"I wash dis for you"

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  • Zoe Hills Reply

    (DISCLAIMER: I am about to over-simplify the hell out of this topic, so when you bring out your corner cases in reply I'm going to refer to this disclaimer. 8-) Diseases themselves do very little to your body up until you die. For instance a virus comes into your body and invades some cells. Then those explode with more virus particles. And if you didn't have an immune system this transaction would be basically invisible to you up until all of some organ, like your liver or lungs, was just dead and gone. But you do have an immune system. And the immune system has this "generalized response" of raising your body temperature and causing inflammation and phlegm. Your body does this stuff to make it easier for the "specific responses" to work better. For example your white blood cells would dry out if they were exposed to air directly, so if you cut yourself your body stars dumping lymph and blood components into the wound. Then the white blood cells can get into the wet gap and start eating the bacteria. So you get a cut and it's full of germs, your body makes puss. Ta Da! Same things for making your mucus membranes act up. The common cold isn't excreting mucus into your throat and nose, your body is doing that to make it easier to attack the infected tissues. So if you catch a disease that your body has never seen before, it may not realize anything is even wrong until it starts noticing all the exploded cells and debris laying around in some part of your body. This gap of time is the "incubation period" and during this period the disease is running unopposed. It's building up its forces by eating you. Once enough signal and information about the problem is loose in your body, your body responds. So I infect you with the cold today but it takes you three days to "become sick". Now the generalized response is body wide because the generalized response doesn't know where the problem really is. I mean your body may notice it in your right foot, but that doesn't mean your body knows it's _not_ in your left foot as well. So your body releases "inflammatory agents" (like "cytokines") and an infection in your sinuses and throat also causes your body to make your joints swell and ache, and so on. After your body has had a chance to find and isolate the real danger it will compute an antibody. An antibody is a tiny chemical flag that says "eat me". The bottom of that flag's flagpole must exactly match some feature of the disease so that the flags can be dispatched in great numbers, wash over and stick to the disease particles, and so trigger your white cells into a feeding frenzy of just the bad disease particles. Some diseases are insideous. Anthrax, for instance, is really good at hiding from your body. By the time you start coughing from anthrax you're basically already dead. You are a zombie spreading freshly made anthrax spores, but your lungs have been damaged beyond repair. Rabies is another one that will climb up the nerves in your body. It seeks out the brain where it eats like a king. By the time you show symptoms your brain is gonna die. So we have vaccines. Vaccines are weakened, killed, chopped up, or "look-alike" samples that pre-educate your body. We inject you with a little of that and your body can do the "compute the antibody" step _before_ you _ever_ see the disease itself. Then, if you do happen to encounter the disease your body can attack it right away. The disease is denied its incubation period. The "eat me" flags go out right away and your body eats the invader before it can do much damage. * So the disease arrives. * then the disease starts doing damage. * then the body notices the damage and rings the alarm and you start to feel crappy. * then, with your immune system in high gear, your body finds the infection. * the battle is joined and you fell really crappy, and you're exhausted because it takes a lot of energy to police your body's millions of cells looking for bad things. * your body fights off all, or nearly all of the disease, so you are no longer an infection fountain. * but you still feel like crap because the system is still on patrol. * as hours or days go by and there's nothing else bad found, your body settles back down to normal levels of activity and the last symptoms go away. So the shape of the un-ease, the disease, the "sickness" lags behind the shape and rate of the infection. If it were a turn-based game, the disease invader "goes first" at the top of the inning, then your body goes at the bottom. As a side effect of all this: (1) the part where you're infected but not sick is the most dangerous time in many ways because the disease is running free and unopposed. (2) immune compromised people dont "get sick" easily, they get infected easily, so they may not know they are infected until great harm has been done. (3) All effective vaccines will make you feel "a little crappy". That's just true. The shot activates your immune system and educates it. That means a little inflamation. Maybe some sore muscles or joints. Surely some annoyance at the site of the infection. But then it goes away before you get "really sick" because the vaccine isn't really harmful so your body cleans it up really fast and gets to cut from the front to the end of the process. So why the inflamation and why the crappy feeling? Well there are lots of places in your body where blood doesn't belong. The insides of your joints, for example, have a little stable fluid bu no real blood flow. So if an infection gets into a joint it could hang out there and to a lot of harm. So the general immune response likes to start putting juice into the joints so the white blood cells can get in there and check the place. That extra juice is why the joint aches. So once you realize that most of your symptoms are means for your body to get the warriors into place, you can respond accordingly. So we've gotten good at treating the general symptoms. We take medications to treat cold symptoms. Those medications dry out the extra phlegm, lower the feever, and so on. In so doing we give the normal diseases a little extra time (studies show that cold medicines add about a half a day to mean recovery times, for example) but we cut the intensity of the discomfort and "dis-ease" by a large margin. Then again, when things get serious, when it becomes evident that you might be losing the fight, then medical science may do fairly non-obvious things like helping the fever instead of opposing it. Or trying to rinse the disease out of your gut, or cut the infected muscle out of your leg. But really the reason you feel crappy is not the disease, typically, its your body's attempt to kill the disease that makes you feel like crap.

  • Justen Goldner Reply

    “I’ve always wanted a fairy godmother!” My friend, Isabella said jealously, flipping her hair over her shoulder. “You’re so lucky!” “I know, “I said smiling. My latest wish for a magnificent horse was met almost instantly; one moment I was wishing for a horse, the next moment a horse was neighing outside my window. Albeit, it was covered, ever so slighting, in a reddish stain that looked like blood, but I had my groom wash it off before I rode. That night, when the sunset’s last rays touched the darkening depths of the forest before the echoes of the crow’s last call died away, I sat on the edge of my bed, braiding my hair into long, long plaits, wistfully looking out my window to the first stars appearing over the horizon and wished. “Oh, fairy godmother, please let my friend Isabella find her own luck, her own fairy godmother.” I sighed sweetly, tied off my hair, and leapt into my delicately soft perfumed sheets. I smiled, knowing how happy Isabella would be, and snuggled deeper into my duvet, ready to drift off to dreamland. *Bang* What sounded like the black magic power the local chemist was working on (he called it firepowder) rang out aloud in my room, making me scream and startle up into a sitting position. A plume of greyish, bog colored dust was floating near the center of my room. My fairy godmother, I thought excitedly. After all this time, I was finally going to meet her. But instead of a sweet, sing-song female voice, a gruff male voice emitted from the cloud. “You Thea?” “What? Yes, yes, I am Lady Thea.” “You the princess around these parts?” My eyes narrowed. I was suspicious. “I am one of them, yes.” “You the one who asked for that bloody horse?” “Gandalfo? That sweet beast? Yes, he is now my horse. My fairy godmother granted him to me! Now I mu—” But before I could finish a raucous laugh sounded out that soon turned into a hacking cough. “Fairy *godmother*? Lady you got problems?” “Excuse you!” The plume was quickly dissolving revealing the outline of a short, squat figure. “Excuse me? Excuse yourself, *princess*.” Finally the figure was clear to me. A man. A hulking, angry, plump man. He was slightly balding, but what little hair he had was greased to the side. He was wearing strange garb; blue pressed pants and a matching jacket. Underneath was a collared shirt, it was unbuttoned outrageously low. So low, I could see his wiry chest hair poking out. Entangled slightly within the hair was a gold chain. And he had wings, tiny wings, but they looked like they were attached to him with strings. I screamed, louder. “Who are you? What do you want with me?” The man covered his ears. “Jesus, you’re loud!” “Jesus!? Who is Jesus.” “Look,” the man said, walking over to me. I pulled the duvet up to my chin, cowering. “I am your fairy *godfather*, capisce?” “Capisce?” “Itali—” The man stopped, thought for a moment, then continued, “Never mind, doesn’t matter. Do you understand?” “You mean, you’ve been granting all my wishes.” The man smiled, a truly awful sight. “Done good, have I?” “Yeah, yes. Certainly, sir.” “Now look, I know a pretty, pretty little princess like you probably thought your fairy whatever would be beautiful and kind and would sing disgusting songs with you. But nope. It’s me. I’m what you got. Capisce?” I nodded. “I wasn’t always like this,” that man said slowly, sitting at the edge of my bed, his tiny fake wings fluttered slightly in the breeze from my open window. “I used to be the Big Man. But I did some…stuff. Some bad stuff. And was cursed. Now I’m here. With you.” He looked at me. I nodded again. He continued. “The lady who cursed me, she gave me an out. She told me that to come back I had to collect some…uh…souls.” “*Souls?*” “That’s what I said isn’t it?” I could see the anger boil up and out of the man’s face, and he sunk back down, his shoulders slumped. “So, uh, I need something for you. Your soul.” “What?! You may certainly *not* have my soul!” “Figured this would happen. Think, dear princess,” his voice dripped with sarcasm, “think back to all the wishes I’ve granted. Think about Gandalf, that bloody hors—” “Gandalfo.” “Yeah, him, your precious. Think about him. I could’ve very well just stuck a damn horse head in your bed. Think of all I’ve done for you. Can’t you do this for me?” “But…but what would I be without my soul?” “Dead,” the man said without missing a beat. “You want to…*kill me?*” “Nah! Not kill. More like…” The man struggled for a word, “more like…suck it out of you. You know like the Dementors!” “The…what?” “Ah of course you don’t know, you’re from some dumb, prissy, pretend Disney fantasyland.” “Dis—” “Forget it! Look, you gonna give me your soul or not?” “No! Absolutely not!” The man sighed and stood up. “Ah well…I’ve grown…fond of you, princess. And I don’t want to do this—” “Kill me, you mean?” “Yeah, I don’t want to kill you. So will you help me?” “Help…*you*?” “Yeah. So?” “You want me to help you to...suck souls out of people.” He nodded. I looked around my cozy room, then out the window to the starlight forest and faraway fens. My life was perfect. Everything I wanted was thrown at my feet. I looked back at the man in his weird garb and gold chain, covered by a cloud of anger and sadness. I shrugged. “Could be fun.”

