Late Night Shooting Leaves Two In Hospital At Minnesota Theater

Maple Grove, Minnesota, police are currently investigating a late night shooting from Saturday outside a local movie theater that sent two victims to the hospital. According to the police department, the shooting happened just around 10 p.m at the AMC theater in Arbor Lakes. The officers responding found the victims at a Wendy’s on 71st Avenue in Brooklyn Park reports CBS.

Police Captain Adam Lindquist of the Maple Grove Police Department said: “It appears, at this time, the victims left this area, fled this area, and went to another location and that’s where they called 911… Both victims were transported to the hospital as quickly possible, and both are expected to survive their injuries. Both men told the police that the shooting happened at the local theater. They then went on to block off a section of the theater parking lot in an effort to gather evidence.”

Lindquist continued, “We had officers respond here and the Brooklyn Park location. We’re gathering all the information. We’re going to put as many pieces of the puzzle together. It’s an open investigation and hope to bring closure and figure out exactly what happened and find who’s responsible for the shooting.”

No one else at the theater or inside it was harmed during the shooting, thankfully.

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