Hulk Hogan Breaks Into Tears Following Racism Apology

Hulk Hogan, the renowned WWE wrestler, has finally ended the silence following his racist rant, which saw him fired from WWE and almost completely removed from pro-wrestling as a whole. The 62-year-old man, who was once the biggest star in the entire history of WWE, spoke with Good Morning America about how he was at an all-time low when footage of him ranting about his daughter Brooke dating a black man came to light. Throughout the recorded rant, Hogan used the n-word multiple times.

The 12-time champion broke down into tears during his interview, pleading for forgiveness from everyone, including his daughter and the general public. He said: “I’m not a racist, I never should have said what I said. It was wrong. I’m embarrassed by it. A lot of people need to realize that you inherit things from your environment. And where I grew up, Port Tampa, was a really rough neighbourhood, very low income. And all my friends, we greeted each other saying that word. The word was just thrown around like it was nothing. I think that was part of the culture and the environment I grew up in.”

Hogan has said he felt suicidal because of the fallout from the racism scandal, which ended with his termination from the World Wrestling Entertainment and his removal from the Hall of Fame. He added: “I was completely broken and destroyed and said, ‘What’s the easiest way out of this?’ I mean, I was lost. I’ve worked for the WWE for almost 30 years off and on, and then all of a sudden, everything I’ve done my whole career and my whole life was like it never happened. Just because a person makes a mistake, just don’t throw them away. You don’t throw good people away. People get better every day.”

Hogan is attempting to fix his past, but will the general public forgive him?

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