Irish Company Turns Anti-Gay Pamphlets Into Confetti For Same-Sex Weddings

As Ireland prepares to vote on allowing same-sex marriage, Dublin residents have been bombarded by anti-LGBT pamphlets opposing the referendum. Disturbed by statements like “Children who are adopted other than by man and woman couples […] are 50 times more likely to die of injuries inflicted on them”, the paper company Daintree decided to recycle the leaflets into heart-shaped confetti to be used at LGBT weddings. The project is called A Shred Of Decency, and it’s been warmly received by both the LGBT community and their supporters.

“At Daintree, paper is our favourite thing in the whole world,” the official website says. “So when paper was used to spread some ugly lies in the run up to the marriage equality referendum we weren’t one bit happy. So we put our heads together and came up with a new product called ‘A Shred Of Decency’ – it’s confetti made from 100% recycled lies.”

The company encourages residents of Dublin to turn any leaflets they encounter into their headquarters, but they’re also allowing international clients to participate by offering to shred homophobic tweets. “If you see any negative and dishonest tweets about the marriage referendum on Twitter, we can shred these Tweets for you too!”

The confetti can be purchased online for €5 ($5.29 USD) and all proceeds are to be donated to the YES Equality organization.

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