Lazy bird taking a train

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  • Walter Heller Reply

    Read, watch, and train to your heart's content but when the time comes remember that getting on a bike is you against the universe. Literally everything except your brain is biased towards the bike falling down with you on it. Every bird, every leaf, every spec of sand, every car. No one can teach you personal preservation, think about things like you only get one chance, because is in fact the case. After that it's smooth sailing.

  • Bethany Wolf Reply

    you can spam fire the mortar from the bird's eye view. I play on PS4 and I always get a shit ton of mortar kills on maps like Argonne Forest. There honestly shouldn't be a bird's eye view for the mortar, only for things like the big gun on the train or the cannons on the battleship. The mortar would be fine if they: A. Remove bird's eye view B. Increase the time between firing

  • Easter Bode Reply

    I'd create a safe, comfortable migration system for birds! Instead of flying to migrate, the birds could hitch a ride on the Bird Train and receive snacks, a warm place to sleep, as well as a sticker to show off to their friends!

  • Delphia Cremin Reply

    Base Camp Tokyo, The B pump in Ogikubo, and Fish and Bird are all really nice gyms. B-pump Ogikubo has a full blown competition wall that they switch up every 1-2 months. If you want to get outside Mitake is only 90 minutes from Shinjuku on the train, and has 3 of Japans classic boulder problems. You can rent a crash pad for 1000 yen from a shop near Mitake station.

  • Vernon Yost Reply

    Uhmmm... It depends on the bird's intelligence and the will to train him, I guess. I'd say all parrots are capable of it, and probably other birds too, it just takes a little bit of work. Mind you, Pixel still has little accidents sometimes, it can't be perfect, but it's still a lot more manageable. :) I'd say most birds, yeah, if you work with them.

  • Jonathan Gottlieb Reply

    Umm, that bird understood EXACTLY what it was doing. Estimate a waiting spot, wait for the train to slow down, follow to the stopping point, make sure nobody cuts in front of you, assertively climb on board, find a quiet place to sit and settle in. The bird is better at riding mass transit than 50%+ of humans.

  • Hillary Jacobs Reply

    Seriously, I know birds are smart, but how do they train this thing so well that it can commiserate with a stadium of over 60,000 potential fatal threats (from a bird's perspective of humans in nature), without ever freaking out on someone's face? That's a very, very impressive bird.

  • Princess Hane Reply

    I completely agree with you. Every time I walk past them (or the one particular patch on the path to the train station that is littered with bird shit), I have a sudden image in my head of using slingshots to shoot at them and hopefully kill a few. So far I haven't acted on that fantasy yet.

  • Jazmyn Ankunding Reply

    I had Early Bird for a while because I like to play in the train on my way to work at around 8AM, but I got fed up with seeing all my flowers go brown, so I changed it to Beautiful Town.

  • Rowena Schinner Reply

    They've been doing momma bird/baby bird shots, what if they did a train of momma birds. So in a line of five it goes through everyone's mouth until the last person gets the shot. That person is then out. Then number four takes it after passing through 1-3, and so on and so forth.

  • Breanna Swift Reply

    The train horn did just sound off, could be what scared the bird. And there are definitely birds dumb enough to do that, but I've seen pudge on get hit by a car going 70mph on the highway and there was no blood spray like this. So idk. This is a tough one.

  • Adrian Bahringer Reply

    Leilua wasn't able to train for day 1 which was a key thing for Mal. I suspect Bird was the same since he did a number on his elbow in the GF.

  • Horacio Schimmel Reply

    It's a greyish song-bird. Some people train them to "hu" on a finger point. Means they can be a like a musical conductor and make the bird hu whenever they want. Cool af. Though might not be the correct bird, cos I might intepret your hus as another melody.

  • Douglas Bogisich Reply

    I had an extremely vivid dream through out my childhood where I would get lost under my bed and Big Bird would ride around on a small train trying to run me over, while Elmo would try and push me in front of him.

  • Marquise Schmidt Reply

    What's actually happening here? Is the bird actually getting on the train because it wants to go to another station? How would it have learned that the train can take it places? Is it a genius bird?

  • Oral Huels Reply

    I've always wondered if this bird is a regular. Clearly knows what he's doing: walks as train is still moving to be first on, goes straight to his own little seat

  • Bella Rath Reply

    Sorry I can't come into a work today, I'm following a bird on a train.

  • William Pollich Reply

    - Jordan vs. a bird: 1 on 1 - You're spending an awful lot of money on your model train set - Jeez! : A Midwestern Journey

  • Lonzo Bernier Reply

    The Chadd just took a 6-fer, I'm getting on the hype train move out the way Mennie/Bird CHOO CHOO.

  • Courtney Grady Reply

    I'm skeptical about everything but I don't think there's any way of denying this unless you suggest the people in the video are actors. That's out the window as an explanation for me because there are hardly any cuts in the video, and what they're saying is pretty clear cut, and the wording they use (bird dogging) is used in the Podesta emails. The Twitter accounts for these people show they're always on the ground at protests too, so they're definitely a part of something. You've got them saying in plain english that they put people in places, train them to do a certain thing, instigate certain things. The guy even straight up said 'Chicago was us'. I'd be skeptical if it was just an audio recording, but they're on video saying these things themselves, and you can google their names to see if it's them or not. If it's fake it's a ridiculously good fake for someone who is apparently shit at making fake videos.

  • Trace MacGyver Reply

    In my experience, it's not worth it. Yes, you can train them out of it - to some extent. This is done via either carrying them around, lying them down and the ground and roughing them up, and overall irritating them; or, alternatively, scaring the absolute hell out of them. I prefer this method - done correctly, I spend perhaps 20 minutes on the bird, instead of hours over the course of weeks or months. However, you can never trust them again. They may up and begin attacking you again some day. Even if they are taught you are the alpha, they are likely to go after anyone who they do not recognize or respect, so it's not ideal to let guests in the yard. The majority are especially aggressive towards kids and shorter people (it's not fun trying to calm down the parent of a four year old who was just knocked over and repeatedly kicked in the face by a five pound bird). Life is too short to keep a bad rooster.

  • Herminia Rutherford Reply

    If there is a motor control issue which constantly strains your QL, I wouldn't see just doing one exercise (bicycling) in this case as being a cure all. The core needs to be taxed in a multitude of ways in order to learn to stabilise the pelvis, Lower back, Thorax and to have it all work together efficiently when performing different movements. Yea based on the description its a bit tough to pickout the aggravator. But you definitely need to determine what irritates it the most and remove the stimulus. If its work, you could start off your work day fine and then add a brace about half way as a starting point to see if it avoids irritation and then wean yourself off of it as your train your core more. As far as the training goes. Start with stuart Mcgill's Big 3. Curl Up, Side Plank, and Bird dog and look up the progressions on those as you feel yourself getting stronger with them.

