I wish i can go back in time to try this

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  • I wish i can go back in time to try this

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  • Alexanne Nikolaus Reply

    Oh, that did suck but now that I am not a teen I can really laugh about it. It probably did look really funny. I kind of wish I could go back and watch it.

  • Kirk Franecki Reply

    I voted for her. I feel disgusted. I wish I could go back in time and vote Trump. Fuck her.

  • Mose Boyer Reply

    ohhhh maaann. I wish I could go back in time to my first poutine. Theres a few places that have gourmet poutines (if you can imagine). My fav is the thanksgiving poutione. Fries cheese gravy, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce. Deadly

  • Bria Turcotte Reply

    I wish I could go back in time. Damn. Asshole.

  • Antoinette Goldner Reply

    Man I wish I could go back in time... I'd take state.

  • Gerardo Considine Reply

    remember when we used to make fun of the wwe watcher too, i wish we can go back to it

  • Sage Rice Reply

    Dude, I wish I could, but I can't. Kuwait isn't the US, the law is on Zain's side - there are no consumer rights :/ The owner is currently in Dubai afraid to go back to Kuwait because he/she will have to pay else face prison time. I can't speak on behalf of the owner in trial. I'm completely fucked.

  • Rosanna Collier Reply

    If it was a watering can, I would wear the shit out of it. I wish I could go back to having a little sprout next to my name.

  • Jovany Ebert Reply

    Not at all. I use the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard (the 30 dollar one on Amazon) and I absolutely love it. It took me just a short amount of time, maybe an hour or two, and while I have a G510s, I can't really go back to it for extended periods of time. I just wish other ergos were more popular so that they could be cheaper. I'm very interested in other keyboards but the Microsoft is the only one within my budget.

  • Amalia Rohan Reply

    > What is the range on these drones? I do deliveries that go for 10km some nights. Can the drone fly 20km away and back and not need a long time to charge? range and the ability to stay in the air a long time is one of the main selling points of drones for military use so i'm think it's the same for civilian use too.

  • Lincoln Spencer Reply

    Oh damn, wish I could go back in time and upvote it

  • Jacky Dietrich Reply

    Can we just make a completely different subreddit for this meme, because I wish this sub would go back to what it once was.

  • Mandy Rodriguez Reply

    The meltdown after PA was called was delicious. I wish I could go back in time and witness it again.

  • Rocky Corkery Reply

    "Wish I could go back in time. Put some Money on the Cubbies."

  • Cleo Parisian Reply

    man i wish i could go back in time...

  • Olin Nader Reply

    Pillars of the Earth. I wish I could go back in time and reread it for the first time again

  • Jayce Krajcik Reply

    I wish I could go back in time to listen to the sex tape being played in UP Diliman's speakers.

  • Josiane Jones Reply

    Used to play Roy. My god I wish I could go back in time and waveshine that pussy all the way across FD

  • Judge Willms Reply

    I wish I could go back in time to attend his shows :(

  • Rachel Gleason Reply

    I get sucked in by the good jokes and compelling plotline, pushed away because shit hits too close to home, and go back to watching an episode or two a few days later. I can't stop watching but I can't watch too much at a time.

  • Kamryn Koss Reply

    Yeah, this is way too expensive... I can't afford a $200 ticket ($175 plus a bullshit service fee of $25). Not to mention the gas money it'll take to get to LA and back. Really wish I could go, though. Hope everyone going to the LA show has a great time. ♥

  • Harmon Denesik Reply

    I agree, most of the time no one is ever in any real danger in a mosh pit at a metal show. Pits can get violent but most people will have your back. Hardcore dancing is a little dangerous in my opinion. I seen multiple people get knocked out hardcore dancing and I had to go to the hospital once because I got clocked in the eye at a Code Orange show. My eye muscle was ripped and I had a tore cornea,it hurt like hell.

  • Nelson Walsh Reply

    I wish I could go back in time and have you bullied every day of your life growing up so you can know what it's like to be him

  • Helene Abernathy Reply

    Yes, I am. But they aren't up for election. I can't go back in time and stop them. I voted against them in the first place. Trump being a way worse choice in no way gives Hillary a pass.

  • Marianna Pfannerstill Reply

    > Sure, I can plug a card reader in without too much trouble Brother, I've been using cameras with CompactFlash for a long time. Welcome to my world. However, I got a 3.5 inch card reader months ago and that's been a lot more bearable. I wouldn't want to go back to plugging in a USB cable and the slow transfer times, and I wouldn't wish that on you either.