  • Petra Davis Reply

    I have a niece who is in a very similar situation. When she was younger, she mentioned some things to another family member that suggested she might be being abused or molested by her mother's brother. (He had a history of this). The family member who heard this went to her father and told him everything that was said, and that he needed to get her help. No help came, and things got bad to the point of her father dis-communicating himself and our niece from the family. On top of this, my niece's mother was battling cancer. Eventually relationships in the family were repaired, but my niece's mother ended up passing away. After her passing, my Brother in law opened up that all of the issues with the abuse allegations and the subsequent dis-communication were mostly due to his his wife. They had a terrible relationship, and with the cancer, as a husband, he felt his duty was to side with his wife, and to keep her as calm as possible due to her cancer. He took his vows very seriously and could not leave her in her sickness, so he felt trapped. This caused a lot of animosity and to some degree hatred in him towards his late wife. Fast forward a year, my niece's father re-married a woman with her own young daughter, and they had a child of their own. His treatment of my nice has steadily degraded as she gets older. She looks and sometimes acts a lot like her birth mother. I really feel he sees her as an extension of his "old" marriage, and as such she is treated as a 2nd class family member. She has already ran away from home, and as a result her father treats her like an ex-con. She is 13 and is not allowed to go to, or have any friends over. She has to get up at 4 in the morning to wash dishes before school, and recently a boy gave her a ring at school, which she cherished. Her step mother threw it out of a moving car when she saw it on her hand. Her step sister is younger and is treated as a golden child. She is held to a totally different set of standards as our niece. An example, our niece was asked to babysit her step sister while her parents with to a local couples outing for the evening. An argument broke out, and our Niece called her father and said they needed to come home because there was a fight, and she was so angry she was worried that she was going to lash out at her sister physically. The result was her father coming home, yelling at her for being mean to her sister, and making her leave the house to stay with grandparents for the weekend and called off her family birthday part the following day. His explanation was that his wife and himself "could not deal with her" because she was threatening her younger step-sister. I see this as her realizing she was in a bad spot and looking to her father to help. Instead he punished her. Our niece Is still is not allowed to hold her own brother, who is one year old. This past summer my wife had some medical issues in which she was hospitalized for several weeks. I had my niece stay with us for a bout a month to help out around the house ( I have 3 young kids). She was AMAZING. The sad thing is, her dad never once called to see how she was doing. She didn't want to go home. She told me this was the best summer she ever had. My heart breaks for her. My question to you is, what, if anything can we do as a family to help her? To let her know that she IS loved, and IS an amazing child? I know she has a lot of scars, she has had a very tough childhood. I am concerned that what she is going through now will lead her down some dark paths.

  • Conrad Orn Reply

    Most chinese/korean girls I know (dunno anyone japanese, but I would think it's similar to chinese hair) have pretty smooth, very manageable black hair if they put in the average effort white girls put into their hair (as in, find a shampoo/conditioner that suits you <--this is important because most of the stuff is formulated for white people hair in North America. Asians sometimes have a different hair type and do better buying the Asian stuff from overseas, use a straightening iron when needed, and deep conditioning masks from once a week to once a month) Like honestly for a long time i thought white girls woke up with their hair looking like it does but after I started working in the beauty industry and made more white friends, I found out how much time was spent on their hair and it's like oh wow i have it real good. I mean if I want their "i woke up like dis" look, with the wavy, slightly tussled style, all I have to do is braid my hair or put it into a bun before I go to bed, then when i wake up, undo and brush the top and done. Whereas they actually have to like put volumizing products and salt spray etc (I would say 80% of white girls I know have really fine hair that needs volumizing products to look like the way my hair naturally looks). The only downside to my hair is that it is very thick and thus hard to have it keep a curl. It's naturally slightly wavy, so if I straighten it it will stay straight, but if I try to curl it without heavy-duty products, the curl will come out within 2 hrs. Growing up i wanted like those japanese-style curls that are super romantic looking and I envied girls with thinner hair so much. SOOO MUCH. I would literally get compliments on my hair on a weekly basis, once I was allowed to keep it long (my maternal grandma won't let me have long hair until I immigrated to North America... -x-), but the grass was still greener on the other side = x= Now that I'm working and I like getting as much sleep as I can (meaning I want to be able to roll out of bed and wash my face and look somewhat presentable), I start appreciating my hair.

  • Noe Haley Reply

    any idea what is the 20:17 silicone mask she uses over the sheet mask? where to buy this?

  • Sheridan Paucek Reply

    Season 6, Episode 4. IWash, Church, and Caboose are at the top of their game.

  • Merlin Hauck Reply

    why does that look like a 12 year old boy's body wearing an old man silicone mask?

  • Dino Homenick Reply

    Wow. Ok, here: >Oh, well I don't know if it's something I should be doing right now then; I don't think I'm in the right headspace for it. Sorry. This statement makes the assumption that it is for more than friends - while at the same time saying that is a bad thing (as in, something *you* don't want). and her response: >Ok.. I didn't mean anything bad by it.. I meant as friends.. But ok 9:00 PM is actually beyond understanding and reasonable. She is backing off because of what you said. The "I didn't mean anything bad by it" is pretty defensive because she's feeling ... dis-invited. Imagine you are walking through a park and there are kids lined up to play a game. Suddenly one of the kids says "you can't be on our team". You weren't even thinking about playing with them... never even entered your head... you'd still feel upset - and you'd probably say something like "I didn't even want to be on your team anyway!" This is human nature. Even if she wasn't meaning anything more by what she said, your response was a bit hurtful. I think she handled it fine though. Going back to what I said about petting the cat - you generally don't want to overshare with others. That is a form of intimacy that should be reserved for the time (and people) that are right. It seems to me that you have several things going on at once. 1. You are having an existential crisis. You wonder if anything in your life has ever mattered or if you, as a person, matter. 1. You don't have the job you want 1. You are single and lonely First, all of these things are normal. Most people go through them. INTJ's just internalize a lot more and so sometimes end up in a loop - that you need to break out of. The good thing about being an INTJ is that we like to laser focus on tasks - the best way out of the loop is to find something new and interesting to spend your energy on. It looks to me like you have that right in front of you - you just need to set some disciplined goals and not worry about the big goals just yet. Make a 2 week plan of what you are going to do over the next 2 weeks to solve one of the 3 items above (you should prioritize them and stick to it). Ignore the other items, and work to solve the single problem for those 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks do a check-in and see what your priorities are. Wash/rinse/repeat. Don't half-ass it - put all your skills to the task and you'll probably have a major (good) start on your way.