  • Garfield Koelpin Reply

    Oh my god, the logistics. I forgot about that. Who has time to train a bird to travel between here and Netherlands to carry the message that Bob Van Something has agreed to bring a full container truck of alcohol with him? Once the bird arrives (hopefully before the plane and Bob do), the friend has to go to the forest, cut down a tree, produce some paper and make some ink and then write "bob Van Something" on the paper and hold it up at the arrival terminal. And the possibilities of sending dangerous liquids in a small bottle of alcohol. Someone mentioned liquid cocaine. What a brilliant idea for drug dealers. They can send millions of bottles of drugs like that for free. Or liquid nuclear material. Just pour some neon green shit into a bottle and hand it to an idiot like me who will blindly carry it for you.

  • Alysa Cassin Reply

    Brandon completely ignores Freight Train's comment as if he knew the leadership was not switched as it was Brandon who saved him "Blue Bird?.... Oh! from that meeting we had that Yuki organised a while ago that i completely forgot even happened. Sorry I couldn't recognise your voice, there wasn't much clue with the whole mask swap thing going on." Brandon looks around a bit again and asks "Well, as much as kicking Yuki's arse, I'd like to preoccupy us with some kicking of the arse towards other recipients. These whitecoat arseholes seem to be enjoying themselves a little too much..." Brandon returns his gaze to Amaya. "By the way, what was your kagune again. I'd like to plan out some strategy if we are to work together more." /u/Jacklama

  • Shanna Harvey Reply

    Ashmor looked at Myrrha, flabbergasted. "You've never flown on a Crackos!? Forget Mastiff! We're gonna go catch one, so you can learn! It's the best!" He jumped off of his bird, and lead him by the beak, beckoning Myrrha to follow him. "Come on, mum! We'll find one by the coast, for sure!" ___ Heletilla smiled, knowingly. "You are so kind, sometimes your fear of hurting someone hinders your training. That is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, you should take pride in it. And, as for your sphere... I can teach you. You know how you have blood coursing through your veins, muscles flexing and relaxing and adrenaline rushing through your body as you train? That, that is life. At your whim, you can make any of those change, to what you desire it to be"

  • Myron Runolfsson Reply

    I think the point is it's not to me to define. I matter (and we all do) to many people to levels to which it is not for me to define. My opinion of my own value is distorted by my ego and self-centered mind, which generally sucks and says I suck. The truth is, we all matter to much more than we are capable of understanding. I don't know what I could do in 3 months that could drastically effect someone else's life. Hell, I could have done things that did just that without even knowing. The mere smile given to someone on a train, or the flip of a bird in traffic can matter in ways that we can't comprehend from within our tiny self-centered minds. /rant over

  • Zander Murphy Reply

    Ain't that the truth. My dogs are transparent about being very smart about what and why they do things - makes it easier to train them, but I'm still terrible. Two biggest things I need to work with them on is 1: don't chase the cats or torment the rabbits. 2: always come when I call, not just when they feel like it. SO keeps dreaming about taking the dogs walking in the woods off leash and I'm like are you NUTs?! Those dogs would be gone in a heartbeat after a squirrel, rabbit or bird.

  • Consuelo Toy Reply

    I've been playing some train simulators recently and based on what they saw i'm guessing it went something along the lines of. >Got to slow down for the 15 mph zone up here. >Oh crap going too slow, this is going to take forever, let's just give this a couple notches for a sec to get this moving again. >Oh look at that bird over there. hey what are they doing. >Omg i'm going way to fast shit what should i do? >Fuck. emergency brake. bang. crash. The only other scenario would be something extremely complicated like the throttle took off unexpectedly or he had some medical thing happen and accidentally hit the throttle and then stopped having the thing happen and hit the e brake and then was totally fine afterwards.

  • Uriah Harvey Reply

    I went to a bird display once where they have a falconer or whatever do things with all the birds and one of the things he pointed out is that birds don't like flying. To a human we think it would be amazing to fly around without a care in the world, but to a bird flying is like running, yeah they can do it but it's tiring. That's why when you train them you need to make them work hard for their food, because the bird wants to do the minimum amount of flying required to get whatever food is on offer. To prove this point some vultures took off and didn't come back. Eventually he went looking for them and they found a carcass of a baby deer and gorged themselves on that instead of doing tricks for him and then basically didn't give a fuck about what he wanted them to do.

  • Ignatius Dickens Reply

    I usually try to base it on the speed and cost of skills and what I enjoy. Skills like Prayer, Herblore, and Construction can be costly, but very high exp when you can train them. Skills like RC, Slayer, Agility, and Mining are all fairly slow skills. Slayer is usually more enjoyable and afkable than the others. Mining is pretty slow, but MLM is semi-afk and profits decently. Agility is faster than RC but less profit at higher levels. As for Hunter, the short version is you set a trap, wait for something to walk in it, check the trap, and reset. Bird Snares, Deadfall, Net Traps, and Box Traps are usually good exp, with Salamanders and Chinchompas being good. There is also the Monkey Hunting after MM2, which I hear is good.

  • Jada Wiza Reply

    beep. ima bot. below are links to the show(s) mentioned in your comment. beep. [6/10/1973 - RFK Stadium, Washington, DC ]( | **Set I:** Morning Dew, Beat It On Down the Line, Ramble On Rose, Jack Straw, Wave That Flag, Looks Like Rain, Box of Rain, They Love Each Other, The Race Is On, Row Jimmy, El Paso, Bird Song, Playing in the Band | **Set II:** Eyes of the World, Stella Blue, Big River, Here Comes Sunshine, Around and Around, Dark Star, He's Gone, Wharf Rat, Truckin', Sugar Magnolia | **Set III:** It Takes a Lot to Laugh It Takes a Train to Cry, That's All Right, The Promised Land, Not Fade Away, Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad, Not Fade Away, Johnny B. Goode

  • Breana Smith Reply

    Lifting the foot is a GOOD sign it means he wants to be with you. If he lands on your back and stays peaceful it means He is a bit afraid of hands/arms but he wants to be on you. Young macaws like to be higher on you like on your shoulder it makes them feel safe away from the scary fingers. Some are afraid of fingers and hands you just have to get him used to being handled. Offer arm with fingers folded into a fist back of hand toward bird. Go to utube and look on videos on how to train a young bird. Takes things slow and calmly NO YELLING. They go thru the terrible twos just like human kids. With proper training they greatly improve their behavior.