  • Monserrate Hoppe Reply

    I love that he's such a down to earth guy and has a "duh this is what should be done" approach to his business and marketing, but man I wish he was a better public speaker.

  • Milford Goodwin Reply

    I was so excited for the mushroom one and was happy to get that. Man I wish I was a better treant player though

  • Marietta Koch Reply

    That's one where I wish there was season after season just so I can keep watching the adventures....I'm sure it would get old and rehashed eventually (probably sooner rather than later) but it really was a good series. Now that I think about it, the last (and first) time I watched it I was still watching only dubs. I need to go back and rewatch the original audio.

  • Dale Daugherty Reply

    As I said in another comment: >It doesn't have two ends. Unlike a bookshelf, time is a one way thing. You can't go back to the other end.

  • Anjali O'Kon Reply

    Fuck you Mark Zuckerberg for making it possible for me to have to more shit like this. I really wish I could go back to a time when I didn't know people that actually believe shit like this. And some of them can even vote in this country.

  • Ewell Frami Reply

    Lmao I *own* the Note 7. Wish me luck guys, I have to wait a few weeks until I can go back home to replace it.

  • Helene Conn Reply

    Fred's death was the most painful for me i wish i could go back in time and tell jkr to change her mind :C

  • Torrance Shanahan Reply

    I was just as spergy between 13 to 15. Fuck I wish I could go back in time and beat the shit out of myself.

  • Carolanne Bechtelar Reply

    i wish i could go back in a time machine or erase my memory and play it again. man.

  • Torey Terry Reply

    I just wish the battery life was better (not going to carry around a spare) and since they are saying 20% better than the V10 I couldn't/can't justify getting the phone. But man, that DAC looks really sexy.

  • Electa Robel Reply

    Yeah, wish we could go back in time and kill Dale Carnegie...

  • Freda Lind Reply

    I wish I could go back in time and Marry Shelley

  • Leta Prohaska Reply

    Go back and watch it. I love the premise, but when watching it I can't help but wish it was completely redone with today's standards.

  • Bryana Baumbach Reply

    I wish i could go back in time and be your dad son

  • Dee Yost Reply

    Everyone is terrified of writing essays - I was too, every single time. I also considered grad school and was given sage advice: get out into the real world for at least a year. Want to help the refugee crisis? Go and find a job you can do for a year that would help. Maybe it would influence your studies should you wish to go back. Don't want to go to grad school? Well the option of that embassy job is still there.

  • Lurline Effertz Reply

    Ugh, I wish I could go back in time and murder the tapatalk developer.

  • Anastacio Becker Reply

    I think they might have been joking. I used to go to the Misc on bodybuilding.com. For a long time we joked about girls, "wait there's internet in the kitchen?" Or "back to girl misc" because they had a female section where guys were not really allowed. So really it was all jokes. No one in their right mind meant "no girls allowed". But nowadays you can't joke about it either.

  • Lina Littel Reply

    Don't read it. I wish I had a time turner so I could go back in time and not read it.

  • Ethel Gutkowski Reply

    I don't think FT can "go back in time" in the main show's timeline anymore, since it's already a split timeline from his. Wouldn't he just end up in the past of his own timeline again?

  • Rae Parker Reply

    Wasn't a sneakerhead when these came out and my local surf shop had them. Now I wish I could go back in time lol

  • Nellie Collins Reply

    I hear you, but I am astonished in old school cool when people can have pictures of their grandma's wedding way back in 1985, and my initial reaction is, so they're still newlyweds... Time is but a stream we go a-fishin' in.

  • Winifred Thompson Reply

    Ohhh noooooo. I wish I could go back in time and not say movie.

  • Arlie Reilly Reply

    There is one guy at my work, don't remember his name, who works for the QA group. We all pity him. His only job is to scan paper pages into an electronic file. One page at a time. He sits by himself in a back office area that people rarely go into to. Neither I nor anyone else knows how he can do that job every single day.

  • Stella Jast Reply

    I wish I could go back in time and have the courage to defend this decision instead of apologizing for it.

  • Hardy Quigley Reply

    I wish you could go back in time and unblow him before the inevitable dumping by you.

  • Thurman Cummerata Reply

    if you can go back in time, you wouldn't need to do this

  • Tiana Zulauf Reply

    I wish I could go back in time and do this. Too far down the rabbit hole now.

