Kung-Fu kitty!!

source: imgur
  • the real question is wtf is that squat thing walking in the back ground
  • There's nothing you can do to stop me!
  • Kung-Fu kitty!!
  • Kung-Fu Cat

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  • Wilfred Koss Reply

    I once knew a cat like this. It was a grey tabby, demon-cat named Moonshine. It lived in the basement of my friend's house. He wait's till you're sleeping, then he will use a bedpost, windowsill, bookshelf, or the back of a couch like a turnbuckle and pounce onto your face. While you are stunned and trying to regain consciousness, he then punches you in the face a dozen times. Thank God he's had his claws removed. After you realize it's him, he runs off into the darkness. He then repeats this about an hour later. I hate him.