  • Gillian Boyle Reply

    Don't fucking quit. I'm not going to try and sell you my services. Enough twats are doing that on here, it seems! But pull yourself together. Nick Krauser took 1000 approaches to get laid and is now considered one of the best there is at Daygame. Your AA will come back full force if you leave. You might take a bit of time off and when you want to get back into it, remember how much of a struggle it was and never get back into it. "If you're going through hell, keep going" - Winston Churchill Women probably won't shag you with this "I want to quit mentality" it's talking to a bird. Yes, it can be a pain in the arse but it's a much nicer hobby than train spotting or bingo. Matt Eastwood

  • Julianne Wehner Reply

    Got to train as a DJ at my college station this morning again! I had a lot more decisions this time, picked more music and talked on air more. I played some Andrew Bird, Nada Surf, Spoon, Neon Indian, CHVRCHES, Two Door Cinema Club, The Strokes, The XX and Beach House (also some local stuff I'm required to play and some music I honestly didn't know). The host training me closed with Radiohead and not Mumford and Sons this time which was nice. Also, I am on a Beach House binge and have been taking walks around my campus late at night listening to Bloom which is a beautiful experience.

  • Reggie Hickle Reply

    You're warm :) Like most reptiles, heat encourages the digestive process for Cresteds. They digest fine at room temp, but when their little bellies hit your nice warm skin, it tends to speed it up a bit. I have a male who does the same thing, every freaking time, no matter how long it has been since he last ate. My Leachies are *notorious* for it, and nothing is worse than what comes out of those things! Unfortunately you can't "train" a gecko like you would a bird, so it's just something to be aware of. Generally you can tell when they're about to go, so if you're ready, you can hold him over something and carry on with handling knowing that he's no longer loaded!

  • Madyson Stamm Reply

    So is it the friction on my feet standing in a train that causes me to accelerate to the same speed as the train? If I had a bird flying on a train and it started moving would it smack into the back wall before it itself accelerated?

  • Stefan Kling Reply

    Some birds need to be taught to play. Target train your bird, then make proximity and interaction with new toys part of a regular training routine. Click - treat on approach, then touching, then for longer periods. You can slowly adjust from treating every time to treating intermittently, because you want them to play with toys on their own when you aren't there to cue and reward. Do this with new toys, and watch your bird to see what types of toys he likes most to incorporate those elements into new toys (like shredding, certain foot toys, etc).

  • Dereck Herzog Reply

    Really depends on how tame you want it really - if you want it to come to you and favour you then you need to spend a lot of time with it. If you can't commit enough time to it then you will need another cockatiel to keep it company - if this is the case then it won't be as tame as a solo cockatiel :) You would also want to keep it somewhere you go often, like any animal, exposure is important. If you stay in your room a lot, the cage might need to be inside sometimes to be near you (or at least when you first begin to tame it). Bird can use the bathroom 5+ times an hour and they don't control it really - you can't toilet train them unfortunately.

  • Aurelio Simonis Reply

    Benadryl is deadly to cats, I know because my cat has allergy/sinus issues. I do highly advise to read cat vs cat. You should look into working on spending the energy, Niko sounds like a very active cat like Bengals and Abyssinians though some those owners have basically a hamster wheel for their cat and use toys like da-bird toy. Some of them even train them to walk on a leash. If you can do it a cat patio is nice way to give him back some outside enjoyment he was use to. Jackson Galaxy has a lot of youtube videos that might help.

  • Allan Bednar Reply

    I'm late to the party so this will probably be buried. I worked at the happiest place in California and was working the pirate's ride. I once had a customer ask me where the pirate's ride was... Mind you I'm standing in front of it, dressed like a pirate. At the time I was a bit of a jackass and so I looked up at the sign and pointed... She didn't get the hint so I looked at her looked at the sign and looked at her again. Nothing. So I pointed her to the train and saif if you get on the train and get off on the 4th stop it will be on your right. (4th stop would be a circle taking you right back here.) As I got my break she got off the train just in time to flip me the bird.

  • Carlee Witting Reply

    > and even litter box trained. This is what I was going to ask about. I saw you mention a bird diaper and I had no idea there were birds you couldn't train to only poop on the stand. Both our birds were parrots and would after training would come let us know they had to go. One far more...obvious...than the other.

  • Bailee Cronin Reply

    Look up the palomacy website they have some good info on pigeon pants. As long as you get a good one and slowly train the bird, they really don't mind and see that it lets them have more freedom. They can still fly and have full motion.

  • Willow Stokes Reply

    At a previous company, I worked from home a lot. I used to put my calls on speakerphone and then play WAVs out of my laptop when I was on conf calls with large-ish audiences. Random things. Cho-cho train horns. Bird mating calls. Lion roars. Never more than 2-3 times per hour call. People would go nuts because no one knew what was going on. For reference, standard phone conf calls so no indicator as to "current speaker" like you get today. Fun times. Got my boss doing it too. Sometimes both of us on the same call.

  • Ibrahim Lueilwitz Reply

    If you're going on a binge, watch out for my favourite aspect of the show: the inane, bizarre or just sad jobs and hobbies of *every. single. contestant.* "Our first team is the Corkers, who all like collecting wine corks. We have captain Barry, a lamppost repairman who can count to nine in thirty languages. Next is June, a bird therapist, who enjoys studying and correcting maps. Last is another Barry, a train polisher who once rode in a lift with Sir David Attenborough's accountant."

  • Micheal Gerhold Reply

    From best to worst scenarios (from personal experience): * Move to Glasgow, Greenock is shite * Pull a bird that stays up here to crash with * Leave every night at 23:50 on the arsehole express * Stay out and hang around in a casino with some coked up roasters till 6am for the first train * Stay out and pay £55 (cunts) in a black hack * Swallow your pride, dignity, and musical taste and go to Word Up instead

  • Sylvia Eichmann Reply

    Heard this conversation on the train: "I'm a vegan, I don't never eat animals!" "Really? What do you eat then?" "Well, you know, veggies, fruits, chicken, fish." "But chicken and fish are animals." "No they aren't! Chicken is a bird and fish is fish. They are not animals!"

  • Benedict Klein Reply

    I feel like this would be a bad thing to train a bird to land on.

