It Took Apple 24,000 Pictures To Perfect The Apple Watch Background

The latest technology coming from Apple is the Apple Watch and while fans of the company have been obsessing over it, it looks like the designers have been obsessing over every little detail, including the background photos. How obsessed? They took 24,000 pictures of a flower for one graphic!

For the Apple Watch, you can choose a digital face that fits your liking. For example, one of the options is called Motion and it shows a flower blooming over time. So, each time you look at the Apple Watch, the flower will have bloomed a little bit more.

While it is a cool concept and Apple could have used digital artists to create the blooming, human-interface head Alan Dye explained that was not the case: “We shot all this stuff. The butterflies and the jellyfish and the flowers for the motion face, it’s all in-camera. And so the flowers were shot blooming over time. I think the longest one took us 285 hours, and over 24,000 shots.”

Like Dye stated, there are more options than just the flower, including butterflies and jellyfish. He said that tech lovers will be amazed by the level of detail in the Apple Watch, which is available for pre-order starting April 10th.

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