Kanye West Receives Anonymous Warning Message On YouTube

An anonymous YouTuber appears to have declared war on the popular entertainment mogul Kanye West. The message was posted three weeks ago, but it is currently causing buzz on the internet due to West’s laptop being stolen recently.

The video features somebody in a Guy Fawkes mask, as he narrates Kanye’s life. It’s super creepy. The narrator holds nothing back when it comes to the star’s life. The video touches on his infamous incident at the Grammys where he went on stage unannounced and interrupted Taylor Swifts acceptance speech. Kanye West is known to steal the spotlight from those who are just as famous as him, and this video lets him know it.

Towards the end of the video, things get a little more personal when the anonymous narrator touches on West’s dead mother and his new daughter with Kim Kardashian. Is this video just a publicity stunt? Should Kanye be worried about his safety? With the report of his laptop being stolen, it is an odd coincidence. What do you think?

source: youtube
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