  • Jaquelin Terry Reply

    Okay, challenge accepted. S27: Marge-ian Chronicles S26: Steal This Episode S25: Dangers on a Train S24: A Test Before Trying S23: Exit Through the Kwik-E Mart S21: American History X-Cellent S20: Gone Maggie Gone S19: I Don't Wanna Know Why a Caged Bird Sings S18: 24 Minutes S17: My Fair Laddy With help from the Wikia. Humor, my friend, is subjective. I think this list is "good" episodes. Comic Book Guy may say "Worst. Episodes. Ever." but I say they're "egg-cellent."

  • Coby Aufderhar Reply

    Someone I went to college with got a huge tattoo on the inside of their forearm of the Lostprophets logo with the bird or whatever about a week before all the allegations against Ian Watkins came out. And sometimes I get Last Train Home in my head and I feel a lil' bit gross. Why does it have to be so catchy.

  • Vincent Wunsch Reply

    Just left au train lake campsite on the south east side. Gorgeous area. Did a good section of the north country trail. Also did the song bird trail. Did u happen to check out the look out tower? Nice place to see the stars.

  • Sadye Rogahn Reply

    Its very possible they don't have that problem solving ability. Since their whiskers tell the brain to back up, and add in they are probably in a state of "flight", its very possible their brain can't rationalize that type of problem solving ability. It seems silly to us because we have evolved with a great capacity for problem solving. On top of that we have an education system to help train our brains for even greater problem solving. Some animals just simply don't have those capacities. Their brains have evolved for other things and more focused problem solving such as how to catch a mouse or bird, etc.

  • Allen Koss Reply

    And then that guy put it on a hobo saying 'keep warm,' and the hobo blew his nose on the sleeve and then said 'THIS IS GAY' and threw it onto some train tracks, which then a freight train just destroyed and shredded. Then a bird came down, pecked at some of the fabric left over, and then choked to death on it. And while in its death spasms, it rolled over to Fez's shoe and expelled its waste and intestines all over with the loudest, bloodiest fart ever heard by anybody. And a blind child across the street started sobbing. Then this started playing:

  • Carolyne Heidenreich Reply

    Definitely a fast format. You're not likely going to draft sufficient removal/control to kill all of their creatures or fabricated crap. Flyers are nasty, green and red energy beaters are nasty. Vehicles are nasty, I only like the train (with trample) and the racecar. On Friday I managed top 8 with a green beater deck with splashes of red and white. Really amusing to have the little bird that gives you other stuff flying and you keep running a 5/3into their face each turn. Green has fantastic mana fixing with aether.

  • Arnoldo Herzog Reply

    Yeah I don't really get the continuing ubisoft hate train. Apart from the last two assassins creed (which as you've said they recognized and are now trying to fix), they've put out some pretty great games in recent years, like splinter cell blacklist, ghost recon future soldier, rainbow six siege, and assassins creed 4. They also seem to be working on some cool stuff for vr, like star trek and that bird flight game, which I wouldn't be surprised to see panned for being too risk taking if a giant media conglomerate like vivendi swallowed them up.

  • Jeff Kirlin Reply

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's [GOLDmember coming in on his train!](

  • Laisha Denesik Reply

    Damien nods in agreement. "Of course not. As long as he is being fed *something* I'll be sure he's not hunting any of the other pets. I'm an apprentice hawker, so it shouldn't be an issue." He tosses the bird another scrap of meat, smiling as Hannibal deftly caught the morsel, tearing into it and gulping it down. "Thank you, and don't worry I'll have an eye on him at all times, maybe I'll even see if I can train him to take messages." Damien gives a curt nod of thanks before leaving.

  • Grant Langworth Reply

    "Sorry for the delay, the train in front of us has hit a bird, which is quite common. After it hit the bird, the bird bounced into the powerlines and then into the vent of one of the carriages, while on fire. The entire carriage filled with smoke, the bird is being removed and the lines are being checked for damage." And that is why I was late for work :c

  • Kelvin Padberg Reply

    I am hoping that lil birb will become a beloved meme here on rbn. This thread is filled with happiness, laughter and joy. Suck it, narc mom. Who the hell is mean to a 9 yr old on their birthday? Bird poop is only the beginning of this witch's karma train. I think a trip to the zoo is in order.

  • Chyna Barrows Reply

    That's kind of what I was thinking. How the hell did they get that shot? Steady cam on a drone? Super zoom lens? CGI? Nope, turns out its easier just to train the bird to fly next to the camera. Shit, that was more simple than I thought it was going to be.

  • Ettie Gutkowski Reply

    And the largest eyes of any bird. One eye is actually larger than their brain. Yeah I worked at a zoo on the train around "Africa" and you're totally making me relive that right now.

  • Heath Turner Reply

    Birds poop on everywhere and everything. You can train them to poop in certain places, sure, but I personally have never met a bird that's potty trained. Mine poops everywhere. But what I consider worse is their messy food habits. Food gets flung everywhere. You'll be cleaning up messes off the floor, the cage, the walls, even the ceiling if you're unlucky enough. Also, some birds are very destructive. As in they'll chew wires, walls, doors, paper, books, chairs, etc if you don't provide them with enough stimulation/toys. Sometimes it happens regardless.

  • King Hermann Reply

    > I had budgies as pets most of my childhood. Mine would fly to me on command,learned to talk and would even wolf whistle when people opened the door. I never had problems with aggression or biting and just kept tissues on hand for clean ups although now you can get flight suits (bird diapers). Watch videos on how to finger train them and get them to trust you. They are a fun little bird and they make a great companion. And they are domesticated. Thanks for the links. Going to read them through!

  • Anissa Will Reply

    Beautiful pup OP. I'm not much of a bird hunter and I don't train gun dogs but I've had a lot of hunting dogs. Its more complicated than getting a dog use to noise. Its what the dog learns to associate with gunfire that's important. I keep puppies in the laundry room around washer and dryer noises, I carry them with me when I'm running equipment on the farm, and I carry a gun with me to get them use to the sight of a gun, but I never fire guns around my pups/dogs unless game is involved.

  • Ethyl Satterfield Reply

    Sure, the franchise is very different now. But it happened TWELVE YEARS ago *(including Fallout: Brotherhood and Fallout 3)*! Imagine how much you've changed as a person during the last decade! Do you care about the boyfriend/girlfriend who dumped you in 2004? That annoying teacher scolding you? How you left your wallet on the train and never got it back? Your new telephone broke? Your parents divorced? The Bird Flu? Hurricane Ivan?