  • Sibyl Nolan Reply

    10 was great until the anniversary update. i'm still plagued with random lockups. i am in the process of backing up so i can go back to windows 7. i will try windows 10 again some other time. and i am someone who heavily evangelized for windows 10 pre-AU. i am now having to tell all those people to hold on off the redstone update because i don't want to spend all my time answering angry emails.

  • Juanita Konopelski Reply

    I wish I could go back in time to make this happen...

  • Vincenzo Shields Reply

    nice man!, I got the all white ones from the No Seams pack this summer and once they were broken in they quickly became my favourite shoe! I just wish there was a better way to cop em up in Canada

  • Brown Bode Reply

    Well if you think you're burnt out, just don't play for a couple days then and come back later. I take 2-3 day breaks all the time just due to my mood which is sometimes affected by rough days of solo que. Practice aiming only during time away from competitive. Losing streaks will go away with time. They can be really discouraging in the moment, but I doubt you will care much next week if you go up 100 points or so.

  • Eleazar Koepp Reply

    Oh right I forgot how seductive the boy butthole can be. Wish they'd go back to goats

  • Mia Rohan Reply

    I know right? I wish people would stop laughing at her saying "Vagina" all the time so we can go back to listening to actual funny comics make dick jokes.

  • Conor Senger Reply

    yeah I love his policies but good god I wish he was a better speaker its like c'mon man your on the left on politics, doing a rousing speech is like shooting fish in a barrel but he mumbles up his words so much lol

  • Alysha Casper Reply

    thank you!! I can't wear jeans at my new job and have been branching out to more unusual pants than normal and I swear I will never go back. I wore jeans for the first time in 2 weeks on friday and I was so uncomfortable.

  • Mertie Hyatt Reply

    I tend to post these before I go to work, and don't get back until links are up usually. I wish there was a way to promote comments, but that doesn't seem to exist anymore. Also, I can never keep up with who uploads what.

  • Gunner Blanda Reply

    I just did this a few months back. My manager told me that by sop if you aren't comfortable driving your car they just rent you one. In my case he took his phone out on the spot and rented me my car for the week. But when they rent the car you only get reimbursed drive time and gas not milage. I would go to your manager because you can expect them to pay for the rental.

  • Jeffery Crist Reply

    I wish we could go way back in time and give the grenades back to him *sigh*

  • Jacques Kris Reply

    I wish I could go back in time and get a chance to say goodbye to my dad.

  • Sierra Gibson Reply

    People who are coachable and positive are the best. A good sense of humour is even better cause they make classes more fun. Also, General ettiequte goes a long ways in most coaches eyes Only thing I can think of that I wish every member knew was that we don't care about your ego. No need to be macho man/woman and hurt yourself cause you're moving poorly

  • Annie Stanton Reply

    Man. I'm usually the one down. Never crossed my mind that my husband would feel so helpless. I really wish he'd massage my head with his fingers. Before migraine medicine was a thing, a dark room, a scarf tightly wrapped around my head and eyes and my mom massaging my head was the only thing that offered some relief. I hope she's feeling better!

  • Chelsey Kovacek Reply

    yup. found it. wish I could go back in time now. FUCK THAT

  • Ella Jacobi Reply

    i dont like those missions at all, i wish they put that effort into more of the epic class storyline/questing. can we just go back in time and disable all of them.

  • Retta Gottlieb Reply

    Lol I'm not sure if I'm into accents in general. But I am a business owner so leaving isn't happening for me at this time. I did however just go to London for ten days and I wish I could go back.

  • Kianna Pouros Reply

    The Night of was awesome, I binge watched it in 2 days. Wish I could go back and rewatch it for the first time.

  • Torey Welch Reply

    I wish I could go back in time and tell my ten year old self that it was a free choice and I shouldn't do it

  • Bradly Pfeffer Reply

    You are gonna wish you could go back in time and get a normal lamp...

  • Elisha Sanford Reply

    Man I hope so. I just wish our defense was better that's even more of a concern than how Dak is going to perform in Tony's absence

  • Nigel Kerluke Reply

    I wish I could go back in time 😤

  • Mozelle Treutel Reply

    Anyone know how to fix if the quick revive bugs out? i can hear the music but i cant see or buy it. ive tried to stay in the area for some time and go out and come back but it doesnt work

  • Tianna Blick Reply

    I can definitely echo that - I wish I could go back to the lollipop era battery life.

  • Buster Daniel Reply

    For me, what is good about Lost is you can watch it and feel the same as the first time. Maybe this is just me, but I really liked Lost for the characters. The characters are why I miss the show when I haven't watched it in a while, and you can go back any time to revisit them.

