Japanese Fast Food Restaurant Debuts Kit-Kat Sandwich And It Looks Amazing!

You may not have thought about ever having a Kit-Kat sandwich, but they definitely thought about it in Japan and the Kit-Kat sandwich has officially made it’s debut. Japanese fast food chain First Kitchen has started making and selling the Kit-Kat sandwich and it looks appealing.

The Kit-Kat sandwich consists of a Kit-Kat bar that is topped with whipped cream and orange peel and served on white bread. However, some of the photos of the bread make it seem more like a pancake-type bread and not just white bread we are used to. You have to act fast though, as it is only available for a limited time. As far as costs go, it will cost you 220 yen (US $1.81) per sandwich, which isn’t terrible.

The combination may look like it’d put you off, but many have tried it and the reviews so far seem promising… maybe it’ll catch on and come to you.

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