  • Jakayla Leffler Reply

    Dont worry, there is an option on an FC stable to train your bird from the main menu. But if you are in the same apartment with a spouse / partner / friend it could be a pain in the butt to train eachother's birds as you will have to look through the list. The FC stable holds up to 512 birds, and I think each apartment only holds about that many people? So for all in tents and porpoises the apartment will probably function as a a large FC house with a bipunch of strangers.

  • Makenna Beahan Reply

    Usually, trains were available. However, I booked early bird because the super early train was 60% off on trenitalia and even if I missed half my trains, I would still save. I dunno if that is still a deal but check out trenitalia.

  • Lia Fadel Reply

    There should be fog at the top of the lift and when the train pulls into the station (it would spill out of the front engine). There are supposed to be 2 or 3 birds along the beginning section (the infamous bird on a stick). The waterfall usually works, but has been out at various times in the past. This is all my understanding, but I could be wrong on some things.

  • Brock Turcotte Reply

    Ah, I didn't even consider it might be an electric fence collar. Again, you have to train yourself on them and then train the dog over a period of days to weeks. Some dogs though just can't be held down by the man, sighthounds and bird dogs especially may decide it's worth it to just get a running start and burst through.

  • Eloisa Rowe Reply

    I work in a pet shop in Bolton, London, sell the usual: cats, dogs, rabbits, fish. One afternoon I was minding the shop by myself and this very smart gentleman walks in with a cage for a tropical bird. Normally it's just kids who come in who want to see the animals so I was glad to have a customer. I was wrong. This man marches up to the desk and begins to have a rant at me in that the parrot that we sold him is dead. I don't know what he was going on about, the parrot seemed quite content, flapping around and making plenty of noise. The biggest joke was that he bought it from the other branch in Ipswich. I told him to go there but he somehow caught the train from Bolton to Bolton! For his aristocratic feel he seemed to be a bit short on the intelligence. He probably read the ticket backwards and thought it sai Notlob or something.

  • Kathlyn Beer Reply

    He couldn't get his tricycle into the car. I kept him from picking up a dead bird off the sidewalk. I wouldn't let him drag his stroller through my flower bed. I put the tracks on his train table back together after he destroyed them weeks ago. I didn't let him eat the peppermint he found with the plastic wrapper still on. And the big fundamental reason behind all this... He's two.

  • Aliza Kilback Reply

    Thanks for the cool ideas, but I think I'm not handy enough with tools to accomplish all that, hahaha! I got this little bird cage for now . I don't have a car, so I have to carry the cage around on the train and subway to pick it up from the owner, so it also can't be too big and heavy even if I'd like that. It's good to know that they'll still need direct supervision for sure with the little fence. I wonder if I could modify the fence, perhaps so there's an inner lip around the top so it's harder to climb out? I'm afraid they'll chew through cardboard, but maybe a cardboard lip on the metal fence will be a good combo. I loved to see the other playpen ideas too. I wasn't sure if 'rat play fences' were actually a thing or not when I bought it, haha.

  • Derrick Windler Reply

    Actually, I kind of think that the down votes are because your attitude is nasty. I mean, sure the smithsonian, nature journal and i09 made some comments bout feral cats on islands having an affect on those eco systems. (neither of which apply to this cool cat) Plus if you want to get technical, let's hope you don't use plastic, cars, hairspray, oh or be a human. I don't think anyone is advocating that people should train their cats to hunt birds. But it doesn't make someone an irresponsible pet owner to take every precaution to make sure their BLIND CAT, who had never caught a bird before, was safe to enjoy the out doors. I feel that OP was pretty surprised the cat caught one in the first place. So let's cool it there, jugdy-pant.

  • Rachelle Wintheiser Reply

    [Sleeping on the train]( in the morning was one of my favorite pastimes back when I commuted by train. Relatable. Less favored, but equally relatable, was [missing or nearly missing my stop.]( [2me_irl4me :(]( [This right here]( is why I learned very early on to put my power strip(s) on *top* of the desk. I don't give a fuck if it looks like a bird's nest of wires, I'm *not* having that shit happen again.

  • Howard Mosciski Reply

    It's like she suddenly got this massive OCD impulse that if she doesn't get out immediately and tell you that she noticed your camera she won't be able to drive properly because her whole train of thought will be focused on that camera and how much she wants to tell you she noticed it. She seems like the type of person to hit someone with her car and tell the officer that she was distracted by a bird walking on the sidewalk and that she wasn't at fault because it was the birds fault for distracting her. It's scary to think people like this are allowed to drive. :s

  • Courtney Ullrich Reply

    beep. ima bot. below are links to the show(s) mentioned in your comment. beep. [6/10/1973 - RFK Stadium, Washington, DC ]( | **Set I:** Morning Dew, Beat It On Down the Line, Ramble On Rose, Jack Straw, Wave That Flag, Looks Like Rain, Box of Rain, They Love Each Other, The Race Is On, Row Jimmy, El Paso, Bird Song, Playing in the Band | **Set II:** Eyes of the World, Stella Blue, Big River, Here Comes Sunshine, Around and Around, Dark Star, He's Gone, Wharf Rat, Truckin', Sugar Magnolia | **Set III:** It Takes a Lot to Laugh It Takes a Train to Cry, That's All Right, The Promised Land, Not Fade Away, Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad, Not Fade Away, Johnny B. Goode

  • Jazmyne Effertz Reply

    My grandfather's old bird gun. Found it in the attic and did a bit of research on it. Apparently people think the "humpback" design is ugly, and while i somewhat agree, this shotgun was on the forefront of affordable, semi-auto technology. Some military variants were made for troops in WW2 (mostly to train them to hit a moving target). Browning made the original auto 5 design and Savage expanded the market.

  • Leora Quigley Reply

    Labor Day does not exist here. In other news, forgot my ties at home, my noise cancelling headphones broke, the quiet area in a train wasn't quiet, and when I went to buy ties in the city I'll be working in for a while a bird shit on my head. In other news, I feel like I'm rocking my job, I'm receiving great coaching, and am learning a lot. Enjoying the sunset from the train on the ride home, a gin and tonic in hand. Cheers all.

  • Wilfrid Rippin Reply

    It isn't really. I mean the birds receive some benefit from the fisherman. They probably get shelter, protection, and the fisherman ensure that they actually are fed even in lean times. However, this seems more like a forced works since the bird doesn't not eat the fish of its own volition. It has to be collared to prevent it from eating. The Honey Bird is more true mutualism. The bird helps the humans because it knows the humans will help the bird, either by accident or on purpose. I guess a similar relationship would be with dogs. Dogs will do almost anything you train them to do, in exchange they get shelter, protection and food.

