Kentucky Anti-Gay Marriage Clerk Is Going To Jail

The Supreme Court ruling about same-sex marriage made many people extremely happy. It also made some people very upset. One of those people was Kim Davis, who happened to be a marriage county clerk in Kentucky. She decided that even though the law stated that same-sex couples can get married, she would not allow it to happen. She basically went on a crusade, preventing gay couples in Rowan County from receiving marriage licenses after the legalization of same-sex marriage, and now she is paying for it, in a big way.

The American Civil Liberties union recently filed two motions to hold Davis in contempt of court. Although the motions only requested that Davis receive steep fines, US District Judge David Bunning thought differently — Bunning has actually sentenced her to jail time.

A plane flew by the courtroom while court was in session, bearing a banner with the words “Stand Firm Kim.” There were also a multitude of protesters outside the courthouse — reportedly over 100 people were outside. There were some who were in support of Kim Davis, and some in support of marriage equality.

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