Hey there little guy, whatcha d-

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  • When I see a bowl of Jolly Ranchers in the salon and I'm about to get my long, thick, curly hair a cut and blow out
  • MRW I have a peanut allergy and I eat at Five Guys only to realize how the food is made after eating my burger
  • Rare footage captured of Lirik getting ready to stream
  • MRW I want him to think I swallowed then he looks away
  • When you're eating a granola bar and you taste honey
  • Pregnancy appetite x pregnancy nausea
  • request- chipmunk regurgitates cache
  • Hey there little guy, whatcha d-
  • Me after my high school prom
  • Whatcha got there buddy?
  • Squirrel spits out food
  • Bllrrrlaaaabrlaabrlaaa
  • "Oh hey..."
  • ashkan_irl
  • オエーー!!!!
  • me irl

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