  • Brando Ullrich Reply

    Why. Does it take a train back to "here" in the evening? It knows to get on. Does it know exactly where it wants to get off? Does it know that when it gets on? Please nobody tell me this is "fake and gay", and the feet we saw in the shot belonged to its handler who trained the bird for 3 years for this short video...

  • Lola Krajcik Reply

    I got a decent cut on my ear when I was in highschool, bastard Bird just wouldn't give up over 500m of hell.. Was riding a bike, wearing a helmet and looking straight forward, anyone who lived in Burpengary near the train station in the early 2000s would know the one I'm taking about.

  • Ross McLaughlin Reply

    Oh god my train of thought is super fucked up yo. One second I'm thinking about how I need to do laundry and the next I'm thinking about cheese fries and hey is that a bird outside the window because ooh pretty wait why am I watching guy fieri on TV which weird alliteration of a show is this idek but I'm hungry now. Wait wasn't I in my room earlier why am I in the living room now why and when did I even come out there.

  • Lilla O'Connell Reply

    They can't swim nearly as well as retrieving breeds, they don't have a water repellant cost, they don't have soft mouths, not do they have a drive to be a companion hunter. They really just aren't anywhere near as good as the breeds that are commonly used. I've had labs that would retrieve teal on hunts as early as 5 months, and would retrieve dummies and bird wings from the day I brought them home (~8 weeks). I use labs and Goldens religiously, though within the next year I'll be getting a Chesapeake Bay Retriever to train under my current black lab and to try the breed out.

  • Norberto Schowalter Reply

    i've almost completely given up on using hammer online i try to stun it for capture chances but get sent flying by everyone else (lik dis if u cri evry tim) I MEAN I KNOW I CALLED MYSELF A BIRD BUT YOU DON'T TRAIN A BIRD TO FLY BY SLAPPING IT INTO THE AIR WITH YOUR GIANT SWORD, JESUS *try cutting the tail?? or hit his belly?? it's weaker than other parts* **stop trying to teach a bird to fly**

  • Elise Denesik Reply

    Hello! I want to train my first 7 star today, but I'm not really sure who. (;_;) Players eligible: Cynthia (EE - 4SPU), William (EE - no SPU), Vermillion Bird (2nd Evo - no SPU) My heart screams Cynthia because she's basically my waifu and I've been focusing on her ever since I got her (as you can see from above *coughs*). But I don't see the point of her having the extra skill points because currently she's at 2/5/5/5, and I rarely use her active. I mostly use her as a damage dealer as I mainly focused on her crit rate/damage. However, those extra skill points might come in handy for William or VB... Any tips on who should I pick? Thanks!

  • Kelsie Stokes Reply

    I'm gonna use my throwaway on this one. My 97-year old grandmother died when she drove through a crossing gate right in front of a train. A lot of people, when they hear this story, ask if she did it on purpose. Almost certainly not - she was fit as a fiddle with a bit of short-term memory trouble; the theory is that she had a small stroke while driving and that was it. Then they wonder what the hell she was doing driving at that age. Good question, but my dad (her son) could NEVER get her to do anything she didn't want to, or vice versa. She was a tough old bird.

  • Torey Hammes Reply

    I don't think there's a way to enforce this within the bounds of the game because people just pick their team based on whatever color or bird they like best, or what their friends are doing. I'm in Columbus and a solid chunk are Valor, presumably because our school colors are scarlet & gray. Overall, being in the minority is a good thing since you can more easily take down a gym than train one of your own to add your Pokemon to them. Sure, you may not hold them for long, but it comes with the territory.

  • Clemens Leffler Reply

    Not an expert, but I use them for my dog and they work great. He flushes so I encourage him to catch them on occasion. If you put them in a cage that is at least 4 feet tall they will become flight conditioned and are easy to flush. Especially after 36 weeks. The jumbo quail are a different story. Even if they try to fly my dog easily catches them. I would not train a pointer with a jumbo quail, but I wouldn't even hesitate on a smaller flight conditioned bird.

  • Faye Lakin Reply

    saw a couple people desperately trying to get him into a small animal carrier on broadway and pine (more accurately, outside of the mudbay) around 8pm last night. really wish the owner would just train the bird to stay nearby.

  • Ismael Bartoletti Reply

    So have you ever trained a bird? Because I'll tell you it's not that easy. They are incredibly smart and can be very hard to train. Also from knowing about peaches on Reddit and see it at gasworks the bird seems well-trained to me.

  • Garland Wolf Reply

    This is totally normal and she has bonded with you. Birds call to each other when they can't see each other. If it is just a quick chirp and not nonstop screaming, this is instinctive and you should reply. If it's nonstop screaming, search this forum for tips on how to de-train screaming. I personally just take my bird with me everywhere, since it doesn't really bug me. He stays on my shoulder usually so he doesn't get into much trouble.

  • Tre Fadel Reply

    It's going to suck, but you can do it. Stay busy, really. Be gentle to yourself. Don't beat yourself up about obsessive thoughts, it's an addiction. Anne Lamott said in her book, Bird by Bird, "Try looking at your mind as a wayward puppy that you are trying to paper train. You don't drop-kick a puppy into the neighbor's yard every time it piddles on the floor. You just keep bringing it back to the newspaper.”

  • Amya Donnelly Reply

    Find an activity your bird likes to do. For example my bird LOVES to ride on knex cars or remote control cars. I think I might build him a small train car.

  • Warren Casper Reply

    Not only have my bus prices gone up, the light rail construction has forced me to take a bus and train trip as the bus no longer goes in to town. Now instead of a single fare, I pay for two modes of transport. Why can't the system just charge based on distance/time regardless of changes to mode of transport? What's there point if a smart card system if it's not smart enough to do that? Now I just buy discounted secure parking credits and pre-book early bird parking. I get to work quicker (I live 10 minutes from the CBD by car, but 40 minutes by bus/train) and it only costs me fractionally more. Fuck 'em.

  • Trudie Schowalter Reply

    my bird can be very noisy. I find whistling to him helps us bond.... but most importantly it interrupts him. When we keeps squawking, and won't stop and it's driving me crazy, I take him out of the cage and let him run around the floor. This kinda dumbfounds him and he doesn't make sound. After a while I put him back in and by that time he's lost his train of thought. Also, I'll put him on my shoulder...a distraction really helps, and tapping the cage or snapping at them doesn't fix the problem, but if you remove them from their frame of mind, they tend to get preoccupied with something else.

