Its just one of those days

source: imgur
  • "When Americans visit Canada and try the beer" by Norwulf in canadia
  • MRW I just can't hide my crippling cocaine addiction in public
  • "Getting Sober In Russia" by jabbathechav in meanwhileinrussia
  • "The festivities continue in Russia" by jabbathechav in gifs
  • I found the vodka, it was hiding in the snowbank!
  • Casually taking a nap at the roadside
  • It's dangerous to Jaywalk in Russia
  • Russian guy walking down the street
  • HMB while I cross the street
  • Its just one of those days
  • This guy needs another one
  • Russian Dash Cam Footage
  • Not mutually exclusive
  • Too steep of a task
  • Crossing the Street
  • Aaand stop
  • 死んだ。酔っ払いが。
  • ting_irl
  • ロシアの日常
  • Me irl
  • test2

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