Kungfu master delivery man

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  • I get knocked down, but I get up again
  • Should have bought a ninja 250
  • Kungfu master delivery man

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  • Hailey Crona Reply

    Live in Marrickville and don't like driving so gave it a go tonight. Food was absolute rubbish from the cafe I ordered but it came very fast was still hot and the delivery man was nice. I think the actual service was spot on. I'll look forward to the future when more places sign up and I have more options than 4 things :p

  • Shad Cole Reply

    My boyfriend and I role play often. Our favorite is daddy/daughter, but we also like nosey neighbor lady, delivery guy or handy man, innocent virgin and experienced older man, and rape fantasy. We love role play as a regular part of sexy times. It definitely keeps things hot and spicy!

  • Lela Stark Reply

    Man I just watched that three times in a row. I'm sitting drinking hot Toddys getting over this cold trying to find all the Cubs footage. Thank you Sparky. I'll personally delivery you a hot n ready $5 lil ceasers pizza now.

  • Abagail Crist Reply

    Bags of milk were prevalent out here as well. As a kid (I'm 37) we used to get them delivered by a milk man into this little chute on the side of the house. Wasn't good if we forgot on milk delivery day and it was a hot sunny day.

  • Astrid Mueller Reply

    From The Blood Waters Of Dr Z, we see the man/catfish, and Crow says "I hope you like your catfish hot and spicy! Chomp!" I don't know why, maybe it's his delivery, but I always laugh.

  • Ana Kihn Reply

    This was hot man. I liked your delivery, kind of reminds me of Earl Sweatshirt with that laid back feel.

  • Alejandrin Frami Reply

    I'd rather have half a pizza than no pizza... ya feel me? And thee delivery man took my pizzas and dropped a steamy hot load on them.

  • Ashley Lehner Reply

    Delivery man is White Hot with anger.

  • Issac Kessler Reply


  • Werner Schowalter Reply

    Technically, as a verb, anytime pizza is handed from one person to the next we are "delivering" pizza. However, when we order "delivery" we use it as an adjective that describes a hot a ready pizza that arrives within the hour...and it is usually delivered by a man.

  • Adele Hayes Reply

    It was packed and hot as hell at the infamous San Jose rally too. I (24) was sweating ballsacks and somehow Trump (69) was able to delivery a long speech in a full suit and tie on stage. The man has no breaks.

  • Evie Yundt Reply

    Here's a list of other CMFs we're looking for: Series 1: Nurse Series 3: Fisherman Series 4: Artist Hazmat Guy Series 5: Boxer Lumberjack Series 6: Butcher Mechanic Series 7: Bride Computer Programmer Series 8: Businessman Series 9: Judge Plumber Series 10: Decorator Grandpa Librarian Series 11: Welder Series 12: Pizza Delivery Man Series 13: Hot Dog Man Series 16: Wildlife Photographer

  • Neoma Lang Reply

    I actually would recommend OKCupid before approaching Tinder... I swear, 95% of men on Tinder are hot but are just dtf. That guy, no I haven't been in contact with him since I lost contact. I do miss him... but that was a few years ago. He was a nice guy, and I guess I wasn't ready for nice guys at that time period. :( I don't think it was meant to be, but he was a sweet man. He used to be a youth group leader, worked as a uniform delivery guy, had mild tourettes (random winking and finger tapping, lol... I didn't mind!) and born and raised in a very Christian home, but liberal enough to date transwomen like me. He liked his videogames, drove a car, and didn't believe in swearing. We went for maybe two or three dates but I didn't see it happening in the future. Back then, Tinder was okay because my work was one thing and my location was another... but because I am not out about myself at work where I use the change rooms and whatnot, I haven't used location-based dating platforms (like Tinder or OkCupid) since.

  • Judge Quitzon Reply

    It's a Michael Scott quote from an episode where he tries to haggle with the pizza delivery driver: > Michael: You ready to give me my discount now? > Pizza guy: No. > Michael: Okay, what have you been doing in here this whole time? > Pizza guy: What kind of business is this? > Dwight: We're a paper company. The best paper company in the whole wide world. > Michael: Alright, Dwight, knock it off. You better think about what you are doing young man. > Pizza guy: You better think about what you're doing. > Michael: No! I'm an adult, I don't have to think or do anything. You're a kid, a little snot-nosed, punk kid who thinks he's better than everyone else, because he's some hot shot, and you don't know anything about sales. So stop being a disrespectful little jerk, okay? > Pizza guy: Sales? > Michael: Yeah sales, you sell pizza. Last time I checked that's called sales. > Pizza guy: You're such a loser.

  • Dimitri McGlynn Reply

    Love your delivery man. Your voice is really captivating and engaging to me. I really like listening to it. I think your mixing was good. It had a really echoey quality, which almost got out of hand, "at the sunrise" was one of those moments where it was close to going too loud and popping, but I don't think it did. At least not for me. But there, and maybe at the beginning with "all had the same mother", or on whenever you say "all" because of the deepness of the vowel. Again, I don't think they were too hot for me, but that's what I hear for your future mixing knowledge. Other than that, really liked your lyrics. I wish the "cereal" had been hit a little more to make it similar to how you extend "bowl", but it still made me laugh on my first three listens, haha. Really nice stuff.

  • Malachi Grimes Reply

    Thanks for the reply, man. I've seen some of TYT and they seem to have similar theories to infowars, but still butt heads politically. So I was conflicted as to who to pay attention to (both have hot women co-hosts too, but infowars just picked up a smoke red head so I have been swayed lol jk). Infowars seems extreme in their delivery and views, which is what I think you are saying. It's motivating to me, but then again it's my first time following politics. Imagine being greeted into the political world by Alex Jones lol it's over whelming but entertaining, interesting, and motivating. It's not all fallacy, either, like you said. TYT are anti-globalist, yet not republican, right? I'm still learning political terms and talk.

