How The Swimsuit Has Evolved In 125 Years

Summer’s right around the corner, temperatures are rising, and that gives the ladies the excuse to hit the beach to be in a swimsuit! The iconic ‘bathing suit’ has evolved so much over the years. Now, women have many styles to choose from: bikini, monokini, tankini and one-piece. But retro swim pieces seem to have made a comeback, led by A-list celebrities like Taylor Swift and Blake Lively.

Before you go follow the trend and go don old school swimwear, it pays to get some basic education of retro styles first. In the video Evolution of the Bikini, Amanda Cerny travels back in time to the 1890’s. The video is a showcase of bathing suit styles women wore per decade. It’s amazing how so much has changed in swimwear; the most obvious being the decreasing body coverage over time.

source: youtube
  • Evolution of the Bikini with Amanda Cerny
  • ビキニ 100年でここまで進化した!

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