Homeless Man Reports Dead Body By Using The Skull As Puppet

A homeless man shocked shoppers in Florida when he approached a Publix food and pharmacy store with a human skull and allegedly used it like a puppet. Concerned pedestrians then phoned police to report the incident and inform them that there was a dead body nearby. “He was using it as a puppet,” said witness Nick Pecoraro. “It smelled like death.”

The Indian River Country Sheriff’s Office responded to the calls from the public and spoke to the anonymous homeless man. According to officers, the man was simply trying to draw attention to the fact that he had discovered a dead body in the woods across the road to Publix and wanted someone to call 911.

Thomas Raulen, a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s office, said: “He had put the skull on top of a trash can over there because he wanted to tell somebody to call the sheriff’s office.”

After explaining the situation to the police officers, the man then led them to the body. The force is now investigating to determine whether the body is male or female and to find out whether it belongs to a missing person.

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