"I think I'll leave now"

source: imgur
fp edit: I can't believe I it to fp, you guys are awesome! Moved me from accepted all the way to idolized, thank you fellow imgurians! Sauce: https://youtu.be/cbrrynTvHVA
  • Doggo is vvvv HECKin afred of this weirdos and ther dance
  • Vivacious has brought more of Ornacias people to earth
  • When your sober buddy arrives late to the rager
  • It's time to leave (from whitepeoplegifs)
  • You haven't even seen our final form!!!
  • Some strange dancing - xpost from /gifs
  • Ornacia's new sorority sisters
  • "I think I'll leave now."
  • Let me nope the f*** out
  • Woof irl

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