  • Janick Schaden Reply

    Honestly, don't train to poop. I've seen a few incidents where the bird didn't know what to do if not given the command. They get constipated. Not fun. Now funny you should mention having a post to go. Most parrots will do this. Instinctually, most do not poop where they sleep. In our case, their cage. Poop below a tree tells a predator where they are sleeping. So they usually want to fly to a different spot before going. So when you have multiple t-stands and play gyms around the house, they will tend to go there on their own.

  • Jameson Bartell Reply

    R2D20: discovering the cauliflower rice at Trader Joes and simplifying our meals has made the second round much easier than the first. For those struggling on the chicken train, try roasting a whole bird. Sounds daunting but it's idiot proof and absolutely delicious.

  • Herbert Zulauf Reply

    This thread is max retard. Honestly. Durant would fucking run a train on Bird it wouldnt even be close.

  • Kendrick Rath Reply

    This awesome cowboy has to travel to this magic tower to save the world. so he gets some friends to go with him. and on the way they fight a robot bear, and ride a train, and fight some robot wolf-men, and fight some guys with bird heads.

  • Delaney Kihn Reply

    Great advice! I'll NEVER recommend a cockatoo for anyone unless they are absolutely sure they can put up with it. they naturally scream bloody murder every morning and every night. If you read up on them and decide you want one, please consider adopting from a bird shelter. They end up in shelters more than any other parrot. They're usually the most abused parrots at shelters because they scream so much and you can't really train them not too. Some individuals might not be as loud, but every single one my local parrot reduce has come across have been screamers

  • Luisa Cremin Reply

    I have not been consistent about my recall training. One of them does consistently come when called, but I don't think I'd rely on that training working out for me in an emergency. But yes absolutely you can successfully train a bird to recall. It can in fact become a vitally important trained behavior should they ever get out. Look up Barbara Heidenreich, she has an excellent series of videos that can help you work on establishing a training relationship and introduce new desired behaviors. :)

  • Hilario Walker Reply

    The Bird Sanctuary out on Westham Island Crescent Beach The train rides at Confederation Park (Burnaby) & Bear Creek Park. Pack a lunch and head to Othello Tunnels just a few minutes past Hope on Hwy #5. Provincial Park, old railway tunnels blasted out of the mountain. Shannon Falls, on the way to Squamish. Britannia Mines. Might not be feasible but what about a day trip to Victoria and the BC Museum? The Planetarium; the Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth park. Lunch at IKEA?

  • Reagan Corkery Reply

    Glad to see someone else is on my train of thought. If i could drag my ass out of bed at the ass crack of dawn on sunday and go to a diner for the early bird special, there would be at least three old men wearing a jacket similar to that one.

  • Arno Jaskolski Reply

    There are also less wind turbines than buildings in the world, wind turbines have a higher bird kill rate than buildings. I like how you guys jump on the hate train and fall straight in to his trap, by making people think about his ridiculous statement he makes you realise he's actually not that wrong.

  • Khalil Schneider Reply

    Dude, I was waiting on the train platform this morning and a bird ran into the glass right by my head. It died while I was trying to figure out what to do. Then the train came so I got on while singing Taps in my head.

  • Mariane Thiel Reply

    Yea, athletes hated each other a lot more when they weren't making bank. Now anyone even close to the top is pulling 8 figures a year, losing hurts a lot less and everyone just wants to stay on the gravy train as long as possible. Hell, I'd argue this started 20 years ago, maybe more. Stars haven't hated stars for a long time, I mean even Magic and Bird were OK with each other off the court. Then you gotta realize these guys have a lot in common, if not backgrounds, their basketball lives dating back to AAU, High School, College, dealing with money, celebrity, travel, women, coaches etc.

  • Kendra Beier Reply

    I decapitated a female black bird. I walked with my ex on the old railroad and found a female black bird with a broken wing. It was in pain, maybe hit by the veteran train. My ex wanted to take care of it, but I told her, "Unless you're ready to pay for a vet, then it's better to kill it. If a stray cat find it they're have fun with her before eating her alive." She understood. She went into my apartment, opened a beer and lit a cigarette, while I took my fishing knife and went outside again to decapitate the bird and throw the corpse into the bushes.

  • Kaylie Senger Reply

    Just imagine the fed ex driver tries to swerve a pot hole and the package comes loose and bounces out of the delivery truck and then rolls down a hill and right into a river where a bird spots it and thinks to itself this is good material to make a nest but as the bird is in flight gets hit by a strong up draft and drops the package on top of a coal car train headed to a coal fueling station that fuels the engine to this hype train.

  • Norberto Gerhold Reply

    Whether or not something is interesting or not is entirely subjective, otherwise every single person on the planet would have the same hobbies and interests. The idea of stamp collecting, bird/plane/train spotting doesn't sound interesting at all to me, yet I acknowledge there are people out there who do find it interesting, or they wouldn't do it for a hobby.

  • Lucie McKenzie Reply

    Imagine a bird's eye view of the courtyard with the wundershpere in the 12 o'clock position, cathedral at 3 o'clock, and so on. Train in a semi-circle from 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock going back and forth on the 12 o'clock side. This means from church, past wundershpere to the far stairs and then back. Cut close to the wundersphere but then cut inside toward the wreckage as soon as you pass your train to keep it bunched up. Train with the bow out for the "oh shit" moments, and then pull out your other weapon with AAT to take out the train.

  • Adela Cassin Reply

    This happened to me (without the four hour train) where a bird outside my flat was injured and lying on the pavement, I think it was another bird that attacked it but I had to chase away a curious cat. I was on the phone to the RSPCA for about 6 minutes when someone walking past picked up the bird in a tissue and threw it to the bottom of a dumpster (bin day so it would've been very difficult to get to the bottom). I hung up the phone and continued my walk to work bitterly 😕.

  • Abner Hirthe Reply

    "Sacrafices" A bird's nest I found in an abandoned train tunnel filled with graffiti. Was a nice surprise to stumble on among leftover construction equipment and empty spraypaint cans, and I liked how the light from the tunnel entrance hit it at such a strong horizontal angle. 0.6 seconds at f/2.5, ISO 400, 14mm on an Olympus EM1.