  • Beau Marvin Reply

    Also, here are a few to stay away from that look great on their website: Ocotillo Resort - Greens are slow and bumpy, otherwise course I beautiful, not worth the price, we play this one in the Summer when we get a rate of $25, that's it... Superstition Springs - Used to be used for PGA qualifier 15 years ago and great, gone to crap, not worth the price, dirt in fairways etc.. Funny thing is when you drive up and see the 9th and 18th hole, beautiful, wonderful shape, well they seem to keep those two holes in great shape for wedding parties I think, LOL, the are the other 16 not so much. Kokopelli - Just like Superstition Springs (think it's the same company actually). Although greens are pretty nice, but dirt in fairways, etc.. staff is running around dis-organized (nice though) once had to go and find a cart at the wash bay, guy in clubhouse was hounding us to tee off over the loud speaker and we didn't have a golf cart...:(

  • Darryl Schiller Reply

    I wonder if this would work with just the daiso silicone mask on top!

  • Kaylah Quigley Reply

    Nice job my man. I guess you can say he.......I don't know. I was gonna dis medblare but I couldn't.

  • Maddison Lebsack Reply

    How do you guys clean your Daiso silicone mask covers?

  • Luigi West Reply

    It's a net health improvement. Risks / dangers - saddle issues --- address by proper bike fit and a good quality saddle which suits you - traffic accident --- statistically this is less for a given distance cycling than either walking or driving --- get safety gear appropriate to your streets: helmet, reflectors, lights - (dis)comfort --- it's a bit of an effort at first --- take a wash cloth, towel and deodorant and change of clothes and budget extra time to cool down and wash off in a bathroom at a sink and change. - carrying stuff --- I used a backpack at first, but getting racks and panniers was a sea change in terms of comfort / convenience - mechanical issues --- inventory the fasteners on your bike and carry tools for the ones which may work loose / require tightening / adjustment, get a spare inner tube, patch kit, and tire levers and learn how to patch a flat and replace an inner tube.

  • Sigmund Hand Reply

    I wash dis for you

  • Cletus Bernhard Reply

    "HEY, MIRIAM! DIS GUY - HE'S INDIRECTLY IMPLYING SOMETHING ABOUT THE HOLLACOST!" "YA KNOW WHAT TO DO, MARVIN, YA JUST IMPLY THAT HE IS A REDNECK WHO LIVES IN A TRAILAH PAHK! DAT GETS EM EVERY SINGLE TIME!" and it did, and it did! the anti-semitic white man was completely and utterly destroyed by the "you are a bad racist" post, and he was never again seen in this forum! you done good, /u/FatLadySingin! You destroyed racism FOR-EVAH!

  • Florence Wolf Reply

    - Scuzzy Skivvies Inc - Laundro-App - iWash

  • Eldora Effertz Reply

    Yo Dre, man I take dis bkitch out to the movies n shit man. We kissin' n grindin' n shit. So we hop in the baccseat you know man, dis bitch rubbing all over my dicc and is fronting like she gonna give me da pussy man, den da bkitch says 3 werdz. "Stop,No, and Don't" I said "bkiiiiiiiitttttttccccccchhhhhh"

  • Shaina Purdy Reply

    Some people do not use a foaming cleanser sa morning routine kasi medyo drying daw, and wala naman daw masyadong dirt na kailangang iwash off. So they use other non-foaming cleansers, or just water. If you find your usual cleanser a bit drying, then you could consider the other options but kung okay naman yung skin mo sa foaming cleanser in the morning, then it's fine. Whatever works for you 😊

  • Linda Watsica Reply

    If your painted parts have to go through an oven with the mask applied you have to make custom silicone masks.

  • Bruce Franecki Reply

    Yo Dre, man I take dis bkitch out to the movies n shit man. We kissin' n grindin' n shit. So we hop in the baccseat you know man, dis bitch rubbing all over my dicc and is fronting like she gonna give me da pussy man, den da bkitch says 3 werdz. "Stop,No, and Don't" I said "bkiiiiiiiitttttttccccccchhhhhh"

  • Alanna Schmeler Reply

    It's only out on Android man! You know dis. xD Curious to see if I can continue with my club on iOS when the soft launch comes out in the Apple store. Should be able to.

  • Damaris Zieme Reply

    I've napped with one on. I use a silicone sheet mask holder with it to keep it in place.

  • Cullen Witting Reply

    Put silicone sachets inside the mask

  • Giuseppe DuBuque Reply

    "You don't know shit about a dead man's perspective / And talkin' shit will get ya neck bone dis-connected."

  • Winston Kshlerin Reply

    Do not do, is new politburu trik. You send potat to dis man then politburu know you has potats and will kome to take all potats and make rape on wif.

  • Donnell Nikolaus Reply

    iWash - A washing machine which wouldn't work with any outside brands' detergent, only iDetergent

  • Kailee Nolan Reply

    I am rinsing my silicone mask cover after each use- should I be doing something else to clean it each time?

  • Vada Pfannerstill Reply

    Get some silicone grease and apply it to your beard where it seals with your mask. Best solution besides shaving.

  • Rashad Gibson Reply

    guess it doesn't look too bad. with a silicone case, it might mask the overhang.

