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  • Italian Car Test

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  • Clementine Rowe Reply

    Had a friend out of high school who went to some club in LA. Got his car towed for parking somewhere he shouldn't have. He went to the impound lot where it was stored after it had closed, hopped the fence, and proceeded to try to ram through the chain link gate. This kid is a success compared to my friend. Mangled the front end and the gate was a little bent up, but didn't really budge. When he went back the next day to pick it up, they of course had it on video and told him he's lucky because they usually have guard dogs they rent, but they didn't show that night. Place was cool about it, I think mildly impressed, and told him to tell insurance the pedal stuck.

  • Hollis Botsford Reply

    Positive: Had someone climb over my fence breaking it down, wife called police, I went outside. Guy ran off. Cops called back immediately and told us it was a stolen car that was crashed a block away and the people had ran and tried to hide, they caught them with help of dogs. Negative: $200 odd fine for having a beer in the park next to my house. Guy was very polite, but I still got the fine. $300 fine for urinating in a parking lot next to a cop car late at night (I was very drunk). Was once hassled politely for drinking a beer in a company private parking lot. (hmm notice a trend?) I have total respect for the Cops here.

  • Seamus Fay Reply

    > Why does your home have walls? They have a two story structure **with walls** for privacy. They have another structure **with walls** for privacy. You're barking up the wrong tree about empathy pal. I've got an abundance of it for people who want help. What do you think is in their little reclaimed yard? A diy baseball diamond? Hell no, I'd bet money it's full of stolen bikes, hot car scraps, a few stolen dogs etc. You build walls to have privacy. They have those. You build a tarp fence because you're hiding something. Don't be naive.

  • Amelia Kertzmann Reply

    here let me quote if for you because you seem to be having problems "My neighbor got angry at me the other day for driving my RC car in the street with my 2 year old son. He has 3 big dogs that run free in the street everyday without a fence or leash. I never said anything about his dogs until he threatened to take my car away for driving in the street. He accused me of driving in his lawn by saying that he has "tire tracks" to prove it, however, I asked him where they were and he refused to show me the "tire tracks" because we both know that they don't exist."

  • Norene Wintheiser Reply

    Actually our yards are separated by a garage for the first 20ish feet and then a 6 foot high wooden fence with a row of trees inside it. Neighbour's dog can't even see me or my dogs. Just the sound of my front door or my car is enough to send her ballistic. Btw neither my car nor my door are loud. I'm a pretty quiet neighbour.

  • Caleb Ebert Reply

    It used to be go to a walmart or even a target. Now I would say wait it out at my house ( I live in a rural/suburbanish area) for about 2-3 days. In that time you are more likely to get attacked by a human or human error. I don't want to get hit by car. Then raid near by stores for supplies and upgraded weapons and cars. Hopefully there is some contact from the goverment or others. The either reenforce my fence or head to the coast. My only problem is my tiny little dogs who bark all the time. I don't know what to do with them. I love them but they might expose me.

  • Carole MacGyver Reply

    Poor little guy. I have lost two dogs to vehicles. A 5-month old Jack Russell puppy who was so terrifying to a grown ass woman walking down my street at the time that she had to run across the road to get away from him rather than wait the 5 seconds it would have taken for me to get to him and take him back inside. And a 2 year old black lab who was hit and killed when a drunk driver doing 120km a hour down my dead end street lost control of his car and smashed through my fence into my yard. I still have nightmares about seeing both their bodies.

  • Mazie Bruen Reply

    > It is a challenge to dog proof a fence with some breeds who like to burrow under, jump over, and bulldoze through. No its not, it's only difficult if your lazyor stupid >Calling authorities because someone broke a city code is pretty ridiculous. So is threatening theft of property for driving your rc car past said improperly secured dogs. I'd call on his ass quick if that's how he wants it

  • Christian Morissette Reply

    Dogs are crate trained. I mean, dogs should be used to smaller spaces. I don't see a reason being locked in the car would traumatize it, unless the dog overheated or was hurt by the boyfriend. My husky loves the car and we have had to keep her in my jeep for hours at a time [windows down of course] when we did renovation on the backyard to fix her digging out the bottom of the fence. Dogs seem to actually be fine in cars. It's what you do to them while they are in the car or before that leads the question to: what did your boyfriend do to your dog while he was in that truck.

