How you look at your crush. 

source: imgur
  • I just want someone who looks at me the way Gal Gadot shamefully remembers she's married
  • is it just me or does gal gadot look a bit like happy merchant in the beggining of the clip?
  • me motherfuckin' irl (I will literally never stop shipping WonderTrev)
  • Gal Gadot - Chris Pine - The GIF. Is it a mirrin or not?
  • Quando te dá aquela tara, aí você se lembra que é casado
  • Females are absolutely deplorable (whore is married)
  • Reminder A Girl Will Never Look At You Like This
  • Even Wonder woman can't help mirin sometimes
  • When you just can't resist
  • When you're next to Gal

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