  • Marilyne Wunsch Reply

    Another classic example which illustrates your point: Ignaz Semmelweis (1818-1865); sometimes called the father of antiseptic medicine. As the 'chief resident' of one the obstetric wards at Vienna General Hospital, Semmelweis waged a tireless war against the disease known as puerperal (or 'childbed') fever. This was a terrible, often fatal, condition that affected women shortly after giving birth and it seemed to have especially high incidence in hospital wards. Semmelweis realized that more women were getting sick in his ward than in the obstetric ward managed by nurses and midwives and theorized that it was the doctors themselves who were making these women sick. Semmelweis observed that his physicians and student-physicians frequently attended dissections and anatomical demonstrations and hypothesized that these venues exposed the faculty to 'cadaverous particles' which were being introduced into women during childbirth, leading to putrefaction and death. In response, Semmelweis ordered his staff to regularly wash their hands in a solution of chlorinated lime and found that the number of fever patients dropped precipitously as a result. Unfortunately, Semmelweis' ideas didn't gain much traction in his own time, even though he data to back them up. (England was a bit of exception - but that's a story for another day) Most of Europe's leading medical minds rejected Semmelweis' theory of cadaverous contagion in favor of more traditional miasmatic theory of contagion. (This is sometimes referred to at the 'Semmelweis Reflex': the tendency to reflexively reject new knowledge when it contradicts established norms. It is frequently brought up in medical schools as a caution against privileging tradition over data.) Miasma theories held that is was bad airs which spread disease, not specific localized contagions - in other words, the air didn't *contain* something dangerous, the air itself was dangerous. Theories of localized contagion were not unheard of in the mid-1800s, but Semmelweis' ideas could not be explained using traditional notions of etiology (disease causation), and so were ignored. (This was compounded by other political and personality concerns: Semmelweis was often undiplomatic and resentful in his writings and he was Hungarian at a time when Hungary and Austria were at odds.) Semmelweis himself focused more on the therapeutic value of washing than on the possible disease mechanisms suggested by his research. In short, 19th-century Europe's learned medical community *actively rejected* particulate notions of contagion because they could not fit them into the pre-existing theoretical framework. Until the advent of germ-theory in the late 1800's disease was primarily individual, not pathological: you did not *catch* a disease, your body was disturbed to the point that it *became* diseased. It is difficult in such a framework to understand how one can get sick from exposure to another. So, to get back to the OP's original questions: why didn't people realize the therapeutic value of boiled water? You have to try imagine yourself in a world without a concept of germs. Now, imagine you're looking at a pot of clear, odorless water. Let's say, for the thought experiment's sake that, that this water contains the *Vibrio cholerae* bacterium. Why would it ever occur to you to think that there was something suspicious about your water? It looks clean. It smells clean. It tastes clean. As far as you know, the micro-organic world does not even exist, so you have no reason to believe anything alive is in the pot. (I'm stretching back farther here than the 1800s. People in Semmelweis' day knew that 'animalcules' existed.) Given these assumptions, what good would boiling water do? It's not killing anything.... It's not changing the chemical properties of the water.... Now, let's say you drink you water and later come down with cholera. How do you know it was the water that made you sick? You can't look at your blood and observe the microorganisms, and there are any number of other things you might think to pin the blame on (lack of sleep, drunkenness, sexual impropriety, divine punishment etc.) Even if a single doctor studied a large number of patients and made some kind of connection to the water, what kind of causal mechanism would they use to explain the phenomenon? As has been said, John Snow was one of the first people to conduct such a study, but even with his clear results he struggled to explain the cause of the epidemic. He could point to the Broad Street Pump, but the mechanism escaped him. ALL THAT SAID, it's actually not true that medieval/early modern historical actors didn't realize the value of boiling water. People have been sanitizing water since antiquity - through boiling, distilling, filtration - and these techniques was widely used to obtain drinkable water. You have to remember that past centuries had a very different notion of 'clean' water than we do in 2016. Most drinking water came from untreated wells, aqueducts, and rain cisterns, and these sources, in combination with pre-modern storage technologies, meant medieval/early modern drinking water was usually smellier and more dis-coloured than we're used to. Sometimes this was seen beneficial - the mineral waters in Bath, England, were celebrated for their medicinal properties. Other times the results were noxious to an extreme. Diaries from early modern ships and slums speak endlessly of the problems and stinky, toxic water -and one of the most common ways to purify such water was boiling. Of course, efforts to clean rain barrels and cisterns focused on macro-scopic sensory problems. *Did we get all the floaty bits?* *Does it still smell like a plague victim?* Obviously this is not a standard of cleanliness that would satisfy modern hygienists, but absent a notion of germs it was sufficient for the times. As for medicine specifically, physicians often boiled water when treating their patients, but I would argue that this was more an attempt to render water palatable than a recognition that water itself could spread disease.

  • Alicia Rath Reply

    Feeling the need to relieve myself from all the XL coffees I had that morning, I walked into the tiny bathroom Labelled "MENS", which only contains 1 stall and a Urinal, plus sink etc. Upon entering, i her what can only be described as physically / mentally challenged person making noises, like they were attempting to speak, but were too busy chewing on their own tong to get anything meaningful out. So I look down, and see not 1, but 2 pairs of feet. One, the closest pair to the stall door, facing the back wall, was HAIRY and in some serious Jesus shoes. The other, closer to the toilet, wearing sneakers and low white socks, again, facing the back wall. I took a step back for a second, and in my naivety, thought possibly there was a handicapped person, possibly with an aid there to help them, as the stall was not accessible. Boy was I wrong! I left for a moment to compose myself, and try to think this through. Something didn't *seem* right. Oh well. I marched back to my office and conversed with my cohorts about the oddities that I had witnessed in the loo.. We concluded that we had better make this a public affair and we notified senior management and whatever support staff was around. Meanwhile, as word is spreading like a wild fire in British Colombia, I realized I hadn't done what I had went in for in the first place. So I marched back in. This time I hear a male voice "shh, shhhhhhh quiet" followed by labored breathing... OKAY, now I KNOW whats up! Zip.... I proceed to relieve myself. Think, Think, Think goes my little pooh brain. How can I end this with a BANG? (Pun intended). I got it! I finish up my business and wash my hands, then open the door, only to see ALL the support staff, Operations team AND our OWNERS in the hall waiting. DIS GUN BE GUUUUD! I release the door, but STAY inside the bathroom. From the Tiny stall I hear "I..I think he's gone..." followed by some rather intense fucking noise and accompanying commentary. Her: " Yeah SLAP IT, SPANK MY ASS!!! HARDER....You know you like it in there" Him: "Hnnnnggggg" Her: " Harder, pull my hair"..... Ok, *THAT'S IT*. I SLAM my closed fist down on the STALL door HARD, and in a DEEP voice YELL"WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE YOU TWO?" I think i scarred the SHIT out of the catcher, because the pitch made quite the HHHHHNG flowed by a rather un-masculine SQUEAL! Dude almost fell over because his legs gave out. "I...I'm looking for money" he says. "Well, unless it's Ass pennies, your NOT going to find it in her ASS. Get the Fuck out here before we call the cops" I leave the john, to join my peers and management in the hall. What seems like an eternity goes by. As the crowd of onlookers APPLAUD their exit, an Unkempt, short and kinda portly girl emerges, with her hair all messed up. She precedes to raise a *TWO HANDED* one finger salute, whilst twirling in a circle heading to the stairs. A SHIT TONNE of fucks given, BIG, FAT, FUCK YOU to each and every one of us. On the video surveillance from the security camera, it was GLORIOUS! Amidst her exit, a LONG and skinny figure emerges from the bathroom stall. "Shoe owed me money and I was trying to collect. Now someones owes me Tree Fiddy"

  • Noel Little Reply

    Hey man, don't dis Harley's. Did you know that 75% of all Harleys ever sold are still on the road?? . . Yep, they never made it home.

  • Lew Gerhold Reply

    I feel you man. Don't know how i became so dis attached from everything but one day it became too much. I was hanging out with this girl from high school and then out of no where few minutes of silence and then someone started cutting onions lol ... i just fell in her lap and started crying , after few minutes it felt so good :') , she told me everything will be alright..... I still hold on ....that is what i can only do....time is passing by..

  • Carmelo Gerlach Reply

    I'm sorry man. I'm only dealing with two years here and it's not easy for me. I wish I could be more helpful but just know that despite the length of your relationship, we're all experiencing similar pain and you've always got an ear here to listen for you. I do wonder though, whatever issues you guys had, when dis they begin to manifest themselves? 12 years is such a long time for a new.problem to pop up.

  • Delmer Goodwin Reply

    You forgot half the quote there, it goes "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. The opiate of the masses." Of course, we all know you don't care for context or accuracy. :) LVDT is an islamophobe and an all around unpleasant man, and yes, I've had the (dis)pleasure of meeting him several times and I find him to be a dick.

  • Anais Windler Reply

    You can top it up with a silicone mask too. Don't want the essence to evaporate! ;)

  • Spencer Prohaska Reply

    > Daiso silicone mask God damn, that's the stuff of nightmares.

