Kat Von D Won’t Apologize For “Underage Red”

Kat Von D has been taking quite a bit of flack lately over the name of one of her lipstick shades, but she says she won’t apologize and doesn’t expect people to understand. “Underage Red” is being criticized by some as a name that promotes the sexualization of young girls but, according to Von D, this is not the case at all.

In a statement she posted to her Facebook page, she says that for her the color is reminiscent of a time in her own rebellious teenage years when she longed for the freedom of adulthood and found herself banned from concerts for being underaged. As she personally names every one of her makeup shades, she says the process is a very sentimental one for her. “Underage Red” is an unapologetic, bold red that embodies feminine rebellion and empowerment. That was the sentiment she had hoped to evoke with the name but, she can see how some could misinterpret it.

To those people, she said “If you read the word ‘underage’ and you automatically jump to a disgusting conclusion, I ask you to perhaps question your own mind and thoughts. Consider the damage such negativity can actually cause, verses actually help.” To her, the idea of inspiring degrading sexualization or promoting a destructive lifestyle is highly offensive, as it goes against everything she believes in. To change the name of the color would be sacrificing her integrity and creative freedom, which she absolutely will not do.

She assures her fans that while the color is currently sold out, it will be restocked soon. In the meantime she asks that we not engage in pointless arguments over lipstick and instead focus on the real problems in the world.

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