Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plays The Whisper Challenge On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

On Wednesday night Julia Louis-Dreyfus stopped by The Tonight Show and played a hilarious round of the Whisper Challenge game. The always funny actress, who is currently starring in a hit series Veep on HBO, took turns with Jimmy Fallon wearing noise-canceling headphones while the other said a phrase. Each had two chances to figure out what their opponent was saying, using lip reading to guess the phrase. The best moments of the show included Fallon trying to lead Dreyfus to guess the expression ‘salted peanuts’ which led her to immediately fire back ‘sausage penis’. When they switched roles, Dreyfus tried to help Jimmy guess the Bruno Mars lyric “Uptown funk you up“, he was so offended that he just said, “You can’t say that!

The crowd went wild, and apparently the game wasn’t a hit only in the audience. The video currently has over 500,000 views with a great response from viewers on various social networks.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus was one of the many guests who opted to play a game on Jimmy Fallon’s hit show. The other games played include Catchphrase, Lip Sync Battle, Box of Lies, Wheel of Impressions and many more. Most of them were adopted from YouTube and soon went viral as they are played by celebrities who you don’t often have a chance to see act in such a goofy and loose manner.

source: youtube
  • The Whisper Challenge with Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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