  • Katelynn Robel Reply

    I'm going to number my replies in correspondence with your bullet points-1 through 15 1. It is an action series, but there was a distinct focus more on the psychological horror in the first half with the masks and the investigative parts than just the battles themselves. And while nowadays there is a focus on more than the battles, it always happens within them-Kaneki only grows during the battles, and outside he just seems to stagnate in development, which is frustrating. And already when there's so much frenetic happenings going on within the battles, it's hard to focus on the character development. Plus, these large scale battles beg the questions-what exactly is the nature of the ghouls? Are they all over Japan? When did they appear? How? The tunnel system under Tokyo indicates they were around for a while, but for how long? What is their history, their evolution their development? How long have people known about them? What methods are the normal citizen supposed to undergo in the case of ghoul invasions? What are their views of ghouls? Furthermore, why is anyone living in Tokyo anymore with such large battles? Wouldn't you go somewhere else without the Aogiri tree? Or wouldn't ghouls move somewhere without the CCG? 2. As for my expectations differing from intent-I understand that. But as a reader who is devoted to world-building and understanding the rules in which the world operates, I think that the author has a clear impetus to make sure everyone understands his world. And as I pointed out above, by neglecting the world-building, it has raised several plot holes that have only grown more glaring with the recent chapters and scale of the battles. I would also point to GRArkada's review of this, as he was the one who first brought it up in my views, but the point still stands. 3. My main problem is manifold in several parts-first, as you pointed out, Tokyo Ghoul only went multiple perspective halfway through. However, reverting back to a single perspective after giving us the multiple perspectives of many characters is disappointing-I would say many fans grew used to seeing more of the world now and getting introduced to so many new characters we liked that it was disappointing to revert back to one perspective again. Also, this allowed for world-building and for Kaneki to go through his multiple resets (becoming Haise, getting white hair again) while still offering us some moments to continue forward without feeling a reset as well. It grew very frustrating as a reader to have go through situations that I felt I had seen before, and without the nuanced view of multiple perspectives it became a bit hard to wash down in the terms of repetition. But first, for Nishiki, Touka, and Yomo, there are three interesting dynamics there-first, for Nishiki, how is he dealing with separating from Kimi? That was important, and even seen by Kaneki as being one of the important first steps in gaining equality and forging connections between the ghouls and humans. How did he deal with that? How did he face losing? Why is he acting so normal, considering she was the love of his life? Now, onto Touka-she was previously, an awkward, angry, mal-adjusted teenager growing up in a horrible situation with being separated from her brother and losing her father. She was never sly, always bitter, but had a lot of caring for Hinami and also cared for Kaneki. How did she deal with the intervening years? What made her into the sarcastic, wile, more mature figure she is now? Did she ever go looking for them? Is she still going to be a biologist? Is she still going to college? The other reason this is important is because of the whole uniting both worlds-it seemed that Touka, as a biologist, would have been able to show humans how ghouls are and make her way in the world, and even those motive wasn't critical to the plot, it lended so much nuance to her as a character. Then, Yomo; he was caring for Rize, might have suspected something of Uta, and shown to be a much more nuanced character than what we suspected. But the recent addition of the Kirishima connection felt too sudden-it would have been better to show it some precedent. Ayato and Hinami barely get only a couple shoe-horned in flashbacks, not any real consistent development, and same with Yomo and Touka. How is that character development? You can call it fruits, but the fruits doesn't matter much if no one grows it, which Ishida is not doing. Arima and Eto do get a lot of character development, and that's good, but the q's get too much and they take up too much screen-time. I'm going to get very controversial here, and I'll apologize for that, but the Q's investigation and the squad as a whole is very unnecessary within the context of the story. A. we already have a ton of very interesting characters. B. we already have a ton of good CCG investigators, and previously, they only work in pairs. C. no one complained about the ethics of inserting ghouls into humans? D. What happened to human elitism, that ghouls were lower and shouldn't act like humans? Inserting their parts into humans flies in the face of all that. But, I liked Urie and Mutsuki. They were dynamic characters, Urie with wanting to get revenge while also eventually realizing he didn't need to and Mutsuki with trying to surpass her femininity and be strong. Shirazu and Saiko, however, were not very useful-they were cardboard cutouts of character tropes, Shirazu being the over-eager kouhai and Saiko being a stereotypical otaku. Especially with the very juvenile shark teeth and the twin tails only solidified their placement as character tropes, and even Shirazu's sister, with that plot, wasn't really worth much. Shirazu found more meaning in death than life, because he actually evoked the tiniest bit of emotion in me, as opposed to Mado, who always evoked emotion, if it wasn't always the best. Thus, when they were given development or had them on screen, it felt ridiculous for how lazily they were drawn and how little they mattered, even now. They really didn't need to be there, and they never did anything. Urie and Mutsuki were ideal secondary characters done well-Shirazu and Saiko were boring cardboard cutouts. Furuta is another one well done, and I don't even have to explain him. However, when comparing some of the lesser characters to previously established ones that aren't being shown, it starts to feel rather cheap. To take the CCG route just to give some fresh air is not exactly ideal-all of his characters were fully realized humans and could have been explored more fully with new situations, rather than just throwing them off screen. That, to me, seems like a worse bit of fan catering. 4. Already addressed this-Kaneki is only getting the most of the development in battles, and not much is going on outside. 5. Well, first off, ghoul organs should destroy him. The biology makes no sense. Then Rize's attack. The restaurant. Yamori's torture-no one, not even a ghoul, should have survived that battle. he was weakened and out of food, which even weakened Rize, who is the original host of his kagune! Should have died. Everyone keeps pointing to how strong Rize was, but the scene in which she was weakened clearly shows that without food, and even more with an RC inhibitor, Kaneki should have lost to Yamori. Finally, Arima's stabbing him in the head. I mean, I'm no expert, but once you get perforations in your skull and brain cavity that doesn't rate well for survival. 6. Well, could you extrapolate on that? Cause the only part of Kaneki that is ghoul is the kakuhou? How did that work, exactly? Why did it manifest in only one eye being ghoulish? 7. Rize's regeneration doesn't work on no fuel-see point 5. 8. Well, this goes into the idea of eating ghouls=more power. Makes no sense-if I eat different types of cows, one won't make me stronger than the other. Your body won't break down another ghoul's kakuhou and be like hmmm, yes, I needs dis in my life and just equip it your body. It will just break down what it needs for nutrition and throw away the rest as fecal matter. More coming along

  • Luna Klein Reply

    Looks like she's using the Daiso silicone mask thing!!

  • Carmine Strosin Reply

    That's not how "immunity" works. Very few people who survive an encounter with a pathogen did so because of being "immune". "Immunity" is amazingly rare and fragile. For example there _is_ a genetic line of middle Asian Jews (if memory serves) who have a specific mutation that prevents AIDS from entering their T4 cells. If _both_ of your parents have this gene then you'll have it, but if only one of your parents has the gene then your odds drop to 50% and you either have it or you don't. But most "immunity" is actually just _Resistance_. A slight advantage that may keep you from suffering the "dis-ease" of the pathogen. So most of the people who survived The Black Death did so by not getting sick in the first place. Then a lot survived because they knew how to deal with it; for examples the Jews (not to harp) remembered previous occurrences (they have a tradition of writing things down, which most of europe lacked) and knew to do things like lance the buboes and so drain them before they ruptured, wash their hands, wash their dead, and so on. So lots of Jews, and their friends, survived because of medical care. But then they were accused of being in league with Satan because of their disproportionate survival rate. Let's say I get the anti-anthrax vaccine. I am NOT IMMUNE. The infamous white powder doesn't bounce off my skin or flee the room when I enter. Instead I have an "educated immune system" and so when I get the disease particles in my system my body can begin fighting them from day one. Because of that I am less likely to develop _significant_ symptoms, and I am also less likely to become contagious. An non-immunized person will "incubate" the disease in favorable conditions while their body tries to compute and develop the necessary anti-bodies. Likewise, if I've had any disease before, that previous encounter may have inoculated me just like the vaccine would. Same process as the vaccine but way less fun. So in terms of populations, most populations "become immune(ish)" to a disease by the simple process of having all the "extra susceptible" people _die_ and take their susceptible genes with them to the grave. But the genes of the disease are evolving just as the populations do. This cycle becomes sustaining. "Immune" populations get sick from, but do not as readily die from, the diseases to which they've become accustom. But the population never becomes "immune" for reals, because if they did the disease would die off utterly and there woudln't be anything to be immune to any longer. So populations tend to develop a working truce with particular diseases. Common Influenza, for example, still kills a lot of people every year, but not enough to be a real hassle any more. The Spanish Flu, however, killed too many and so killed itself off. We are not likely immune to the Spanish Flu, it just went away. If it came again we would, again, lose a lot of young fit people while the very young and the old and the not-so-fit people would again survive. (It's a weird disease). We'd have to have regular population-shifting exposures to the Spanish Flu, say once a decade, for us to develop an immunity at the genetic levels. Basically we'd have to lose the ability to suffer a "cytokine storm" (the real killer of the still bonus-nasty Spanish Flu) by killing off everybody who's body might do that, generation after generation, until the vulnerable gene complex was gone. If it's truly gone world-wide then it immunity would last forever, but it would likely just disappear from one population and then cross breeding over time with the un-plagued from some other population might undo that "immunity". So imagine we killed off (or sterelized at birth) everyone with blue eyes (a specific gene expression), then the immunity to blue eyes might last forever unless the mutation reoccurred. So back to the black death... The European stock is _maybe_ _slightly_ more resistant to Black Death than, say, and Aztec. The most susceptible died first and hardest. But we still treat Bubonic Plage as quarantine worthy and fatal if untreated because it _is_ fatal if untreated. We whities might die at a slightly less apparent rate than say a native american, but not to a meaningful degree. We haven't let it repeatedly ravage our population every decade, we chose to invent medicine and treatments and cleanliness and whatnot (just like the Jews did in-situ). So most "immunity" to long-term disease exposure is fractional, and knowing what to do culturally is just as important. And lots of "real genetic immunities" otherwise suck. Sickle Cell, for example, is thought to be the result of a genetic immunity development to Malaria. If you have one copy of the gene from one parent you are very resistant to Malaria, if you get a copy from _both_ parents you suffer and die horribly (unless you get a lot of medical help to suffer and live horribly). So the model is super complex, but doesn't have just one answer. Genetic resistance (ne immunity) doesn't just happen and when it does it's often in concert with lots of death and then something of a truce of mutually assured destruction. How long any one such instance might last is indefinite as each such rare occurance that we know of has been unique. But no, if you are European White Stock, you are _not_ meaningfully resistant to The Plague.

