I need a chair!

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  • MRW I am a pro wrestler and my finishing move is activating a super-powered magnet in the center of the ring
  • God dammit I forgot how funny this was. Ecw hardcore heaven I believe
  • MRW I'm trying to sort through all my work emails on a Monday morning
  • Folding chairs are like Asian Carp; Disturb them and they'll jump!
  • I think they've updated the way you contact their support team
  • NO ONE THREW A DAMN CHAIR (Actual video proof of the incident)
  • My class reaction when the cute girl in class needs a seat
  • You have to be careful... sometimes they attack in swarms
  • Nevada Democratic Convention [LEAKED FOOTAGE]
  • Let me ask the crowd for a chair, WCGW?
  • Whenever I'm sad, I look at this
  • Asks for chair. Gets a chair
  • I...uhhh...only needed one
  • Wrestler asks for a chair
  • When it rains, it pours
  • That escalated quickly
  • Give the man a chair
  • Stop Throwing Chairs
  • Some nice chairshots
  • Give Me A Chair!
  • I need a chair!
  • 椅子をくれ!!!
  • me irl
  • Chaira

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