Jon Stewart Announces August 6 As His Departure Date From The Daily Show

Jon Stewart announced Monday during a segment of The Daily Show that his last show will be on August 6th. This will be the last episode he will host and then Trevor Noah will take over. According to Stewart, he will not hang around for the announcements from the U.S Presidential candidates as he previously stated he would.

During the announcement, he provided a few details about what he might be doing during his last episode. According to Stewart, he will be providing one lucky viewer with a chance to win seats to the taping of his final hosting. There will be a contest to see who will be the lucky viewer who gets to sit in during a live taping of his final episode.

Trevor Noah is not widely known in the US. However, Stewart supports the fact that he is taking over hosting The Daily Show. Noah is from South Africa and hosted a show similar to The Daily Show there. Noah has come under scrutiny for some controversial tweets since everyone found out he is Stewart’s heir. Comedy Central also supports Noah taking over for The Daily Show and the network and Stewart wants everyone to give him a chance before they pass judgement on him.

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