  • Christy Haag Reply

    Bought. And yes the mouth moves. It's a full silicone mask.

  • Dudley O'Hara Reply

    **Skin Type**: Combination, Dehydrated, Acne prone **Country/Climate**: Brisbane Australia – currently in winter but usually a dreaded sweaty mess, humid with dry stifling heat on some days in summer. **Top Skin Concern** PIH, Dehydration and blackheads (GRR!) **Current Routine** **AM:** * Hada Labo Foaming Cleanser or a warm wash cloth (very rare, the latter) – COSRX Low pH Cleanser soon to be thrown in * COSRX BHA (when I have squeezed or feel like there are some active blemishes, perhaps 50% of the time) * Paula’s Choice Pore Refining Toner (Ceramides and Sodium Hyaluronate for days!!) * Paula’s Choice Resist Super-Light Wrinkle Defence (SPF 50) **PM:** * Oil cleanse or balm cleanse: Clinique Take the Day off, Shiseido Cleansing oil and soon Banila Clean it Zero to replace both * Hada Labo Foaming Cleanser - COSRX Low pH Cleanser soon to be thrown in * OST C20 * COSRX BHA and/or COSRX AHA *or* Paula’s Choice AHA 10% * Paula’s Choice Pore Refining Toner * Paula’s Choice Resist Toner (if I feel the need for more hydration and also trying to use this up as I prefer the latter now) * COSRX Snail Essence (not sure if it’s causing my CC’s) SO! I am about to get the **LJH Tea Tree Essence** and the **Banila Mr Flower and Miss Honey Oil**. *Where do these go?* Tea tree after my toner but before my snail and oil after my snail? *What am I missing?* I feel like I need a light cream but my love for lighter, watery products is quite high right now especially as I am oily and dehydrated. Also note I have given up on mattifying myself I don’t mind being slick as long as it is a *good* hydrated slick? Additionally, I’ve gotten my hands on one of those blackhead extractors and want to know if anyone else does this at home? I know, I KNOW BHA is meant to help… but come on now guys haven’t you found a little cluster there that doesn’t vanish for weeks and you’re like “y u do dis?” Any feedback would be greatly appreciated?

  • Wallace Hettinger Reply

    Buy a silicone mask with Jessica Alba's face printed on.

  • Stella Hills Reply

    So I got my hay fever from washing my hands too often? Now that I think about Iwash them before and after toilet, meals, after going back indoors, and probably even more...

  • Rahul Parker Reply


  • Jessy Douglas Reply

    1) "Concept- A general idea or understanding of something." I think this was an appropriate way to describe the contents of this post, hence its use in the title. Im pretty sure I've told you this before but the original purpose of this post was, to quote: "As a concept i would appreciate any suggestions on how it could be improved." I dont *have* any solid conclusions because *everything was subject to change*. At *no point* did I present this as a finished product; You were arguing against your own assumptions on decisions *yet to be made*. 2) Retaliation suggests *they* attacked *you*. The only thread on this post *started* by you was a *discussion* with me. If you had to retaliate, it was in an exchange *you* provoked. I dont doubt > "that their could be a better suited map for everyone for the rewrite" Again, the purpose of this post was to find ways to better suit *this* map to people who aren't happy with the current concept. *Yes*, to ask Gus to make it now is jumping the gun, on that point I wholeheartedly agree. *However*, what you fail to see is the point you're arguing lacks *substance*; you're arguing that; > "that their *could* be a better suited map for everyone for the rewrite" ...and to those means your asking for the only *substantial* suggestion of an *actual* map design to be thrown out the window. The saying "you cant please everyone" doesn't necessarily mean that its impossible, but merely that no-one can be sure there isn't a *better* solution. Indeed over time better answers are found, but *never* will people people choose a possibility over solid ground. Your poll was *not* the answer to *this* issue; the issue of *what map* to use for the rewrite. Your poll was the answer to what what kind of map you should make for *your* concept. If your map *is* better suited for a *larger majority* of everyone, then it will receive more up**votes** and then we will know if you have indeed found the better solution. But people will not throw away something for nothing. 3)Personally, I take no issue with you saying 'unpopular opinions'. I **do** take issue with the fact you do it with little evidence of looking for a constructive exchange; whether you realise it or not you always start by addressing their opinion in a way that belittles them, to quote; >Realistic? What? >Why an island? Lol... >...would *totally* be a gamechanger. If *you're* not going to take them seriously then they wont take you seriously either. I understand very well just how heated a debate can become I just hope you understand how treating someone like in idiot is only going to *escalate* the situation. Im not saying they're innocent but you **definitely weren't helping.** 4) Again, by disregarding peoples *votes* your disregarding their *opinions*, just because they didnt feel the need to write an essay on just how much they (dis)like something doesnt mean their feelings are any less valid, a downvote is no different from someone saying "I disagree". When you got downvoted, that was people saying *I disagree*, and they're not anymore likely to agree when you antagonize yourself in your introductory paragraph. Something I noticed was in your thread with me and when you replied to Gus you actually addressed us like *respectable people* instead of complete fools. Surprise surprise; you weren't downvoted and even got civil replies in response! And, for the 'apocalypse part', there are many *unnecessary* explanations as for how a *fictional* island in a *video game* could have a high population ~~of zombies~~. Personally, I think *if* it *was* where the outbreak occurred then, contrary to your prediction, the number of zombies on this island would be very *low* because most people move *away* from disasters. However, in a scenario where the outbreak occured on the mainland it is very possible some idiot(s) would admit refugees to the island (or maybe out of desperation they try to get in with the island on lockdown), some of whom may be infected. *Even if they didnt*, some idealistic fool could order a cure to be made; they bring zombies across for controlled experiments, accidents happen and an outbreak occurs on the island. *Prehaps* zombies can float and wash ashore heading inland from there, *or maybe* its like the walking dead where everyone *already* has the virus and people started fighting over the stretched resources? *We dont know anything* about this virus so dont you presume to tell us how it would work. *The community* wanted a map 3x reimagined? That *definitely* wasnt a majority opinion, much less a consensus within those who didnt like reborn. Infact some people would argue a small map makes no sense for a survival game, to quote yourself; "~Not at fucking all.". Looking at *the whole issue*; reborn was 4x the size of reimagined so... not that much bigger. It also suffered from a repetitive landscape and a lack of unique locations, mainly because it was a remake of a map *much smaller* than reimagined (the map reim was based on). Again, the purpose of this post was to avoid this issue by getting inspiration for *more* unique locations. Indeed the map itself was made with the intention; > to produce an environmentally diverse location to make full use of the various camouflages and to add some variation to the scenery as you explore. 5) >I want a map, not what the majority likes, but a map which is equally favored in everyones respects. Then go an make one, if a *greater majority* prefers your map, then good job. But dont tear down what we have without something to replace it with! The rewrite isnt up to any of the people you were preaching too. Make a map and see if people like it, im weeks away from starting the *fan* project to make this map a reality so dont feel pressured :)

