Kim Korgashian

source: imgur
  • I like it, but I'm not sure a ring will fit
  • Would love some fries with that shake
  • Corgi just walking down the street
  • Swiggity swooty, that corgi booty
  • Becky would lose her damn mind
  • How was this not done already
  • Dog has some unique markings
  • When you got it, flaunt it
  • Get sassy with the dog
  • Saturday Night Corgi
  • Glorious Corgi Butt
  • Bitch got dat booty
  • Corgi Booty Bounce
  • Shake that booty!
  • Oh my God, Becky
  • Wiggle That Ass
  • Big booty bitch
  • Kim Korgashian
  • A great booty
  • Think Goose!
  • pupper butt
  • Badonkadonk
  • what it do
  • Woof irl
  • Swing

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