Infamous Justin Bieber Lookalike Found Dead In Motel 6

Toby Sheldon, whose real name is Tobias Strebel, made headlines when he appeared on the reality show ‘My Strange Addiction’ in 2014 where he admitted to spending over $100,000 on plastic surgery so he could look like Justin Bieber. The 35 year-old was reported missing earlier this week, however his body was recently discovered in a Hotel 6 in the San Fernando Valley

Since Strebel’s quest to become famous, much like his Canadian idol, he appeared on a variety of reality TV shows, such as Botched, Bethenney and The Doctors. Strebel also delved into the music industry, becoming a songwriter and released the song The Plastics in May of 2013.

Unfortunately, any plans for future stardom has now been cut short. Toby’s cause of death has not yet been determined, but drugs were reportedly found at the scene.

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