  • Verda Lemke Reply

    Hooooo boy. >I am looking at methods for finding the right sound balance. At what level should my inputs and/or gain be? That is, should they be as high as possible with clipping? Or somewhere between that and nothing? >Should all of my sliders be at or near unity? These questions are sort of unrelated, but at the same time kinda related. The "right sound balance" is an artistic decision. You make it with your ears. If it's too quiet turn it up, if it's too loud turn it down. Exactly what constitutes "too quiet" or "too loud" is mostly related to how that instrument is contributing musically to the arrangement, and requires a musical ear to judge properly. Your input gain and the level of the fader are related to each other. More gain means running the fader lower for the same overall volume, and vice versa. Rule #1 is never, ever clip the preamp. Beyond that there are a couple different, equally valid ways to operate, but what I generally do is bring the fader up to unity then turn up the preamp until it sounds loud enough in the house. Faders have the most resolution around unity, so setting your gain structure so that the faders end up around unity in your mix gives you the finest control over their levels. >Why does it seem like all of my instruments/channels are fighting for dominance? It's almost like every instrument is louder than it needs to be, in sort of a volume "arms race." Instruments will step on each other if they are both trying to produce frequencies in the same range. This starts with the arrangement, two guitars playing the same chord are going to be harder to pick apart than if one is playing a different inversion of that chord, or a different part altogether. In the mix, you can choose to emphasize or de-emphasize different frequency ranges between different instruments to keep them separated as well. >Why can I still hear a given instrument even when I bring the slider down to ∞? Because your PA isn't the only thing making physical sound in the room. Especially in a smaller room, the direct sound that the instrument is producing into the room will be a huge component of what you hear. >Where can I find resources on how to equalize different instruments? There are guides and tutorials and whatnot out there, but at the end of the day, all you're doing is turning the knob till it sounds good. "Boost and sweep" is your friend; Dial up a big boost, sweep the frequency around so you can hear what frequencies that filter is affecting, and when you hear something you dislike, dial that boost down into a cut. As you gain experience you will learn to hear what you want to do to a source without having to sweep around to find it, but for now, boost and sweep till the cows come home. Dial up the high pass till it sounds too thin then back it off just a little. Voila. >Why is the electric guitar amp miced, rather than just having the amp plug into the snake directly? Because the guitar cabinet shapes the tone of the instrument and you want to capture that. The direct sound straight off the amplifier is quite ugly. There are DIs designed to be plugged in between the amplifier and the speaker, but they typically contain circuitry designed to shape the sound to be closer to the sound of a miced cabinet. >How can I minimize the sound of the drum set? When the drummer sits on the cymbal (plays quarter notes on it) that sounds seems to wash over everything else and drown it out. Have him play quieter, switch the sticks out for hot rods or brushes, or lock him in a plexiglass cage. >Why does the snare buzz when the bass plays certain notes? Because the sound waves traveling through the air from the bass rig vibrate the snare drum head. >Although none of the musicians have complained, the times I have been on stage when they are playing the monitors seem very loud. I think they are too nice to say anything about it. >Even though a musicians level is almost maxed out in their monitor compared to other monitors, they routinely ask for more volume. If the musicians are asking for more, then the musicians obviously don't think they're too loud. "More-me-itis" is pretty common. The cure is a better monitor mix. People ask for more volume not necessarily because it's too quiet, but because they can't distinguish the sound of their own instrument from the rest of the sound on stage. This starts with EQing the wedge for clarity, EQing the instrument for clarity, and mixing the wedge very sparsely, often with only the musician's own instrument in their own mix. I just got off a tour as a monitor engineer for a band whose previous tech had been using wedges on top of their in-ears in order to get them to hear themselves. I came in and made them happy with just the in-ears alone, that's the difference that a well-executed monitor mix can make.

  • Nicolette Schimmel Reply

    Ok I've read up on all dis According to FDA spinach has a maximum iron content when it is fresh and cooked having 3.57 mg of iron per 100 g of spinach. Source: http://healthyeating.sfgate.com/cooked-vs-raw-spinach-iron-content-1420.html Best way to prepare spinach for iron analysis: Wash spinach, if bunsen burner and crucible are available, burn spinach and grind ashes but if not just cut and grind the spinach up as much as you possibly can; the finer the grind, the better the acid will access all of the iron to extract it (its job). You'll only need need a LITTLE bit of acid. Seriously consider the stoich, and you should never boil acid, the vapors could be quite hazardous. Also don't worry about the Fe(iii), once you add (I recommend) 15 mL of 1 M sulfuric acid all of it should reduce to iron(ii) sulfate which is a soluble salt. So once you've got your iron dissolved you'll want to filter away all the plant matter and then dilute the filtrate. I recommend a volumetric flask but a graduated cylinder is fine. I also recommend you dilute 1.0 mL of filtrate to 100 mL. Then titrate with you KMn04 and there you go! Ff you want to know how St. Aloysius College did this same exact experiment here's the literature: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/j150310a002?journalCode=jpchax.2 If you even just use this paper as a scholarly reference and compare your numbers to theirs, you are guaranteed an A.

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    yeah its the daiso silicone sheet mask cover

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    i don't know man xDD you're gonna need some more help on dis one!

  • Marjolaine Ondricka Reply

    Broder did you like no dat Islam like predicted all dis science and shit and like Dawah Man like showed how dees scientists study Quran and like dey know it's divine.

  • Odell DuBuque Reply

    or iwash and or hooters wash

  • Vincent Crooks Reply

    Hi there! I'm of the opinion that we all have sufficient insight to **assist** ourselves in our own health, whether physical, psychological or spiritual. Whether an individual can shut up (internally) long enough to pay attention, is another story entirely. That you have come to r/occult indicates that you have some sense there is an *occult* component to your current experience, and I'll endeavor to leave any r/psychology issues to a more appropriate sub. *Is there a way to tell*: no, there is no tried and true method. Unfortunately your own instincts are the best we have. There may be those amongst us who have a talent for discerning such things with an unknown person at a distance, but they are few and far between. More often than not there are hucksters and charlatans. Regarding *bad vibes and negative attachments*, think of it this way; even if you don't leave your home, you'd still need to bathe, wash your hair, brush your teeth and otherwise eliminate waste from your body, Our spiritual nature is very similar. Add to that our world today where we are constantly bombarded by the media and everyone we know is a phone call or text away, and it has the effect of people coughing, sneezing, burping and farting on us constantly. We tend to fling our psychic, astral and spiritual waste everywhere. How you go about addressing that is entirely dependent upon what your belief system is and what you're comfortable with. Be assured that there is no need for you to join us on our treacherous paths in the *occult*, unless it is your will to do so. Fortunately, most every established spiritual system/religion has some way to address such issues. You can certainly try speaking with your spiritual teachers/advisors/guide, or whatever is appropriate.It is absolutely none of our business what your path is, but if you are comfortable sharing some idea of it, someone familiar may be able to provide some more specific experience. However, an easy starting point can be as simple as asking assistance from whatever perception of divine or saintly beings you have, or trusted loved ones who have passed, as you bathe. Just as someone who is physically run down may be more susceptible to environmental dis-eases (influenza, colds, etc.), they can be similarly susceptible on other levels. I hope that provides some assistance. For myself, if I think I am coming down with something, I'll tend to eat a little better, take a little extra vitamin C, maybe opt for some chicken soup just in case. There's no point in worrying or being paranoid about it, that can just contribute to lowering one's resistance, but there's nothing wrong with being proactive with one's insights.

