Incredible 3D Notebook Art Created By Talented 15 Year Old Artist

Artist Joao Carvahlo (also known as J Desnhos) has an amazingly unique way of bringing some of the beloved characters we all know and love to life in a way most have never seen before. And in what amazing unique way does Carvahlo achieve this? By creating 3D drawings out of regular notebook pages of course!

The process in which he achieves this is by bending the blue notebook lines along his pictures while adding in some shading for the marvelous 3D effect. You can see more of this amazing artwork over on his Facebook, so have a look! Oh and by the way, J Desnhos is only 15 years old!


Homer like you’ve never seen him before.


The attention to detail on this is incredible, especially the shading, making Jerry pop out at you!

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