  • Maurice McGlynn Reply

    So it's better to be hit by a car or something? Some dogs take off, training or no training. My fucking aweso.e obedience trainer had a dog who would wander off. Guess what? She had invisible fence. It literally takes one maybe two walks around the perimeter of the property for the dogs not to cross it anymore. Knock it off.

  • Jerome Tromp Reply

    I used to have a dog that would get out, run around, and be back at the front door within a half hour. I would always try to chase him down, but he was fast and I wasn't. He actually got hit by a car and had to be put down when I was in highschool from doing that. But it wasn't something we intentionally let him do. I live in an apartment now, and each apartment has a small porch with a fence. People are always locking their dogs out on the porch for a while just because they want some time off from the dog. I feel like that's what a lot of people do when they just let their dog roam. I can sort of understand it (I currently have an ultra high energy dog who can be very annoying,) but it's stupid and dangerous. Alternatively, I've heard "I just let him out and he walk himself," which is also stupid. Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that there's a fee reasons dogs may roam free.

  • Greg Herzog Reply

    One day I was in my back yard when I was 5-6 and this huge black dog came up to me and started barking viciously and I froze. Didn't attack me or anything because the owner ran up quickly and got him. Made me terrified of dogs for awhile, although now I love them. Another backyard memory was the day I met my buddy Jim. He lived behind me, meaning our backyards met at this little wire fence. We put an old slide over it so we could climb over and play and what not. We would meet each other there everyday after school. One day I went to meet him, and he wasn't there. I waited for about twenty minutes and my mom came out there with tears streaming down her face. She told me that Jim had been in a car accident on the way home from school that day and wouldn't be able to play anymore. That one took quite a toll on 8 year old me.

  • Hugh Raynor Reply

    Deserve? I dunno, depends on if the dog was protecting a handler or a native owner. Again, there's no actual images of any dog in the act of biting. For all we know the injuries were due to getting wrapped up in fencing and post ties and just blamed on the dog(s). That all said, if they don't break through the fence and charge up the hill the dogs on both sides don't go nuts. You cause chaos it's your own fault. If you bring children to a place where you break the law and cause a ruckus, then that's child endangerment. If I was there with a child and things started to get out of hand, as they did here, then I'm heading to the car as fast as I can get my kids out of there. Anything else is shamefully wrong and irresponsible. You think it's okay to mix a riot and kids?

  • Ivory Feil Reply

    Virtually all locks and doors ever devised are only there to keep honest people out. If someone wants to get past a gate/fence/door, they *will* find a way to do so. An unlocked gate, but a gate nevertheless, will keep out a huge chunk of people who have no business on your property but who would have wandered on if there was no barrier. People walking their dogs, people driving a car and looking for a spot to do a U-turn, neighbors cutting across people lawns to reach other neighbors, etc. There are tons of instances when people will just casually trespass without really thinking/caring about it, but if they see a gate (even unlocked) they will pick another route that has less resistance.

  • Jennifer Lesch Reply

    I saw a similar sign while landscaping outside of Philly during college. It was totally legit. The house we were working at had a huge yard surrounded by a tall metal fence. The animals in this case were Doberman pinschers. Me and the guy driving the truck both kind of laughed at it until we saw these two huge, beautiful and terrifying dogs come loping around the corner of the house. The owner told us just to always walk, don't run across the yard. We were there for a few days, and the dog spent most of the time waiting for a car to drive past and then keeping up with it as it drove the 100 yards(??) of road that paralleled the fence. Those things could fly, it was like watching horses.

  • Reece O'Keefe Reply

    I have a 6 ft privacy fence in my backyard and three extremely large breed dogs. The gate is latched, has a rope tied around the top, and a concrete filled bucket on the outside of it wedged against the bottom. Some Time Warner Cable guys came to work on the box in the backyard and undid everything then left the gate wide fucking open. Bf at the time let the dogs out then went to the bathroom and when he came back they were just gone. Thank God we live in a cul de sac a road off the main road. We were livid. I can't imagine the shit storm we would have brought down on TWC if one of the dogs had been hit by a car. We didn't know they were coming, they just showed up for preventative maintenance or something.

