ISIS Recruiter Posing As Refugee Arrested In Germany

A man who European authorities believe is a recruiting for the terrorist group “Islamic State” was arrested by German police near the town of Stuttgart. The man had been living in the country for a little while now and was posing as a refugee. The Morroccan man is actually wanted by Spanish authorities and was picked up on a European arrest warrant. While this isn’t a major blow against ISIS, it is a bit of a victory for German and European authorities who have long been operating under the assumption there were ISIS members operating inside their borders.

In Spain, he was said to have acted as a contact for the militant group, being “very active on social networks” in disseminating propaganda for ISIS. Spain had been on the hunt for the man since July when it’s believed he escaped a sweep on the island of Lanzarote. During that sweep, authorities did manage to nab a woman who has been accused of working to recruit pre-teen girls and teenagers into the terrorist organization. It’s hoped the man’s arrest will lead to finding more operatives working and living inside Europe.

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