  • Jerry Sipes Reply

    Man I love the FF8 cast, but can't stand the mechanics of the game (draw) enough to go back and play it again. Wish it would get a respectable remake.

  • Emie Runolfsdottir Reply

    Yeah, I wish I could go back in time and talk to all of my IRC and AIM buddies again. What's sad is that I used to have names/phone numbers of almost everybody back in the late 90's/early 2000's, but now when I think back the only thing I can remember about them is just some of the screen names.

  • Leon Rodriguez Reply

    Man Ive been playing that and I fucking didnt realize there was a story. I really wish the enemies were better though

  • Barton Muller Reply

    Had sex with my step sister when I was 6, wish I could go back in time and not.

  • Albina Jakubowski Reply

    I wish I could go back in time and not buy a yacht.

  • Antonette Marks Reply

    I have a Brandon Marshall and the loan von Miller (man I wish that card was permanent he's a monster) Did have a talib but selling him to get a better qb than romo

  • Fausto Lowe Reply

    It's only going to be a matter of time before he finds out about the abortion and I can't wait until that happens. I wonder if it would cause Gordon to run back to Joe. And if Gordon does go back to Joe will that mean Ryan gets kicked to the side? I wish this was a Netflix show so I wouldn't have to wait for a new episode each week.

  • Lucienne Walsh Reply

    I wish I could go back in time and kill your dad and rape your mom so you would have never been born.

  • Milton Ferry Reply

    I wish I could go back in time and do this. It's going to be so weird when I do this forward in time as a 28 year old.

  • Trevion Gusikowski Reply

    >Makes me wish I could go back in time and change some maps to get South America a different name. That'd pretty much fix it. Wow. I can't even.

  • Autumn Legros Reply

    honestly i wish i could go back in time and live in the 80s

  • Bertrand Brekke Reply

    Suicide squad , i wish i can go back in time and prevent myself from watching it

  • Adeline Gleason Reply

    My sister did that 20 years ago .... i wish i could go back in time and slap her ...

  • Bernita Harber Reply

    yea wish I had known. One day I really hope that I can go back and like it. I'm by no means saying it's not 'good'. It just never felt fun.

  • Edd McClure Reply

    > I wish I could go back in time and choose a PvE server to avoid those assholes.,, Just reroll. You can level super fast with the invasions; it's a great time to start again.

  • Barrett Anderson Reply

    Holy fuck, I wish I could go back in time and punch that little shit in the face for you.

  • Bianka Crooks Reply

    I cant stop thinking about this show. ADTR was GREAT, but Blink was UNBELIEVABLE. I wish I can go back in time.

  • Maddison Mertz Reply

    I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self not to cheer for this piece of shit.

  • Jerry O'Hara Reply

    I was only there for 2 days, so yes and no. Yeah, you can definitely breeze through the major sights in 2 days, but it's such an interesting city that you'll. Want more time there. I definitely want to go back in autumn/winter.

  • Alexandria Hyatt Reply

    I am 100% guilty of believing this for a long time. My college anatomy teacher set the record straight. Better late than never but man oh man do I cringe when I remember talking about it like it was pure science. I really wish they had covered it in sex ed.

  • Casey Glover Reply

    i know the search for extra terrestrial life is a big deal and all, but damn i wish it was.. just easier? like how much better would it be if the observable universe was just teeming with life? like if there was a squirrel in one of those pictures. man.

  • Mazie Ward Reply

    "Wish I could go back in time and tell my dad that you're too fat-"

  • Omari Nicolas Reply

    Got it! :D Finally! Sorry again for the wait - your Modest HA female Eevee is ready to go! It knows the moves Wish/Stored Power/Endure/Synchronoise. Adding you back now! If you're still online we can trade now - if not I'll hold onto it for you!

  • Haskell Kuhlman Reply

    I wish I can go back to 200 hours. I'm nearing on 1600. For the people that are good at this game, 200 hours is nothing, and nobody is that great with only 200 hours.

  • Consuelo Hagenes Reply

    I wish. I haven't found it yet. You can back out at any time though. It doesn't go faster the second time.

  • Adam Borer Reply

    Wish I could watch this video in reverse and go back in time to when clicked on it.

  • Joshua Dooley Reply

    Man, I wish that was the case. I had a 12-4-24 game with 142 CS (3.2/m) and "only" got an A. I was pretty deflated after that. Not sure how I could have done any better.

  • Finn Wisozk Reply

    I wish there was a better quality picture of the man you found because it's so small I can't tell anything in detail. It is confusing, yeah.

