Injured Elephants Travel Across Kenya To Find Wildlife Preserve For Treatment

A group of three elephants traveled hundreds of miles across Kenya in order to get to a wildlife preserve that could help them treat their wounds. The animals made the trip to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust after poachers had attacked them with poisoned arrows without having ever been to the facility before.

Staff believe that one of the elephants had mated with orphaned elephants that had previously been looked after at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The two orphan animals may then have communicated the fact there was a safe area with humans who could help at a specific location. Experts have already discovered the strong spatial reasoning skills of elephants and their ability to communicate with each other effectively.

We are sure that Mwende’s father knew that if they returned to the stockades they would get the help and treatment they needed because this continuously happens with the injured bulls in the north; they all come to Ithumba when in need, understanding that there they can be helped,” said staff.

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