  • Serenity Terry Reply

    I don't really get why we would have to pay a lot of money to install a gate when all of our dogs are trained to stay in the yard and they're never out alone. I get you're probably not trying to be rude, and neither am I. But to me adding a huge fence (our property is a few acres big) and a gate (all 8 people work opposite shifts so the ones working late at night would either have to get out of they're car and there are bears or have a button which seems again like it would be loud) is treating the symptom not fixing the problem. I was hoping more for people to have ideas of organizations or something to help, or suggestions on how we can train him not to jump. Thank you for your time :)

  • Brian Kuhn Reply

    Just feed her and pet her, and she will be better than new in no time. I've got two dogs I rescued like this. Khan was found half starved when he got his collar stuck on my fence trying to sneak in and steal some dog food. Freaked out when you tried to go near him at first, but a few BBQ ribs later, and he settled right in. Now he is a big fluffy bastard loving life. I found Bitey going car to car begging for food at the gas station. Once she started gaining weight, I found out she had tapeworms from eating a rabbit while she was running loose, but a few pills later and she was running around tearing stuff up and having a great time.

  • Jacey Gerhold Reply

    We put her on the least so she understands it's not playtime outside every moment of the day. We live in a neighborhood right near the street. She's a puppy, which means she wants to eat, chew, and dig everything, so she isn't let out without supervision, as to avoid her getting into something that could hurt her or digging under the fence and getting hit by a car. I love and, arguably, live for my dogs, but I'm not going to stand outside in 96 degree weather for 10 minutes, bring her inside so she can cool down for 10 and then rinse and repeat all day. It's not realistic.

  • Joseph Pfannerstill Reply

    It's one of those stupid things no-one actually tells you, but you're not supposed to have "unsecured" dogs in your car while driving. I only found out a couple of years ago and I didn't bother looking far enough into it to find out if you can get prosecuted for it or not, so it might not be something to worry too much about. Annoyingly, our dog now screams on car journeys as a result(he doesn't like being behind the fence-thing in the boot apparently), which is much more of a distraction than having him loose and quiet.

  • Bo King Reply

    Thank you. I am planning on introducing them on neutral ground, then having the rescue rep come with me for introducing her to my house, as Jethro hasn't ever had another dog in his house. He's had other dogs come to the fence, and he's shared the car backseat with other dogs and shown zero signs of aggression/protectiveness, so I have high hopes. Good reminder on feeding them separately.

  • Keara Breitenberg Reply

    What makes you think this is their dog? I've come across a couple dogs trapped on the highway before. Lots of people pulled over, slowed traffic to keep the dogs safe, rounded up one of the dogs into my car, the other one was scared and managed to squeeze under a fence back off the highway. Oh no, a few people had to wait for a moment. Should've just run over the dog right? /s

  • Jessie MacGyver Reply

    One of my highschool teachers was from South Africa and she says you should never go there. Her husband was some type of low-ranking politician/worked for an embassy and they had to move back for a year or so. They lived in (apparently) one of the nicest areas of the country, had car bombs put on their cars a number of times overnight, house broken into twice even though they had 3 guard dogs and a really high fence. People really shouldn't go there

  • Simone Daniel Reply

    One of my dogs figured out that the black and white (police) cars will stop for you every time. We picked him up from the pound too many times. It was like a vacation for him. A friendly stranger, a car ride and a bunch of new friends at the pound. We eventually had to get an electric fence. Next week: How the electric fence wasn't enough to stop the idiot, on a regular basis.

  • Delta Bechtelar Reply

    Just reading the article. The neighbors are afraid for their children to ride their bikes and I think chasing a car, it would have to be while they were out or their fence is unusually close to the road. For neighbors to have form that much of an opinion on the dogs, I would imagine they would be getting out.

  • Wilton Collier Reply

    I was on the fence about becoming a part of the ryobi circlejerk. Seriously? $100 for a battery? I'm still wondering if I could have gotten away with something cheaper, but my car won't fit an ez up so I'm crating in my car and don't benefit from additional airflow I would if I could have the dogs out of the back

  • Christiana Baumbach Reply

    Yeah, if you look at the video, I have no idea what the process server was thinking.. I would have seen the dogs inside that fence and just sat at the driveway in my car waiting for them to come home.