Hilarious Video Of Man In Water Balloon

In the most recent episode of the Slow Mo Guys, one man puts himself into a giant water balloon, fills it up, and then pops it in slow motion. In the beginning, the man has difficulties getting himself into the balloon, and at times you can tell that it isn’t a very comfortable fit.

The idea, as ridiculous as it is, is to fill the balloon up until it pops, with this person inside of it. It’s a 6 ft. water balloon, and the video title says that the man involved in being inside the balloon is also 6 ft. At one point, the guy with him questions, “I wonder if you could drown in there?” That may have been better asked before he began trying to pull the balloon farther up and over his companions body.

To make matters even more shocking, as the balloon fills up, leaving only the guys head, his friend asks him to try and put his head under. Check out the video below and see what happens next, you’ll be shocked.

source: youtube
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