How to Take Back That Email You Regret and Save your Life

Have you ever said something stupid or embarrassing on email? We sometimes say the dumbest things especially when we’re caught in the heat of the moment. When we’re home, we can easily type an email to our boss, parents, offspring and vent out our anger and send it on whim.

After a few minutes, you realize that you said something stupid–that may cause you to lose your job or marriage. When you really have some time to think about what you said, what should you do to take back that email and save your life?

Thanks to the newest Gmail feature, you will never be plagued by sender’s remorse again. “How to unsend email” is a top query in Google, and that option is finally possible now.

You will have to turn on ‘Enable Undo Send’ in your Settings panel, where you can get a cancellation period for 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds, depending on your choice. The feature will greatly prevent social and professional embarassment. It is said to be a standard part of Google’s email service.

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