Husband Divorces His Wife After Finding Nudes On Wedding Day

Weddings aren’t always the happiest occasions. Just ask a furious husband who is demanding divorce right after his wedding day. Apparently, the groom received a USB stick from the bride’s ex boyfriend containing old nude photos and it all happened after exchanging wows on their wedding day. To make things worse, the USB stick was hidden inside a bouquet of flowers that the ex boyfriend had delivered to the reception.

The bride’s ex went so far as to blackmailing the bride days before the wedding, threatening that he would reveal the contents of the USB stick, which apparently feature nude photos of the bride in some rather ‘compromising circumstances’. After the bride turned him down, he found out the location of the wedding and arranged for the evil plan to be executed, delivering the photos in the bouquet. A note told the groom to look at the contents of the device which was filled with photographs of his new wife, laying bare and in intimate circumstances.

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