Hillary Duff Shares Her Tinder Experience In This Music Video

Hillary Duff doesn’t seem to be embarrassed by being on Tinder, quite the opposite actually – she promotes the dating app! In her new music video for her song “Sparks“, the infamous actress, now singer, aggressively promotes the infamous dating app Tinder by sharing her experiences. Containing footage from her Tinder dates, the video is more of a story than a music video. Featuring sliced clips from on-air interviews, the video is quite unique in its own regard.

Previously, Duff had stated that while her Tinder foray was just for fun (and apparently for the music video), she wouldn’t turn down a guy if they made a serious connection. Did anyone have luck at scoring a date with the popular actress? Check the music video to find out!

source: youtube
  • I'm pretty sure Hilary Duff's new music video is just an advertisement for her Tinder account
  • Hilary Duff talks about her Tinder profile and Tinder date in her new music Video
  • This explains it: Hilary Duff - Sparks

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