Everyone probably remembers the news of Cecil the Lion being killed by Walter Palmer, a dentist from the United States who traveled to Africa to hunt the famous lion. Now, according to renowned costume store Costumeish, they have been ‘flooded by requests’ for a costume of the man who killed the great lion. Unfortunately, since becoming available for sale, not a single one has been sold yet.

The ‘Cecil the Lion’s Killer Dentist’ costume is complete with a bloody uniform, dentist’s tools, and a severed lion’s head. It costs $59.99, which is kind of pricey for a Halloween costume, but the company has vowed to donate 15 per cent of every single sale to a wildlife charity.

A lot of people will probably think the costume is distasteful, inappropriate, or even a little offensive. The costume, overall, isn’t that great, though. It looks a little cheap, especially for the price tag they have put on it.

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