Hilarious Meghan Trainor Parody Showing What Happens When Marriage Gets Real

Meghan Trainor has made some catchy tunes during her singing career, including her recent hit “Dear Future Husband.” She may have a run for her money though, as there is a parody out there and it has us cracking up! “Your Future Wifey” shows us what happens when marriage gets real and it looks like the husbands are not sure what is going on.

While Meghan is talking about her future husband, these ladies are talking about being a future wife and what their husbands should expect from them. From the looks of the video, it appears that the men should learn how to read their minds, even when they are “acting crazy.”

It’s a pretty funny take on the original, so good job ladies. Check out “Your Future Wifey” here!

source: youtube

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