High School Girl Sent Home For Showing Collarbone

A Kentucky high school is caught up in controversy after its dress code was found to be so strict to the point where girls can’t even show their collarbone, and parents aren’t happy at all. Stacie Dunn posted a picture of her daughter, Stephanie, on Facebook which showed her in an outfit that doesn’t show anything revealing, but she was still sent to the Woodford County High School principal’s office. That student was among several girls that apparently violated the same dress code. Even after Dunn gave her daughter a scarf to wear, the school sent the student home.

Here are the pictures of Stephanie in the ‘unacceptable’ outfits.

Dunn also had some criticism toward Woodford County High School. Huffington Post shared her thoughts: “Parents are being called away from their important jobs and students are missing important class time because they are showing their collarbones! Something needs to change!” School principal Rob Akers didn’t create the rule as it was in play before his tenure, but he still enforces it. He believes that it removes distractions and limits sexual harassment. However, he will have to stand in front of a mother that has started a petition with over 5,500 signatures and unwanted national attention.

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