  • Aida Terry Reply

    Well. Labs are really bird oriented dogs. You could probably train them to hunt other things, but if they're bred well, most of their instinct will make them focus on birds. Training for hunting takes a lot of time and must be started early. Labs CAN be guard dogs, but I would guess you'd have to pick hunting or guarding. Just because dogs aren't infinite learners. That and labs are generally too people loving to be very reliable as guarders. If you're planning to get two dogs this wouldn't be a problem though. :)

  • Brielle Hahn Reply

    you dont need those items to ev train, you just need something with sweet scent and go to the hording places for the specific ev ORAS: it is slower without the power item, but it still works the same. you can also take on the battle maison with your play through team as they will have just fin attacks to get to 16 per run as you dont encounter and extremely powerful pokemon early on. i.e. a swellow with brave bird can sweep most teams early on in the battle maison

  • Gabrielle Baumbach Reply

    After the Angry Birds Movie I think a multi-launch angry birds family coaster, something like cheetah hunt, would be a great fit at a park like holiday world or Kentucky kingdom or even knobels. The train would be angry birds and each car would be one, and you would launch into the pigs and an element could be themed to the birds moves like a tight helix as the boomerang bird, or the vertical drop like on verbolten as one of the baby blue birds or maybe as your going you could launch again even faster as the yellow bird.

  • Cara Parker Reply

    Taiwan has an elite Helicopter force of little bird gunships. Their role is to constantly train to fly 50 feet off the ground and poke holes into Mainland china, taking out missile and radar encampments. Essentially they train everyday for a D-Day style breach into china should they need to do so at some point in the future. This should shed a little light on passport requirements between the two nations. Hong Kong needs a passport to china even thought you can swim from Hong Kong to Mainland China.

  • Jaeden Mayer Reply

    Actually, it's pretty common for falconers to capture juveniles that already know how to hunt and care for itself (easier to train a bird to hand than to raise it). It's also considered a matter of fact that one day your bird will just not come back, and that's why the jesses are made of leather instead of, say, a light chain: the leather will eventually rot, or the bird will just pick it off. [This site]( has a good rundown on it.

  • Dan Hintz Reply

    Colo Lane car park will allocate you a numbered spot on one of the higher levels. Car park has both elevators and stairs. Also, the commuter car park at Blacktown station and around First/Second avenue does indeed get filled up from 6.30am as someone else mentioned. Look into Westpoint Blacktown as well, they do an early bird parking scheme. Then, your friend would have to walk over the train station to get to First avenue which is about 5-10 minutes.

  • Doris Koepp Reply

    Absolutely do not release a captive bird. It's not strong enough on to survive, it doesn't know how to forage for food, and if it's not native, it's both terrible for the environment and won't have a flock to fall in with. What you need to do is train the bird.

  • Kadin Stokes Reply

    I have the same kind of reaction. It's incredibly simple and mindless but I cannot stop playing it. It definitely feels rushed. They could have released it in a few months time when they have trading and battles and group captures but they didn't. Many people have been hyped and fixated on more poorly made games before such as Flappy Bird. Not sure how long this hype train will last but if they look to improve it it could be good.

  • Grayce Muller Reply

    It's impossible to say whether that nanday will be able to form a relationship with you. Part of it has to do with individual personality and part has to do with past experience. I would probably guess that the bird would at least be willing to have you as company, but whether he is/will be tame depends on how he was trained in the past and what the shelter is doing to keep him socialized. If he is tame, you should be able to train him fine.

  • Roosevelt Skiles Reply

    Actually, the bird hopping one is on train a glitch where you could jump on top of birds and fly into the trainyard. The picture they used of the goose graffiti on Dust2 is completely unrelated. The story behind the goose graffiti, is that one of the co-creators of CS alias was Gooseman.

  • Mercedes Hyatt Reply

    1. I agree with other people, Pixels on the screen. 2. In metagame sense, no, it fucking doesn't. As of right now, you can only fight in gyms, and, if you have any brain cells, you will not send a bird to fight a god of a water dog that can KO it in one hit. What you do is catch more and train it. Seriously, the fact that YOU DON'T NEED TO FIGHT, and this fucker sells it as the meat of the game bugs the hell out of me. Thankfully, everyone hates McIntosh

  • Laverna Moore Reply

    >This has gotten me wondering, are there other urban falconers out there? If so, what different things do you do than rural falconers, who have much more space to keep and train their birds? I would like to hear this as well. Urban hawking would seem like a nightmare as you got legality (city ordinances), being constantly in the public eye, and tracking down the bird on a kill in the concert jungle.

  • Lucinda Mayert Reply

    I agree but the nostalgia train will derail your comment with down votes. There's a reason during the AE that the events I went to, I'd see people with no shoes, no shirts, no teeth... it was a state fair level of trash gathering all centered on gettin' beers and flippin' the bird.

  • Dena Kling Reply

    I have a pet bird. Consequently, I have 4 paper towel racks stationed around my apartment (and a kitchen trashcan devoted to their disposal). Until I manage to potty train this animal with a brain the size of a pea, I will be heavily dependant on paper towels. :(

  • Sally West Reply

    you stupid fuck. go sit in the corner and think about your life before you try so desperately to hop on the circlejerk train. you groupthinking sheep's cunt. i hope a bird shits in your mouth tommorow and you get double aids.

  • Rosamond Kshlerin Reply

    Okay. I admit it. I haven't jumped on the hype train yet for this game. Dont get me wrong, it looks amazing. But seeing this creature. This turtle bird. The cutest thing iv'e ever seen. Give me a ticket for the train pls.

  • Ova Quigley Reply

    Ergh. It looks like a newly-hatched bird. Like, when they accidentally fall from their nest and die on the concrete and give you the heeby jeebies when you step around them on your way to the train.

  • Julianne Goldner Reply

    I once had a pheasant smash into the driver's side window of a train I was on. Full on bird suicide. It would have been amusing if we didn't all have to disembark as the train was taken out of service.

  • Janiya Connelly Reply

    I'm not an expert on bird psychology, but maybe giving her a new toy or a treat to take apart/keep her busy will train her to associate you having guests over with rewards if she's good.

  • Cristopher Morissette Reply

    Yeah, I read that too. I'm literally in the middle of the woods not near any train tracks though and this is the only one I've found on the 300 acres so far. Bird probably pooped a seed.

  • Jayson Kuhn Reply

    Not quite rap, but hey. It's not a bird, it's not a plane ... It must be Dave who's on the train..

  • Alexandre Altenwerth Reply

    Humans dream of flying like a bird. Birds dream of riding on the train like people.