  • Phyllis Feil Reply

    I think you're trying awfully hard to generalize in such a way that confirms your bias. One example that comes to mind for me immediately is Cher and her string of hot young boyfriends. I'm not trying to say that women are any more or less shallow than men, just that looks are equally important to them. 6's marry 6's, 8's marry 8's, and 3's marry 3's. Sometimes money and prestige leads to gaps in those numbers. And your example is ludicrous. As a grown man with standards I absolutely would *not* choose a pizza delivery driver over a lawyer, even if the delivery driver was physically more attractive. You would be surprised how many men would say the same.

  • Sophie Brekke Reply

    This is hot bro. Delivery is dope. That flow around 1:10 is so fucking hot jesus christ man. I think the synths should be bumped up a little more though, the vocals are a little too overpowering in the mix. Although the vocals are edited/effected very well I think it's kind of drowning the beat a little. Really feeling this though.

  • Walton Emmerich Reply

    The man is an impeccable actor. It's hilarious that he doesn't think he's funny because he's uncomfortable with improv, while he's actually hilarious because he can so effectively switch from bottled up to emotive. He doesn't need to be able to riff, he needs to nail the delivery and *HOT DAMN!* does he ever. Holy is extremely well-written, sure, but I think Braugher's commitment to getting Holt just right emotionally is what makes the character work so well.

  • Marielle Bailey Reply

    That was hot shit man, great delivery and lyrical breadth.

  • Clare Bergstrom Reply

    While I agree it makes marketing sense. What nerd doesn't want to be made to feel like a bad ass rebel "taking down the man!" with their "leet hackz!!11!!"? Sure most probably couldn't figure out a basic excel spreadsheet let alone hack anything but I get the aesthetic and delivery, more so with how common "hacking" mechanics or mini-games are in many games now. Look how well the premise worked and was received in the contextual delivery of Super Hot for example.

  • Alisa Heathcote Reply

    It doesn't matter how hot she is. It's not okay to include people in your sexual play without their consent. It's not rape, but exposing yourself to people without their consent is a sexually based crime. Imagine how people would react if this was a man exposing his penis to a delivery person.

  • Vladimir Dare Reply

    Man, I love that ending. Edward G. Robinson's delivery is just perfect in that scene (and the rest of the film, too). It's been too long since I've watched that movie, I might have to do that tonight. And the Some Like it Hot ending mentioned above is probably my favorite comedy ending of all time.

  • Ellsworth Dare Reply

    I used to work as an ice delivery man, so the summer time was obviously very busy and hot. It never failed, "Hey, you've got a cool job!" As I was pouring sweat.

  • Sarah Auer Reply

    Hey man, I wasn't dissing you, I'm grateful for the info. It's just that I've been following these sales and I've been seeing the "expected today" for a week now. They also keep on pushing delivery estimates. I just wonder if anyone has some insider info about what's going on. I get that the demand is huge at the moment and that the scarcity of RX480 aftermarkets is not exclusive to the UK but I'm becoming impatient. Out of curiosity, do you have an opinion on which one is best? Which aftermarket would you go for? I've asked around and it seems that MSI, XFX and Powercolor are the best choice (Nitro was really hyped at first but I've heard some criticism now, too hot and too loud).

  • Nick Auer Reply

    make the job of being a cop much safer. How much safer do you think it should be short of ZERO crime at all? I mean 50 cops were killed last year. 50. you read that right. 50. 77 kids died choking on hot dogs. 450 people died getting out of bed 3000 die in their homes every year tripping and falling. 220 delivery drivers were killed on the job last year 880 died. How much safer does it need to be before its considered NOT DANGEROUS to any extreme extent? shit man. its about as safe as it gets. (note 130 cops died last year but only 50 or was it 56 ?? died from being killed IE shot stabbed ran over bombed etc..) the rest were accidents or heart attacks.

  • Heather Runolfsson Reply

    Man I drove for Domino's for like a year and a half and never had any exciting stories...just stories of non tippers, getting lost and the fact that our delivery area was so damn far I sometimes only ended up with a few deliveries in a shift if I got a lot of orders near the edge of our delivery area...that was a pain since the people out there rarely tipped well, pretty PWT. I only got a party of hot girls once and ....despite some great smiles from the girls, no invitations for a massive orgy or meeting them later. haha

  • Trent Boyer Reply

    Ive had mine since January. I waited 2 years man. But let me tell you this. Its a beast. Yes, the vapour does get hot, but its totally controllable through draw speed. Secondly, it gets you high as fuck! Ive wiped out a few friends with it at festivals recently. Its a solid little device, that Ive dropped countless times now.Ive not had any issues since receiving the new style back end a couple of weeks after delivery and it continues to dish out strong tasting, head mashing hits!

  • Richmond Carroll Reply

    Henna tattoo artist, rodeo clown, the price is right contestant, minor league sports team mascot, one of the seemingly hundreds of redditors that somehow became somewhat successful advertising their handmade soap/hot sauce companies on here, telemarketer, a "Hillary/Trump shill" that I always hear about on here, drug dealer, pizza delivery man, prisoner.

  • Wilbert Sporer Reply

    I dunno man, my roomate makes like 2000 a month doing delivery at the same store my ex wife delivered at (she was quite hot at the time) and was bringing in 3400 a month. She did have to put up with a lo5 more shit though.

  • Trace Friesen Reply

    That's nice of them, but as a former delivery man, I don't think 25 minutes sitting on top of the oven (kept hot) is going to make much of a difference.