  • Clifton Herzog Reply

    I wish I could go back in time 10 seconds before I clicked this link.

  • Perry Rempel Reply

    I mean I like it in the same way I like Me Too or any other Meghan Trainor song, but I can't respect it. If I could go back in time I would beg her not to cheapen her image and music so much.

  • Maynard Von Reply

    Oh, how I wish that this was actually a straw man. How much better the world would be. Alas...

  • Nikki Feil Reply

    Wish I could go back in time and do this.

  • Earnest Sawayn Reply

    God I wish we had that stuff on the floor.. can't wait to go back to the ICU

  • Tia Bosco Reply

    I wish I could go back in time and say, "All I want to learn how to play is Moonlight Sonata." But really, I am utter dog shit at piano. I can't play anything with two hands, which I why I stick with French horn.

  • Isaac Quigley Reply

    [I wish I could go back in time, get good at SC2 and play with koreans](https://youtu.be/YAjE_HwAJho)

  • Sabrina Heller Reply

    *ahem* I wish I could go back in time and force the producers of the Ben Hur remake to read that article.

  • Bradley Hansen Reply

    Wish I did some crazy shit like this in college. All I did was study...wish I could go back in time.

  • Russell Hodkiewicz Reply

    man i wish i could go back in time and vote for lazio....

  • Allen Bogisich Reply

    Oh dude they are so underappreciated for the hours they pull and the people they deal with. Plus they occasionally see death which can't be good for their emotional well being. I wish I could go back in time and super hug every nurse that helped me with my first delivery. They rocked out loud and handled a very frustrated me very well.

  • Valentine Beahan Reply

    Fuck me I really wish I could go back to WoW but I can't afford it now. I stopped on Cata and this is the first time I really wish I could go back.

  • Eino Davis Reply

    Oh man I do wish there'd been more dilemma over the David thing, now. It would have been tough, because David was really great, but it would have been a better story.

  • Beaulah Runte Reply

    My first playthrough was Dogmeat, who needs companion perks while enjoying the story the first time? I wish I could get the perks quicker than designed in my 2nd playthrough and go back to him. He can't use weapons so no worries!

  • Agustina Schiller Reply

    "That sounds like a great time~. Next time he's home, I'll let him know...til then?" *She moans some more, pushing her breast in to the girl's mouth while nursing her.* "You can stay here on the island as long as you like~. You can go to the docks to be taken back to the mainland...oh, and I can spin you up some new clothes, too."

  • Anahi Shanahan Reply

    When I was 11 I made little lizaed gaming's skin. Man I could make so much better now. I almost wish I hadn't, now I have an everlasting document of a pretty crappy skin I made when I was 11.

  • Dashawn Hamill Reply

    This made me sign up for big brother. This man is an inspiration, I wish I had him around when I was 8. I sersly think I would have become a better man.

  • Janice Kuvalis Reply

    Definitely recommend a BHA. I was using Paula's Choice 8% bha for a few months before starting Tret and I think it's helping with the purging. I haven't had cystic acne in a long time and I started getting one on my chin (hadn't used to BHA in a couple weeks). Went back to using it in the morning and on off nights and I can tell its suppressing it from becoming a huge monstrosity and it's already starting to go down.

  • Savannah Kessler Reply

    Lol! I always wish I could go back in time with these kinds of witty things I can never say in the moment!

  • Emmet Hodkiewicz Reply

    Yeah play like a minimum of 30 minute games, or longer, and really really take your time. You'll enjoy chess more, learn more, and then maybe once you've improved at long time controls you can go back to blitz. For me, especially on chess.com, I didn't break 1000 on blitz until I was a 1500 in 30 minute games

  • Agustin Hegmann Reply

    I mean, don't get me wrong, I was in the top of my class but when I look back at some of the beliefs and opinions I had, it makes me wish I had a time machine so I could go back and give myself a well deserved bitch slap.

  • Alphonso McCullough Reply

    When I was 11 Hillary was terrorizing the nation as First Lady. I wish I could go back in time and warn 11 year old me about what's to come.

  • Ashtyn Howe Reply

    Breath of Fire 3 I sank so many hours into that game as a teenager. I wish I could go back in time and play it for the first time again.

  • Chaya Gutmann Reply

    Back in '82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile. Ohhhh, man I wish I could go back in time... I'd take state.

  • Hardy King Reply

    It's so good I wish I could go back in time to before I watched it so I could watch it again but with fresh eyes.