Job Posting In India Sees 2.3 Millions Replies

Sometimes statistics can be highly misleading and sometimes the can be extremely revealing. Everyone in India was aware of the fact that unemployment is a severe problem in the country but the fact doesn’t really hit home until 2.3 million people reply for a job posting that was searching only for 368 people. What makes it so much worse is the fact that the posting was for menial jobs that required nothing more than a fifth-grade education.

Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, a large northern state in India. The city posted a job requirement for low-level office workers whose jobs involved nothing but fetching teas and running small errands. The magnanimous reply to the posting must have been overwhelming, considering the salary being offered for the post is 16,000 rupees or 240 dollars a month.

This situation massively highlighted the severe unemployment in the country with a few more shocking statistics coming out of the ordeal. Out of the 2.3 million people applying for the job, not all the people were unskilled employees. At least 255 applicants had doctorates under their belt and at least another 200,000 had varying graduate degrees.

This particular case has thrust the unemployment issue into the media limelight in the country and hopefully some measures will be taken to better the situation.

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