Just another Florida Man

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  • As a Floridian, this is exactly how I envisioned Jacksonville enduring Hurricane Matthew
  • MRW I saw there were more leaks today (drip drip motherfucker)
  • Florida Patriot flying freedom in the face of the storm!
  • How it feels to be a Trump supporter against CTR
  • Jacksonville native enduring hurricane Matthew
  • A friend of mine in Florida posted a video
  • Sisyphus and the American Election of 2016
  • Freedom doesn't run from hurricanes
  • The embodiment of Murica fuck ya!
  • Rock you like a hurricane
  • Just another Florida Man
  • absolutelynotme_irl
  • Woah, Florida Man!
  • Cat 5 in Florida
  • Even In storms
  • ハリケーンvsアメリカ

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