Lester Holt's closing remarks

source: youtube
  • After an entire evening of Trump's word salad, this seems incredibly relevant and appropriate
  • Seventeen years later and this is still the best way to end an argument. [FIXED]
  • MFW The Guardian says the only problem democrats had was "playing by the rules"
  • This video perfectly sums up my reaction to Donald Trump at tonight's debate
  • After listening to Julie Schenecker explain herself at the end of episode 17
  • The feeling after reading the comments section below news articles
  • Every time I watch Trump speak I think of this classic movie clip
  • MRW I was watching the presidential debate
  • "Everyone Is Now Dumber" - Billy Madison
  • MRW Trump spoke at last night's debate
  • After reading this sub for awhile
  • My reaction to Ashley Judd speech
  • mrw The Orange Overlord speaks
  • This guy should have moderated
  • Tom Barrack's speech summed up

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