  • Domenica Cummerata Reply

    Hey man, how many turbos you got, cause I got two and last time I checked two is better than one. Twice the turbos, twice the boost, twice the power! Dudebro, did you see me totally dis that poser? Loser! Thinks he can come in here with is one turbo and his reliability and his running car, doesn't know shit.

  • Clyde Haag Reply

    I'm not sure about typing at this point. When I went to private school they did. In public school they had you practice about half an hour a week, but I wouldn't call that teaching. If you dis it wrong you just did it wrong repeatedly. The qwerty keyboard should be obsolete by now, anyway. In high school is where I could take an elective that did about the same as elementary school, but in a word document with nonsense words and phrases in specific fonts and sizes. Taxes and checkbook balancing were taught in an elective for seniors which only met once a week. You got your grade by having a job and actually working. They only went over the 1040ez. What they do teach you year after year for the first 7 years is that Abe Lincoln freed the slaves and that that's all the civil war was about, that there are different types of clouds, trees, and climates, that there are 4, no 5 oceans, and 9, no 8 planets, and 7 continents, which is right but Europe and Asia are one and Greenland is it's own continent, at least by the standard they taught in elementary school which was that a continent is a giant island, even though Europe and Asia aren't islands and Greenland is. But then maybe Madagascar should be a continent, too. I kid. I know continents are based on tectonic plates even though they mentioned continents and tectonic plates but never correlated them. That's why Antarctica is a continent. Because It doesn't share a tectonic plate with anyone...oh wait. I'm sorry, I've gone off on a tirade. Where was I? Yes, dinosaur a lived a long time ago, the earth is round, arithmetic that didn't involve negatives or decimals. It included fractions, but not decimals. Ass backwards, right? Until you get to high school you don't really learn shit, and in high school you don't really learn productive information. How to wash dishes, cook dinner, change oil, use logic, register and vote, get permits for all the stuff you might need bullshit permits for, they didn't teach any real world stuff. That's America. Only our private schools work, and only for intelligence. They often produce dastardly pretentious pieces of shit.

  • Dorris Rau Reply

    So you are too lazy to watch behind the washer for a model number? Should we name them iwash 5s, iwash 6 etc instead?

  • Cierra Carter Reply

    Thank you so much for your great review. Very good read! I love Stirling Soaps. They are my go-to company for soaps, particularly their bath soaps. I use Barbershop to shower soap 90% of the time. My wife loves the Witchy Woman scent and my daughter really likes the non-scented face wash bar. I use the Barbershop shave soap quite frequently. I have the aftershave spash as well but don't use it all that much as it is a tad too sweet smelling for me and the vanilla scent is a bit high. My other favorite of theirs is the Executive Man, I shower and shave with that and love the aftershave splash as well. This scent is fantastic. I also have a tub of their Sandalwood shave soap and have used the shower soap and have the aftershave splash. I really like it as well but don't expect the aroma similar to TOBS sandalwood. I was actually expecting that and initially was disappointed until I actually used it. I very much enjoy the woodsy aroma, particularly from the aftershave. One scent I did not care for is Sharp Dressed Man. I know exactly why it turns me off though. It has the exact same aroma as the pucks they put in the urinals at my workplace That said, our restroom smell pretty fresh. Folks rave about this scent so this is personal and no way a dis on the product. I also did not care for the Ozark Mountain aroma. I tried a sample of the aftershave splash and it is way too heavy smoke aroma for me. I smelled exactly like I had been sitting around a campfire and the smoke blew on me constantly. I don't even see it on their site today though so unsure if it was discontinued. Next, I might try the Spice and/or the Clubman scents. I have a couple samples of the aftershave of these and like them both. The Clubman smells like the Clubman shave soap, not the famous aftershave. I really like the scent of Clubman shave soap and is what I use if I am not using Stirling shave soap. The Spice is very close to the original Old Spice and quite pleasant.

  • Yasmin Murphy Reply

    "It's simple," said the witch. "We'll cut her in half!" "No ya dun't!" went the necromancer. "I needs a livin' heir!" The child scrubbed her nose with the back of her fist, unaware that her mother had promised her to a witch. Her father had done same to the necromancer. "Well, Gloria?" He paused to massage the bridge of his nose. "What did the witch promise you?" His wife blinked but did not answer. Instead she asked, "And what about you, Grant?" He did not know how to reply, because it was a confusing night at the bar when he made that promise. "Enuf!" The necromancer swung his arm. "Only way we getting oer' dis, battle to da death!" "Oh, you'd like that!" The witch scoffed, sweeping her hand. "I'll just take back my hex, with some interest, and be on my way!" "Wait, don't!" Gloria cried, her voice suddenly ghoulish. What Grant saw was not the woman he loved, hideous and sagging. Yet inside he knew that was not what she wished for. A weight on him was lifted, as though he was finally free to speak and disobey. "How could you do this to me for all these years?" Gloria snorted, but allowed him to take the baby from her arms. "You took over my life, you gave away hers. You are a monster." Grant handed her to the Necromancer. "And now not even I will see her again." "Bfft!" The necromancer waved his hand. "All wash posh! You'll see her when she's trained! Cuz no matter which bitch-" Grant groaned. "You told me that at the bar." He prodded the girl's nose. "Dun worry, she'd be dang'd unkillable once she masters this necro-stuff!"

  • Keith Beatty Reply

    Nonono, iWash, Udry.

  • Mittie Feest Reply

    Don't use baking soda (too often). It shouldn't replace shampoo, it should only be used to clarify once in a while. I prefer not to use baking soda at all, as it totally dis balances my scalp and gives me a horrible itch. I use a shampoo bar instead, also combined with an apple cider vinegar rinse (diluted). What you can do is use sulfates one last time. (Check if there are no silicone in the shampoo!) To clarify your scalp from any product residu. You could use a shampoo bar from then on to clean your hair. Your scalp should become less greasy on the long term, however it takes a while until it's finally balanced. But you won't have to walk around with a greasy scalp. Or if you have a week off (best recommended in winter, so you can wear a hat) you could let your head become as filthy as possible for a whole week. This should 'reset' your scalp. I do this once every 6 months or so, using creative updo's and braids to hide the grease. I can walk around without having to wash my hair for 9 days right now.

  • Ocie Krajcik Reply

    I do water restoration part time as well as run a pressure washing company. Pressure washing this is a terrible idea. You're going to cause spray that will lead to mold and bacteria issues you do not want. With the water resto company I do shit like this all the time. See what I did there? Gloves,mask and a shop vac. Vacuum it all until you have the bulk up. We have a truck mounted machine to vacuum with but it's basically a shop vac on steroids. Once you have the mess up. Bleach everything. We use Microban but if you don't have to worry about dis coloring and you want cheap. Go with bleach. Let me know if I can help any further. But for your sake, please don't try and wash this to the drain.

  • Brandon Schmidt Reply

    >I hit Wash Heights with the money in the bag >We're into big spendin' >See my pimpin' never dragged >Find me with different women that you nikkas never had >For those who say they know me know I'm focused on my cream >player you come between you'd better focus on the beam >I keep it so mean the way you see me lean >And when say I'm hot my nikka dis is what I mean I didn't read your post OP, but damn why didn't Mims ever make another song

  • Henri Howell Reply

    I wash dis for you: http://m.imgur.com/m8nOy6S?r