Lenny Kravitz Splits His Pants And Shows The Audience His Junk

It was the middle of a concert in Stockholm on August 3rd, 2015 when the unimaginable happened – Lenny Kravitz split his pants wide open and displayed his junk because he wasn’t wearing any underwear! Kravitz was wearing a pair of his super-tight trademark leather pants when he made a move and they split right in the middle. It was a big split, too, and his goodies popped out for all the world to see. Well, maybe not all the world but the first couple rows of his audience, who quickly grabbed their phones and snapped pictures or took videos


The manager came on stage and announced that there was a problem on stage and Kravitz disappeared backstage. He came back in a fresh pair of pants and without blinking an eye, apologized to his audience and the show went on.

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